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Sixties Girl Bonanza: Complete Petula Confirmed, Plus Connie, Joanie, Shelby and Julie

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I know a place where we can go to finally hear the complete Warner Bros. singles of one of the most acclaimed singers of all-time, Petula Clark. On July 26, The Second Disc reported on Collectors’ Choice’s complete singles collection for Clark’s swinging tenure on Warner. Well, that auspicious project has finally been confirmed, but Collectors’ Choice has sweetened the pot: also coming are Complete Warner Bros. Singles sets for fellow 1960s female icons Connie Stevens and Joanie Sommers, and a Complete Valiant Singles disc for a lesser-known but no less talented lady, Shelby Flint. With the recent news of Rhino’s downsizing, it’s heartening that Rhino/WMG (controlling the Warner Bros. and Valiant catalogues) is still actively licensing to labels like Collectors’ Choice who still have such an interest in getting collector-oriented sets like these to the public when major labels have turned their backs on such releases. All of the singles in every set will be heard in their hard-to-find original, mostly mono mixes; the Petula set has 40 tracks in mono and six in stereo.

Another sixties female superstar is getting a deluxe reissue this fall: none other than Julie Andrews. The hills will be alive yet again when Sony/Legacy reissues the record-breaking soundtrack to The Sound of Music for yet another go-round, this time in celebration of the beloved film’s 45th anniversary. (The Rodgers and Hammerstein classic soundtrack has been reissued on CD with a new track lineup every five years, like clockwork!) Legacy’s latest crack at the soundtrack is timed to coincide with Fox Home Entertainment’s Blu-Ray bow of the film, and the single-disc release is said to contain 24 tracks including a bonus of Glee’s Lea Michele singing “My Favorite Things.” Amazon has a (tentative?) track listing up which appears to eliminate “Edelweiss” as performed by Christopher Plummer (Captain von Trapp) and Charmian Carr (Liesl), including only the shorter reprise near the film’s end.

It’s also unclear whether this edition has been remastered. The Sound of Music‘s track listing has had many iterations; 1994’s gold CD version from Fox (20th Century Fox 4267-02) had 29 tracks, while the 1995 single disc reissue (RCA Victor 665872) only offered the original 16 tracks from the LP. A two-CD expansion in 2000 (RCA Victor 67972) contained 31: the 16 from the original soundtrack LP and a further 15 expanded tracks from the actual soundtrack tapes on its second disc. Then there was the 40th Anniversary CD in 2005 (Sony, catalog numbers vary), with 27 tracks including interviews with cast and creatives. In various territories, this was released with a second disc containing that country’s dubbed soundtrack. If Legacy opted for 25 tracks including the Lea Michele bonus, the core lineup would be identical to the 40th Anniversary edition. The Sound of Music: 45th Anniversary Edition is due November 2. This CD will also appear in Fox’s Blu-Ray Limited Edition Collector’s Set.

Collectors’ Choice is notorious for falling behind on ship dates, but the Petula, Connie, Joanie and Shelby sets are all available for pre-order in the company’s current catalogue or at the above links, for estimated shipping around September 21. In addition, the label is offering free shipping for all orders placed by October 9.

If any of these artists’ recordings are a few of your favorite things, click on the jump for an only-slightly-amended but now finalized track listing to Petula’s Warner Bros. collection, now known to contain two promotional single tracks: “Imagine” and “The Windmills of Your Mind.” We’ve also got track listings with selected discographical information for all titles mentioned!

Petula Clark, The Complete Warner Bros. Singles Collection (Collectors’ Choice WWCCM21572, 2010)

