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News Round-Up: Prince Possibilites, Soundtrack Bits, Plus Bon Jovi Reaction

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  • Here’s something that’ll get tongues wagging: gossip blogger Dr. Funkenberry, known for his commentary and scoops around the Prince camp, reported that The Artist partook in a meeting at the headquarters of former label, Warner Bros. The idea is that his upcoming album, 20Ten, will get a release with several European publications (similar to the release of 2007’s Planet Earth), but will be released through WB in the U.S. PLEASE let this mean that reissues are in the cards somewhere.
  • Pitchfork provides some more details on the upcoming reissue of Queens of the Stone Age’s Rated R, now scheduled for August 2. The two-disc set will feature all the B-sides previously speculated here (plus another, a live version of “Monsters in the Parasol”). They will fill the second disc of the set, alongside the band’s 2000 set at The Reading Festival. (What, is Pitch
  • We’ve been saying that Alex North’s music to the film Spartacus will get the deluxe treatment this year, and it looks like it’ll be announced next week. Varese Sarabande has set June 28 as the day to announce producer Robert Townson’s 1,000th set with the label. “Never has there been as elaborate a production of a single film score in all of film music history,” the brief goes on to say. (Rumors abound that the set will include a thorough presentation of the original score plus a set of tribute cues conducted by other luminous film composers.)
  • The La-La Land score label has also clarified its release dates for the remainder of 2010. On July 15, the label (which will have some both space at this summer’s San Diego Comic-Con) will reveal two new limited edition titles (one set at 3,000 units, another at 5,000). Another set of limited sets will follow on August 10 and titles will be announced every two weeks afterward through November 26, which will see three major titles announced. Guesses as to what the sets may be are more than welcome (one massive rumor for Comic-Con is a reissue of Danny Elfman’s iconic score to Batman).
  • Feeling like the Bon Jovi reissues were mostly ignored by critics? The die-hard Bon Jovi fans at Metal Asylum (good friends of The Second Disc) have turned in a thoughtful review of the first four LPs in the series.

Written by Mike Duquette

June 24, 2010 at 14:26

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