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Although the track list was up and running at Amazon some time ago, Meet The Supremes: Expanded Edition is finally up for pre-order from Hip-O Select. And this two-disc set has a lot of rarities for Motown fans.

The set has the original stereo and mono versions of the LP, a four-song set from the Apollo Theater in 1962 (touted by Universal as “the earliest known Supremes live recording”), seven more live tracks from 1964 and more than a dozen unreleased alternate takes. The packaging looks pretty sweet, too, utilizing the original LP cover for the digipak and packed with photos, notes and the first-ever interview with Barbara Martin, the little-known fourth Supreme who contributed vocals to many of the group’s early hits but left the group right before the album was released to start a family.

The set, limited to 10,000 copies (and claiming to be sold-out already, although according to sources this is not the case), can be found here, and you can see the full tracklist after the jump.

The Supremes – Meet the Supremes: Expanded Edition

Disc 1: Original LP in stereo and mono, and Live at the Apollo 1962

  1. Your Heart Belongs to Me (Mono) *
  2. Who’s Lovin’ You (Mono) *
  3. Baby Don’t Go (Mono) *
  4. Buttered Popcorn (Mono) *
  5. I Want a Guy (Mono) *
  6. Let Me Go the Right Way (Mono) *
  7. You Bring Back Memories (Mono) *
  8. Time Changes Things (Mono) *
  9. Play a Sad Song (Mono) *
  10. Never Again (Mono) *
  11. He’s Seventeen (Mono) *
  12. Your Heart Belongs to Me (Stereo)
  13. Who’s Lovin’ You (Stereo)
  14. Baby Don’t Go (Stereo)
  15. Buttered Popcorn (Stereo)
  16. I Want a Guy (Stereo)
  17. Let Me Go the Right Way (Stereo)
  18. You Bring Back Memories (Stereo)
  19. Time Changes Things (Stereo)
  20. Play a Sad Song (Stereo)
  21. Never Again (Stereo)
  22. He’s Seventeen (Stereo)
  23. Your Heart Belongs to Me (Live at the Apollo 1962) **
  24. I Want a Guy (Live at the Apollo 1962) **
  25. Time Changes Things (Live at the Apollo 1962) **
  26. Let Me Go the Right Way (Live at the Apollo 1962) **

Disc 2: Alternate Versions and Mixes plus Live at the Graystone Ballroom, Detroit 1964 **

  1. After All (Stereo Mix)
  2. You Can Depend on Me (Version 2)
  3. The Boy That Got Away (Alternate Mix)
  4. Hey Baby (Version 2)
  5. Too Hot (Version 1)
  6. Buttered Popcorn (Version 3)
  7. Buttered Popcorn (Version 4)
  8. I Want a Guy (Version 1)
  9. Who’s Lovin’ You (Stereo Mix with Mono Vocal)
  10. Because I Love Him (Version 2)
  11. Save Me a Star (Stereo Mix)
  12. Heavenly Father (Stereo Mix)
  13. Those DJ Shows (Stereo Mix)
  14. The Tears (Stereo Mix)
  15. Your Heart Belongs to Me (Stereo Mix)
  16. I’m Giving You Your Freedom (Alternate Mix)
  17. Standing at the Crossroads of Love (Live at the Graystone Ballroom, Detroit 1964)
  18. Anyone Who Had a Heart (Live at the Graystone Ballroom, Detroit 1964)
  19. Time Changes Things (Live at the Graystone Ballroom, Detroit 1964)
  20. Make Someone Happy (Live at the Graystone Ballroom, Detroit 1964)
  21. Let Me Go the Right Way (Live at the Graystone Ballroom, Detroit 1964)
  22. When the Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes (Live at the Graystone Ballroom, Detroit 1964)

Disc 1 Tracks 1-11 released as Motown M 606, 1962
Disc 1 Tracks 12-22 released as Motown MS 606, 1965
* previously unreleased on CD
** previously unreleased

Written by Mike Duquette

March 22, 2010 at 17:03

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  1. One of my favorite female vocal groups that deserves a ‘Re-Issue Theory” spotlight is Expose’. They had 3 studio LP’s : 1987’s “Exposure”, 1989’s “What You Don’t Know”, and 1992’s eponymous album-all went at least gold. They also released 1 VHS video, 1990’s “Video Exposure”. They compiled a total of 10 Top 40 hits, 8 of them Top 10, 7 consecutive. Their first 4 Top 10s were from their debut, which broke a record previously held by the Beatles. Of their hits, they had 2 Gold and 1 # 1 singles (“Seasons Change”). Expose’ is 3 lead singers: Ann Curless, Jeanette Jurado, & Gioia Bruno. They disbanded in 1996, and reunited 10 years later-touring ever since. I always wish they had become more famous-they’re all great live singers (Check out on YouTube their “Star-Spangled Banner”). Their 2nd and 3rd LPs are now out of print, from Arista, and ever since 1995’s “Greatest Hits”, the label has seen fit to release several comps, as has Thump Reords. Not enough people know who they are, but the truly are among the best. Listening, Clive Davis??

    Amy Green

    June 2, 2010 at 17:48

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