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Reissue Theory: The Bangles

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The other night, my radio happened upon “Manic Monday,” one of the best pop songs of the 1980s. I’m sure you’re all aware that the tune was written by Prince (under the pseudonym “Christopher,” an effect from his Under the Cherry Moon days) and given to Susanna Hoffs and company after Apollonia 6 recorded a version that was never released. You may also know that the song itself hit No. 2 on the charts, kept from the top by none other than Prince and The Revolution’s “Kiss.”

You might not know why Sunday would be considered a fun-day (or an I-don’t-have-to-run-day for that matter). I don’t either, and that always makes me think why Prince would come up with such a line. Clearly he had more fun on Sundays than I did as a kid (I often used Sunday to mope about soon-to-be-manic Mondays). But I don’t think I could take it up with him – or The Bangles for that matter. And not only because Susanna Hoffs is crazy pretty, but because there’s better things to say to the band – like, “Hey! What if your albums got a heavy-duty reissue treatment?” (How’s that for a segue! Now, I realize all three are available, with a bonus track each, from Wounded Bird Records. But I suppose there isn’t anything stopping a guy from imagining what could be.)

In tribute to one of the best female rock groups of the ’80s, I give you a special three-for-one version of Reissue Theory, where I tackle All Over the Place, Different Light and Everything. Read on after the jump!

The Bangles, All Over the Place (Columbia C 39220, 1984)

  1. Hero Takes a Fall
  2. Live
  3. James
  4. All About You
  5. Dover Beach
  6. Tell Me
  7. Restless
  8. Going Down to Liverpool
  9. He’s Got a Secret
  10. Silent Treatment
  11. More Than Meets the Eye
  12. Hero Takes a Fall (Single Remix) (from 7″ single – Columbia 38 04479, 1984)
  13. Where Were You When I Needed You? (B-side to 7″ single – Columbia 38 04479, 1984)
  14. I Got Nothing (from The Goonies: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Epic SE 40079, 1985)
  15. James (Alternate) (previously unreleased, featuring vocal by Vicki Peterson)

The Bangles, Different Light (Columbia C 40039, 1986)

  1. Manic Monday
  2. In a Different Light
  3. Walking Down Your Street
  4. Walk Like an Egyptian
  5. Standing in the Hallway
  6. Return Post
  7. If She Knew What She Wants
  8. Let It Go
  9. September Gurls
  10. Angels Don’t Fall in Love
  11. Following
  12. Not Like You
  13. Manic Monday (Extended California Version) (from Japanese 12″ single – Sony 12AP 3201, 1986)
  14. If She Knew What She Wants (Extended Remix) (from U.K. 12″ single – CBS TA 7062, 1986)
  15. Walk Like an Egyptian (Extended Dance Mix) (from 12″ single – Columbia 44 05935, 1986)
  16. Walking Down Your Street (Extended Dance Mix) (from 12″ single – Columbia 44 06760, 1987)

The Bangles, Everything (Columbia C 44056, 1988)

  1. In Your Room
  2. Complicated Girl
  3. Bell Jar
  4. Something to Believe In
  5. Eternal Flame
  6. Be with You
  7. Glitter Years
  8. I’ll Set You Free
  9. Watching the Sky
  10. Some Dreams Come True
  11. Make a Play for Her Now
  12. Waiting for You
  13. Crash and Burn
  14. Hazy Shade of Winter (from Less Than Zero soundtrack – Def Jam SC 44042, 1987)
  15. In Your Room (12″ Extended Mix) (from 12″ single – Columbia 44 08170, 1988)
  16. I’ll Set You Free (7″ Extended Mix) (from U.K. 7″ single – CBS BANGS 7, 1989) 
  17. Everything I Wanted (from Greatest Hits – Columbia C 46125, 1990)
  18. Hazy Shade of Winter (Purple Haze Mix) (from 12″ single – Def Jam 44 07540, 1987)

Written by Mike Duquette

February 19, 2010 at 17:57

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  1. A couple of years ago I picked up a budget CD called Glitter Years: Rarities & Gems. It has some of the rarities you mentioned (such as “I Got Nothing” and the single version of “Hero Takes A Fall”) but it misses several while including some that aren’t rare at all. Go figure.

    I’d love to see the reissues you dreamed up here, but in addition I wonder if we will every get a full CD release of their early material as The Bangs? I know there was a three-song 3″ disc back in the 80s but it was incomplete and hasn’t been available in years anyway.

    Glenn S.

    February 20, 2010 at 17:19

    • I’d kept The Bangs’ material separate as it likely wouldn’t come out under Sony’s influence. I think it was I.R.S. that distributed that material (under the Faulty Products label in the U.K.) so I guess that would be Capitol that would have control of that stuff now?

      Interestingly, Rhino’s 2005 box set “Children Of Nuggets – Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era 1976-1996” had “The Real World,” from that original EP, as well as “Getting Out of Hand,” from a 7″ single originally released prior to the I.R.S. EP.

      Mike Duquette

      February 20, 2010 at 17:59

  2. What…no mention of “Kissing Valentino by the crystal blue Italian stream….REALLY means?”

    Jeff Brace

    February 21, 2010 at 00:02

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  4. What I Meant To Say (B Side of Eternal Flame) is missing.


    August 26, 2013 at 14:37

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