  1. Downtown
  2. You’d Better Love Me
  3. I Know a Place
  4. Jack and John
  5. You’d Better Come Home
  6. Heart
  7. Round Every Corner
  8. Two Rivers
  9. My Love
  10. Where Am I Going
  11. A Sign of the Times
  12. Time for Love
  13. I Couldn’t Live Without Your Love
  14. My Way of Life
  15. Who Am I?
  16. Love is a Long Journey
  17. Colour My World
  18. Take Me Home Again
  19. This is My Song
  20. High
  21. Don’t Sleep in the Subway
  22. Here Comes the Morning
  23. Imagine (promo single)
  24. The Cat in the Window (The Bird in the Sky)
  25. Fancy Dancin’ Man
  26. The Other Man’s Grass is Always Greener
  27. At the Crossroads
  28. Kiss Me Goodbye
  29. I’ve Got Love Working for Me
  30. Don’t Give Up
  31. Every Time I See a Rainbow
  32. American Boys
  33. Look to the Sky
  34. Happy Heart
  35. Love is the Only Thing
  36. The Windmills of Your Mind
  37. Look at Mine
  38. You and I
  39. I Don’t Know How to Love Him/Superstar
  40. Maybe
  41. No One Better Than You
  42. Things Bright and Beautiful
  43. The Song is Love
  44. Beautiful Sounds
  45. The Song of My Life
  46. Couldn’t Sleep

Tracks 1-2 from Warner Bros. single 5494, 1964
Tracks 3-4 from Warner Bros. single 5612, 1965
Tracks 5-6 from Warner Bros. single 5643, 1965
Tracks 7-8 from Warner Bros. single 5661, 1965
Tracks 9-10 from Warner Bros. single 5684, 1965
Tracks 11-12 from Warner Bros. single 5802, 1966
Tracks 13-14 from Warner Bros. single 5835, 1966
Tracks 15-16 from Warner Bros. single 5863, 1966
Tracks 17-18 from Warner Bros. single 5882, 1967
Tracks 19-20 from Warner Bros. single 7002, 1967
Tracks 21-22 from Warner Bros. single 7049, 1967

Track 23 from Warner Bros. promo single
Tracks 24-25 from Warner Bros. single 7073, 1967
Tracks 26-27 from Warner Bros. single 7097, 1968
Tracks 28-29 from Warner Bros. single 7170, 1968
Tracks 30-31 from Warner Bros. single 7216, 1968
Tracks 32-33 from Warner Bros. single 7244, 1968
Tracks 34-35 from Warner Bros. single 7275, 1969

Track 36 from Warner Bros. promo single
Tracks 37-38 from Warner Bros. single 7310, 1969
Tracks 39-40 from Warner Bros. single 7484, 1969
Tracks 41-42 from Warner Bros. single 7343, 1969
Tracks 43-44 from Warner Bros. single 7422, 1970
Tracks 45-46 from Warner Bros. single 7467, 1970

Connie Stevens, The Complete Warner Bros. Singles Collection (Collectors’ Choice WWCCM21542, 2010)

  1. Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb (with Edd Byrnes)
  2. Apollo
  3. Why Do I Cry for Joey
  4. Sixteen Reasons
  5. Little Sister
  6. Too Young to Go Steady
  7. A Little Kiss is a Kiss is a Kiss
  8. Make Believe Lover
  9. And This is Mine
  10. If You Don’t, Somebody Else Will
  11. Greenwood Tree
  12. Man Soil Such So Schwell Nicht Liberileba
  13. La La Lu
  14. Why’d You Want to Make Me Cry
  15. Just One Kiss
  16. Mr. Songwriter
  17. I Couldn’t Say No
  18. Hey, Good Lookin’
  19. Nobody’s Lonesome for Me
  20. Little Miss Understood
  21. There Goes Your Guy
  22. A Girl Never Knows
  23. They’re Jealous of Me
  24. Now That You’ve Gone
  25. Lost in Wonderland
  26. In the Deep of Night
  27. Something Beautiful
  28. Don’t You Want to Love Me
  29. In My Room (El Amor)
  30. That’s All I Want from You
  31. All of My Life
  32. How Bitter the Taste of Love
  33. Most of All
  34. It’ll Never Happen Again
  35. What Will I Tell Him

Track 1 from Warner Bros. single 5047, 1960
Track 4-5 from Warner Bros. single 5137, 1960
Track 6-7 from Warner Bros. single 5159, 1960
Tracks 14-15 from Warner Bros. single 5265, 1962

Tracks 16-17 from Warner Bros. single 5289, 1962
Tracks 24-25 from Warner Bros. single 5610, 1964

Joanie Sommers, The Complete Warner Bros. Singles Collection (Collectors’ Choice WWCCM21552, 2010)

