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Reissue Theory: “Katrina and The Waves”

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Joe’s Reissue Theory post on Brian Wilson’s Imagination sparked some thought on the much-welcomed beginning of summer, and other catalogue titles that commemorate the season. This in turn provoked a recollection of the ongoing mania over some Katrina and The Waves remasters awhile back.

Earlier this year, KaTW member/principal songwriter Kimberley Rew took to an indie label to reissue The Waves’ first four original LPs, complete with bonus cuts. The Bible of Bop (a 1981 compilation featuring The Waves as well as Rew’s other bands, The Soft Boys and The dB’s), Shock Horror! (1982), Walking on Sunshine (1983) and Katrina and The Waves 2 (1984) were all reissued in March and April to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Top 10 placement of “Walking on Sunshine.”

But here’s the confusing thing: none of those reissues featured the version that made the song a hit. See, after those four aforementioned records, the band was signed to Capitol Records. They ended up releasing Katrina and The Waves in 1985, which featured mostly remixed and overdubbed versions of tunes from that first batch of indie albums. (“Walking on Sunshine” was entirely re-recorded, adding that infectious horn hook, as well as another Rew composition, “Going Down to Liverpool,” which would soon become a hit for The Bangles.)

Surprisingly, given the reissue fever from EMI over the past few months, the label hasn’t sought to expand that best-known of KaTW LPs. But if they did, here’s how it might look, after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Mike Duquette

June 22, 2010 at 13:37

News Round-Up: Jose and Tracey Reissued

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  • Here’s some news from Wounded Bird that slipped through the cracks a bit: the label is releasing four albums by Jose Feliciano for the first time on CD. Encore! Jose Feliciano’s Finest Performances (1971), Compartments (1973), And the Feeling’s Good (1974) and Just Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll (1975) will be released, with one bonus track – the single version of Feliciano’s cover of “Light My Fire” – appended to Encores! The track lists will be available after the jump, and they can be ordered here.
  • Salvo is planning a September 14 release of Move Over Darling: The Complete Stiff Recordings by Tracey Ullman. The onetime U.K. pop star and T.V. host (whose self-titled late-’80s program on Fox featured an early series of short cartoons called The Simpsons) recorded two albums for the famed label, You Broke My Heart in 17 Places (1983) and You Caught Me Out (1984); they will be compiled into a two-disc set with one unspecified previously-unreleased track. No indication yet if it will have all the appropriate B-sides and extended mixes included as well; with that in mind, you might want to wait for a full track list before you hit the pre-order link here.

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Written by Mike Duquette

June 22, 2010 at 08:48