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Double Dip: Won’t Get Fooled Again

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Here’s a feature I’d like to make as regular as possible: in Double Dip, I look at a catalogue title – perhaps a frequent re-release or a new compilation – and try to deconstruct its content. Think of it as a buyer’s guide for the newest releases.

This week, in anticipation of their upcoming Super Bowl gig, Geffen and Universal Music Enterprises have released a new compilation by The Who, Greatest Hits Live, exclusively on iTunes. The press release excitedly touts the set as “22 recordings of the band’s biggest and best-known hits–most of them never widely available or unreleased and 20 of them newly mixed by the band and its production team.”

I’m not that well-versed in The Who’s live output to determine how much these are “newly mixed.” But in an attempt to elaborate on the weaselly-worded description of “most of them never widely available or unreleased,” I decided to mine through the tracks (which are thankfully labeled with recording locations and dates) and try to figure out which are unreleased and which aren’t. And the results are…well, it depends who you ask. Take a look at the full list after the jump, and then some notes.

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Written by Mike Duquette

January 21, 2010 at 00:18