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News Roundup: Unreleased Motown and More Coming From Ace

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I’ve often described Ace Records as the “British Rhino.”  If Rhino pioneered the concept of the deluxe reissue in America – containing bonus tracks, in-depth liner notes and unique packaging – Ace keeps the original Rhino tradition alive across the pond.  Virtually every month, Ace and its family of labels releases a handful of titles (both album reissues and compilations) to make collectors’ mouths water.  The batch arriving in the UK on April 26 and on our shores throughout May is no exception, with the most exciting being a first: a Motown release on the Ace label.

While largely unknown today, the Satintones have the distinction of being the first artists ever to be featured on a Motown single.  “My Beloved” b/w “Sugar Daddy” was released as Motown 1000 in October 1959 and reissued under the same catalog number in April 1960, paving the way for the Sound of Young America to come.  This was the second single by Motown’s first all-male vocal group, consisting of James Ellis, William “Sonny” Sanders, Chico Leverett and Robert Bateman.  Motown 1000, their debut single on Tamla 54026, and 22 other tracks are collected on The Satintones Sing! – The Complete Tamla and Motown Singles Plus.  Of these 26 songs, 13 represent the complete singles output of the group, and a whopping 11 tracks are unreleased direct from the Motown vault.  Both sides of an early Tamla single by Chico Leverett rounds out the set.  It is titled after an unreleased album, and looks like something of a Motown collector’s dream with appropriately retro cover art!  A 5000-word essay in the true Ace tradition accompanies the album, including interviews with all four Satintones.  Coming exactly 50 years to the month after that April 1960 release, The Satintones Sing! truly proves “better late than never,” and looks like an essential edition to any Motown collector’s shelf.

Other titles in this latest group of Ace releases are:

The Satintones Sing! is limited to 1000 copies as part of Ace’s new limited edition series, but is available at all usual outlets.  All of the other CDs are general releases.  Get the scoop on the full track list for The Satintones Sing! after the jump, and watch this space for further reissue news from Ace!

The Satintones – The Satintones Sing! – The Complete Tamla and Motown Singles Plus (Ace CDLUX 002)

  1. Motor City
  2. Going to the Hop
  3. My Beloved (without strings)
  4. Sugar Daddy
  5. Tomorrow and Always (without strings)
  6. A Love That Can Never Be
  7. Hungry Henry *
  8. You’d Make a Fine Son-in-Law *
  9. Foot Stomping Time *
  10. Angel
  11. I Know How It Feels
  12. My Kind of Love
  13. Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart
  14. Faded Letter
  15. You Cast a Spell on Me *
  16. Your Sweet Love *
  17. Angel *
  18. You’d Make a Fine Son-in-Law *
  19. My Beloved (with strings)
  20. Tomorrow and Always (with strings)
  21. Boogie Woogie Heart *
  22. Because I Love You *
  23. The Feeling is So Fine *
  24. You Can’t Beat My Lovin’ *
  25. Solid Sender – Chico Leverett, vocal accompaniment by The Rayber Voices of Detroit
  26. I’ll Never Love Again – Chico Leverett, vocal accompaniment by The Rayber Voices of Detroit

* denotes previously unreleased track
Tracks 1-2 from Tamla single 54026 (7/59)
Tracks 3-4 from Motown single 1000 (10/59)
Tracks 5-6 from Motown single 1006 (4/61)
Track 10 from Motown single 1006 reissue (5/61)
Tracks 11-12 from Motown single 1010 (6/61)
Tracks 13-14 from Motown single 1020 (8/61)
Track 19 from Motown 1000 single reissue (4/60)
Track 20 from Motown 1006 single reissue (5/61)
Tracks 25-26 from Tamla single 54024 (4/59)

Written by Joe Marchese

April 19, 2010 at 11:21

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