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And Don’t It Feel Good (To Have an Update)

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Way back in the early days of The Second Disc, we reported on a set of remasters from Katrina and The Waves due for an April release. Only somewhat recently did we realize the release date had passed – but unlike most reissues that get announced and forgotten about, these actually came out.

Well, sort of, anyway. As of this writing, all four reissued LPs (Kimberley Rew’s The Bible of Bop, featuring tracks from The Waves, The Soft Boys and The dB’s; The Waves’ debut EP, Shock Horror! and both Katrina and The Waves and Katrina and The Waves II, which predated the band’s remixed and re-recorded 1985 LP (also called Katrina and The Waves) for Capitol, which spun off the hit version of “Walking on Sunshine”) are available on CD in the U.S. on Kyboside Records.

So far, only The Bible of Bop and Katrina and The Waves are available digitally, with the remaining two slated for digital release over the next two weeks. That same day of Shock Horror‘s digital release in the U.K. (May 23), the four will be available for physical purchase in the U.K. And if you decide to purchase them all digitally directly through the band’s Web site (where all this info is coming from), you’ll get a free copy of a new anthology disc they’re planning.

To top it all off, I’m getting conflicted reports that these sets might be limited, so act fast if you want them. Hit the jump to check the specs!

Kimberley Rew, The Bible of Bop (originally released as Press P 2003 (U.K.)/Compendium P 2003 (U.S.), 1982)

  1. Nightmare – The Waves
  2. Stomping All Over the World – The Soft Boys
  3. Nothing’s Going to Change – The Soft Boys
  4. Fighting Someone’s War – The Soft Boys
  5. My Baby Does Her Hairdo Long – The dB’s
  6. Walking in the Dew – The dB’s
  7. Fishing – The dB’s
  8. Hey, War Pig! – The Waves
  9. Give Me Some of That Love *
  10. I’m Amazed *
  11. Animal Song *

* indicates previously unreleased track

The Waves, Shock Horror! (Originally released as Aftermath SCOOP 1 (U.K.), 1983)

  1. Going Down to Liverpool
  2. Strolling on Air
  3. Riding My Bike
  4. I Caught the Milktrain
  5. Brown-Eyed Son
  6. You Can’t Stand Next to Julie
  7. Atomic Rock N’ Roll
  8. Saturday Week
  9. Emerald *
  10. The Ship *
  11. My Friend Consuelo *
  12. My Love’s an Actress *

* indicates previously unreleased track from 1976 recording sessions

Katrina and The Waves, Katrina and The Waves (originally released as Attic LAT 1172 (Canada), 1983)

  1. Dancing Street
  2. Spiderman
  3. Going Down to Liverpool
  4. Machine Gun Smith
  5. Walking on Sunshine
  6. Brown Eyed Son
  7. Que Te Quiero
  8. Don’t Take Her Out of My World
  9. I Really Taught Me to Watusi
  10. Ain’t No Money (Buy You Love)
  11. Wipe Out *
  12. I Want a Man *
  13. She Loves to Groove (7″ Version) (B-side to “Brown Eyed Son” – Albion ION 1037, 1982)
  14. Help Me *

Katrina and The Waves, Katrina and The Waves II (originally released as Attic LAT 1198, 1984)

  1. Do You Want Crying
  2. Maniac House
  3. She Loves to Groove
  4. Cry for Me
  5. Red Wine and Whisky
  6. Mexico
  7. One Woman
  8. The Sun Won’t Shine Without You
  9. He’s a Charmer
  10. The Game of Love
  11. Wild Thing *
  12. River Deep, Mountain High *
  13. Plastic Man (Single Version) (single A-side – Silvertown STS 7, 1984)
  14. That’s Just the Woman in Me *
  15. Yes Agatha *

* indicates previously unreleased track

Written by Mike Duquette

May 10, 2010 at 11:18

2 Responses

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  1. Its truly sad when a re-issue of such low quality is hyped up such as this.

    I’m sorry but Katrina and the waves are better left in the 80s. It has not dated well.


    May 12, 2010 at 06:15

  2. […] that commemorate the season. This in turn provoked a recollection of the ongoing mania over some Katrina and The Waves remasters awhile […]

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