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There’s lots of label action to report today, so let’s just jump right in:

  • Hot on the heels of this week’s release of Stevie Wonder’s Talking Book and Laura Nyro’s Time and Love: The Essential Masters, Audio Fidelity has announced two more titles to receive the 24K Gold CD reissue treatment. Coming up are two 1980s classics: Rickie Lee Jones’ 1989 Flying Cowboys, produced by Walter Becker of Steely Dan, and Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell, the 1983 album that catapulted Idol to superstardom. Steve Hoffman is mastering Rebel, while Kevin Gray handles the honors for Cowboys. Both titles are set for August 3 release.
  • At time of The Second Disc’s review, Kritzerland’s limited edition release of the Original Broadway Cast Album of Burt Bacharach and Hal David’s Promises, Promises had already sold out. This 2-disc set offered the original LP mix on Disc 1, and a sparkling new remix on Disc 2. For those who missed out, Kritzerland has some good news. The second disc of the Promises set, comprising the complete remix of the album with all tracks in show order, will be released as a stand-alone CD, and is now available for pre-order as, again, a limited edition of 1000 copies only. Get this one while you can, folks.
  • Sony’s Masterworks Broadway division announced on Friday a new initiative that will see the reissue of one new-to-CD vault classic per month, available as MP3s from major digital download providers and as made-to-order CD-Rs through Sony’s partner, Arkiv Music. On July 20, the 1958 New York City Opera cast recording of Marc Blitzstein’s Regina will arrive, restoring to the catalogue this classic work that walks the line between musical theatre and opera. This will be followed on August 17 with the 1959 Jones Beach Marine Theater cast album of Song of Norway starring John Reardon and Brenda Lewis under the baton of Lehman Engel, and on September 14 with the Broadway Cast Recording of Hugh Martin’s Make a Wish (1951). The latter will contain a bonus track of Judy Holliday singing the score’s “What I Was Warned About.” Information on all three releases and the new reissue campaign can be found at Masterworks Broadway’s spiffy site.

Track listings are available after the jump!

Billy Idol, Rebel Yell (Chrysalis FV-41450, 1983 – reissued as Audio Fidelity AFZ-036, 2010)

  1. Rebel Yell
  2. Daytime Drama
  3. Eyes Without a Face
  4. Blue Highway
  5. Flesh for Fantasy
  6. Catch My Fall
  7. Crank Call
  8. (Do Not) Stand in the Shadows
  9. The Dead Next Door

Rickie Lee Jones, Flying Cowboys (Geffen GHS-24246, 1989 – reissued as Audio Fidelity AFZ-064, 2010)

  1. The Horses
  2. Just My Baby
  3. Ghetto of My Mind
  4. Rodeo Girl
  5. Satellites
  6. Ghost Train
  7. Flying Cowboys
  8. Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying
  9. Love is Gonna Bring Us Back Alive
  10. Away from the Sky
  11. Atlas’ Marker

Various Artists, Promises, Promises: The Original MGM Broadway Cast Recording (Repressing of Kritzerland CD KR20015-9, 2010)

  1. Overture – Orchestra
  2. Half as Big as Life – Jerry Orbach
  3. Grapes of Roth – Orchestra
  4. Upstairs – Jerry Orbach
  5. You’ll Think of Someone – Jerry Orbach, Jill O’Hara
  6. Our Little Secret – Jerry Orbach, Edward Winter
  7. She Likes Basketball – Jerry Orbach
  8. Knowing When to Leave – Jill O’Hara
  9. Where Can You Take a Girl? – Paul Reed, Norman Shelly, Vince O’Brien, Dick O’Neill
  10. Wanting Things – Edward Winter
  11. Turkey Lurkey Time – Donna McKechnie, Baayork Lee, Margo Sappington and Company
  12. A Fact Can Be a Beautiful Thing – Marian Mercer, Jerry Orbach and Company
  13. Whoever You Are – Jill O’Hara
  14. Christmas Day – Company
  15. A Young Pretty Girl Like You – Jerry Orbach, A. Larry Haines
  16. I’ll Never Fall in Love Again – Jill O’Hara, Jerry Orbach
  17. Promises, Promises – Jerry Orbach

Various Artists, Regina: New York City Opera Cast Recording (Columbia LP O3S 202, 1958 – reissued Masterworks Broadway, 2010)

