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Reissue Theory: Novelty Edition

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One of the potential hazards of being a music collector is that sometimes, if you’re feeling adventurous, you spring for an all-too-dangerous impulse buy. I’m guilty of this all the time, especially when the music in question is cheap. Put me within 25 yards of a garage sale or a cutout bin at a supermarket and I’m probably going to walk away having bought at least one disc.

Sometimes this strategy works out in my favor: a random purchase of Squeeze’s Singles 45 and Under from my local ShopRite grocery lit a fire of true fandom within. Other purchases…well, they’re not guilty pleasures (I can’t stand that term – if you like something you shouldn’t have guilt over it), but who honestly has a need for things like the soundtrack to Coneheads?

Fortunately, this almost never happens in the world of digital music. Well, it did for me, for a time. My college had utilized this (now-defunct) downloading service called Ruckus. It was kind of like a cut-rate iTunes (not quite as wide a selection), although it was was free (with limitations – the music couldn’t go onto an iPod without cracking digital rights management). It was good enough to enable me to test-drive catalogue purchases that I’m now glad I own. But it was also a breeding ground for finding the most out-there tunes I could imagine, and sharing them with whomever would listen (usually my forgiving roommates).

Such novelties almost never get remastered or even compiled for that matter (unless they have a lot of genuine love behind them, like from Dr. Demento or someone like that). But who’s to say they shouldn’t? The beauty of the reissue market is that it’s enough of a niche that you can find an audience for just about anything nowadays. And with a bit of time and attention, stuff even more out-there than these next two releases may see some sort of release.

Hit the jump to see the two LPs I’m referring to, and add your own unusual reissue suggestions if you’d like. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Mike Duquette

February 26, 2010 at 13:20