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They Were the World

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In the near-25 years since Live Aid made music history on two continents, it’s safe to argue that charity rock music has never quite been the same. (Of course, others –Morrissey, for instance – have never liked charity rock from the outset.) But critics, audiences and especially performers have changed since those fateful concerts. Nowadays, the efforts seem a bit more forced, whether they’re high-profile (Live 8, Live Earth), or relatively obscure (Band Aid II, Band Aid 20, Hear ‘N Aid).

As a music fan and collector, I often find the spectacle of these charity outfits to outweigh the cause. (I vividly remember writing some kind of column about this for my college paper around the holidays, cracking at Live Earth, “So it’s hot outside; who cares? Half my iPod just came to life.”) So when I read the news of the planned “We Are the World” remake, my heart sank a bit. As worthy as relief efforts in Haiti may be, why dilute the impact and message of the original USA for Africa?

Furthermore – and here’s where that Second Disc charm comes pouring in – there was a whole We Are the World album that’s stayed out of print for years. It had some interesting stuff, too. Let’s break the track list down after the jump, shall we? Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Mike Duquette

January 22, 2010 at 11:47

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News Roundup: Whitney Houston, Release Date Roundup, Costello-palooza

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  • Excited for Legacy’s deluxe reissue of Whitney Houston’s debut album (out next Tuesday)? Vevo’s got an EPK up for your viewing pleasure. View it here.
  • A big reissue has yet another date change: Rhino’s deluxe edition of Disintegration by The Cure has been moved from March 16 to April 6. Here’s the link.
  • Indie label group Beggar’s Banquet has got some neat new titles planned on their Beggar’s Archive imprint. Pixies fans are particularly going to be enthused. Check it here.
  • MusicTAP has added some neat release dates from Hip-O Select. The first is what looks like a reissue or expansion of City of Angels, a 1975 album by The Miracles never released on CD in the U.S. (due for release on April 20); and The Mercury Albums Anthology, a limited edition set of material by seminal girl-punk group The Runaways (set to come out on March 16, three days before the upcoming biopic of the group).
  • Can’t get enough of Hip-O’s Elvis Costello reissues? If so, you’re probably more invested than Costello himself. I recently found this semi-recent interview in which Elvis had some mixed opinions on the reissues:”[A]s for the reissues, I’m nominally involved, in that my name is on them, but I really have nothing to do with it. And my honest opinion is that, with these live albums, they’ve gotten off on the wrong foot. They’re doing too many records from the same time period and the same repertoire. But it costs too much to produce them, so if they can release something that’s just lying around gathering dust, that’s what they will do.”

    If you’re looking for someone who shares your extreme interest (and attention to detail) for all the Elvis Costello reissues, past and present, here’s a site I picked up during some research: visit this page.

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Written by Mike Duquette

January 22, 2010 at 00:13