Disc 1

  1. Prologue: The Veranda — Carol Brice, Andrew Frierson, Helen Strine, Brenda Lewis 6:01
  2. Introduction — Orchestra 1:44
  3. “Oh, Cal, will you run home and get my music-album? … Music, music, music” — Carol Brice, Elisabeth Carron 4:03
  4. “Now Mister Marshall … The talk is small and delicate” — Brenda Lewis, Ernest McChesney, George Irving, Loren Driscoll, Emile Renan, Elisabeth Carron 7:10
  5. “The children will drive you … Until next week” — Emile Renan, Brenda Lewis, Ernest McChesney, Loren Driscoll, Elisabeth Carron 1:35
  6. “Ya da tum … Big rich!” — George Irving, Emile Renan, Brenda Lewis, Elisabeth Carron 3:21
  7. “Regina, we are ready … I don’t know” — Emile Renan, Brenda Lewis, George Irving 4:08
  8. “I’ve asked before … My, my” — Emile Renan, George Irving, Elisabeth Carron, Brenda Lewis, Loren Driscoll, Helen Strine, Carol Brice 2:54
  9. “You are to say you miss him … Away, to get away” — Brenda Lewis, Helen Strine 3:46
  10. “You know if you want … The best thing of all” — Brenda Lewis, George Irving, Emile Renan, Loren Driscoll, Elisabeth Carron 2:43
  11. “Zan, Zan … What will it be for me?” — Elisabeth Carron, Helen Strine, Emile Renan 4:55
  12. “Oh, Addie, where are you?” — Brenda Lewis 1:24
  13. “Deedle doodle … I’m bound to get mine” — Loren Driscoll, Andrew Frierson, Carol Brice, Emile Renan, Brenda Lewis 6:27
  14. “Careful, Papa … How are you, Addie?” — Helen Strine, Joshua Hecht, Carol Brice 4:24
  15. “The bottle of medicine, it’s very special … Horace! You’ve finally arrived” — Helen Strine, Carol Brice, Joshua Hecht, George Irving, Loren Driscoll, Elisabeth Carron, Brenda Lewis 2:59
  16. “Well? Well? … Look at me, and let me look at you” — Brenda Lewis, Joshua Hecht, George Irving 7:07
  17. “For us, too … We have waited for you like children” — Brenda Lewis, Joshua Hecht, Loren Driscoll, George Irving, Helen Strine, Emile Renan 2:08

Disc 2

  1. Interlude – “Regina does a lovely party … Sing Hubbard!” — Chorus 4:41
  2. “Evening, Manders … You really think Leo can pull this thing off?” — Joshua Hecht, Helen Strine, Brenda Lewis, Ernest McChesney, George Irving, Emile Renan, Loren Driscoll, Elisabeth Carron 2:16
  3. “Night could be time to sleep, night could be time to weep” — Carol Brice, Elisabeth Carron 3:28
  4. “Oh, there you are … Do you wish we had wed years ago?” — Brenda Lewis, Joshua Hecht 4:42
  5. “There’s Mr. Marshall … Gallop! Gallop!” — Brenda Lewis, George Irving, Loren Driscoll, Ernest McChesney, Elisabeth Carron, Helen Strine 3:31
  6. Introduction – “Isn’t this nice? … Make a quiet day” (Rain Quartet) — Elisabeth Carron, Helen Strine, Carol Brice, Joshua Hecht 8:52
  7. “Miss Birdie … Lionnet, Lionnet” (Birdie’s Aria) — Carol Brice, Elisabeth Carron 8:42
  8. “Addie! Take Zan away … I’m sick of you, I’m sick of this house” — Joshua Hecht, Carol Brice, Brenda Lewis 4:25
  9. “As long as you live … You hate me very much” — Brenda Lewis, Joshua Hecht, Andrew Frierson, Helen Strine, Loren Driscoll 5:41
  10. “Where is he? … He’s had a bad attack — George Irving, Emile Renan, Loren Driscoll, Brenda Lewis 2:55
  11. “You don’t yet … Greedy girl, what a greedy girl” — Brenda Lewis, George Irving 2:21
  12. “I’m smiling, Ben … Did you love him, Uncle Oscar?” — Brenda Lewis, George Irving, Emile Renan, Helen Strine 7:30
  13. “What do you want to talk to me about, Alexandra? … Oh, all in one day” — Brenda Lewis, Helen Strine 4:27

Various Artists, Song of Norway: Jones Beach Marine Theater Cast Recording (Columbia LP CS-8135, 1958, reissued Masterworks Broadway, 2010)

  1. Prelude and Legend
  2. Hill of Dreams
  3. Freddy and His Fiddle
  4. Now
  5. Strange Music
  6. Hymn of Betrothal and Finale Act 1
  7. Bon Vivant
  8. Three Loves
  9. Nordraak’s Farewell & Finaletto
  10. I Love You
  11. Concerto

Various Artists, Make a Wish: Original Broadway Cast Recording (RCA Victor LP LOC 1002, 1951, reissued Masterworks Broadway, 2010)

  1. Overture / The Tour Must Go On – Orchestra
  2. I Wanna Be Good ‘n’ Bad / What I Was Warned About – Nanette Fabray
  3. Suits Me Fine / The Follies: Hello, Hello, Hello / Tonight You Are in Paree – Harold Lang
  4. Who Gives a Sou? – Harold Lang
  5. Make a Wish / I’ll Never Make a Frenchman out of You – Harold Lang
  6. Paris, France / When Does This Feeling Go Away? – Stephen Douglass
  7. Over and Over – Nanette Fabray
  8. The Sale – Ballet
  9. That Face! – Harold Lang
  10. Take Me Back to Texas with You / Make a Wish (Finale) – Harold Lang
  11. What I Was Warned About (Bonus Track) – Judy Holliday (1958)

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July 12, 2010 at 08:30

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  1. […] Arkiv Music already has a deep catalogue of classical releases “on demand,” and recently joined with Sony’s Masterworks Broadway to offer a number of theatre-related titles as well. […]

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