  1. Kookie’s Love Song (with Edd Byrnes)
  2. One Boy
  3. I’ll Never Be Free
  4. Be My Love
  5. Why Don’t You Do Right
  6. Ruby Duby Du
  7. Bob White
  8. Seems Like Long, Long Ago
  9. I Don’t Want to Walk Without You
  10. Piano Boy
  11. Serenade of the Bells
  12. Makin’ Whoopee
  13. What’s Wrong with Me
  14. Johnny Get Angry
  15. Theme from “A Summer Place”
  16. When the Boys Get Together
  17. Passing Strangers
  18. Goodbye Joey
  19. Bobby’s Hobbies
  20. Memories, Memories
  21. Since Randy Moved Away
  22. Little Bit of Everything
  23. Henny Penny
  24. June is Busting Out All Over
  25. Little Girl Bad
  26. Wishing Well
  27. Goodbye Summer
  28. Big Man
  29. I’d Be So Good for You
  30. I’m Gonna Know He’s Mine
  31. If You Love Him
  32. I Think I’m Gonna Cry Now
  33. Don’t Pity Me
  34. My Block
  35. Great Divide
  36. Talk Until Midnight

Tracks 4-5 from Warner Bros. single 5177, 1960
Tracks 14-15 from Warner Bros. single 5275, 1962
Tracks 16-17 from Warner Bros. single 5308, 1962
Tracks 18-19 from Warner Bros. single 5324, 1963
Tracks 33-34 from Warner Bros. single 5629, 1965

Shelby Flint, The Complete Valiant Singles Collection (Collectors’ Choice WWCCM21562, 2010)

  1. Angel on My Shoulder
  2. Somebody
  3. Ugly Duckling
  4. The Boy I Love
  5. I Will Love You
  6. Every Night
  7. A Broken Vow
  8. Magic Wand
  9. The Riddle Song
  10. I Love a Wanderer
  11. Little Dancing Doll
  12. It Really Doesn’t Matter
  13. Wonderland
  14. Pipes of Keith
  15. Our Town
  16. I’ve Grown Accustomed to Your Face
  17. Lonely Cinderella
  18. Joy in the Morning
  19. Cast Your Fate to the Wind
  20. The Lily
  21. Bluebird
  22. What’s New, Pussycat
  23. Well We Did It
  24. I Will Love You (Cadence)
  25. Oh I Miss Him So (Cadence)

Tracks 1-2 from Valiant single 6001, 1960
Tracks 3-4 from Valiant single 6002, 1960
Tracks 5-6 from Valiant single 6010, 1961
Tracks 7-8 from Valiant single 6004, 1960
Tracks 9-10 from Valiant single 6017, 1962
Tracks 11-12 from Valiant single 6031, 1963
Tracks 13-14 from Valiant single 6052, 1964
Tracks 15-16 from Valiant single 6060, 1964
Tracks 17-18 from Valiant single 716, 1965
Tracks 19-20 from Valiant single 743, 1966
Track 22 from Valiant single 722, 1965
Tracks 24-25 from Cadence single 1352, 1958

The Sound of Music: 45th Anniversary Original Soundtrack (RCA Victor LSOD-2005, 1965 – reissued Sony/Legacy 88697 79082-2, 2010)

  1. Prelude and The Sound of Music
  2. Overture and Preludium (Dixit Dominus)
  3. Morning Hymn and Alleluia
  4. Maria
  5. I Have Confidence
  6. Sixteen Going on Seventeen
  7. My Favorite Things
  8. Do-Re-Mi
  9. The Sound of Music
  10. The Lonely Goatherd
  11. Laendler
  12. So Long, Farewell
  13. Entr’acte
  14. Climb Ev’ry Mountain
  15. My Favorite Things (Reprise)
  16. Something Good
  17. Processional and Maria (The Wedding)
  18. Sixteen Going on Seventeen (Reprise)
  19. Do-Re-Mi (Reprise)
  20. Edelweiss (Captain, Maria, Children and Chorus Version)
  21. So Long, Farewell (Reprise)
  22. Climb Ev’ry Mountain (Reprise)
  23. Finale
  24. My Favorite Things – performed by Lea Michele

Written by Joe Marchese

September 13, 2010 at 09:40

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