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Come and Get It, In One Shot: The Apple Box Set Announced

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After months during which EMI kept us all guessing, official specs were finally released for the Apple Records reissue campaign, and The Second Disc duly reported that information back on August 5. As with most projects related to The Beatles and/or Apple Corps, however, there were as many questions as answers, even after the “final” information had been posted on the official Apple website.

For one thing, why downloads? Fans were sharply divided as to how they felt about the practice of offering additional bonus tracks for many of the albums as downloads only, especially when it appeared that at least some of the material could have fit on the physical discs. Another burning question was, “Where’s the box set?”  I was among those asking; surely Apple was planning a mega-box to contain all 17 albums (on 15 discs) that would sit on the shelf nicely alongside last year’s Beatles box sets.

Well, that product is a pipe dream no longer as The Apple Box Set has materialized!  With artwork cheekily designed after an apple crate and the “Fresh From Apple Records” slogan, the banner on the cover immediately tipped fans off to the box’s importance: “Contains 17 CDs.” Yes, The Apple Box Set (as yet without a snappy title!) will include all 15 individual releases, including the Come and Get It anthology, and will include all of the download-only bonus tracks on 2 CDs only available in the box set.

Hit the jump for more, including the complete track listing for both bonus discs!

Apple being Apple, however, there are still some questions even now. As of now, The Apple Box Set is a product of the U.K. only, similar to the combined collection of the Beatles’ “red” and “blue” albums. Will it receive an American release? It’s as yet unclear, as both Amazon U.S. and Amazon Canada only have the set listed as an import at exorbitant prices. Bargain hunters are advised to take the plunge and order from Amazon U.K.; while the price is £146.39 (around $229.00 with today’s exchange rate), Americans will find the VAT (Value Added Tax) removed from the item. After shipping, the box set should come to around £127.00, or $199.00. For the less-mathematically inclined among us, that’s roughly $11.70 per disc, or much less expensive than it would cost to order each individually stateside.

So for those interested in picking up all 15 reissues and not having to bother with downloads (and presumably in a swell box for ease of use and display!), look no further than The Apple Box Set. This release should make a particular treat for Badfinger fans, as one entire disc is comprised of 20 rarities from that much-loved band, while the second disc has the selections for Mary Hopkin and Jackie Lomax.

The Amazon U.S. information (with a current price of $303.49, though the item is covered by Amazon’s pre-order guarantee in case that price decreases) can be found here, while you can order from Amazon UK here:

The Apple Box Set is due on October 25.

The Apple Box Set (Apple/EMI, 2010)

Bonus CD 1:

  1. Dear Angie (mono mix) (Apple SAPCOR 12 (U.K.)/ST-3364 (U.S.), 1970)
  2. Think About the Good Times (previously unreleased mono mix)
  3. No Escaping Your Love (mono mix) (non-LP B-side – Apple 14 (U.K.), 1969)
  4. Arthur (previously unreleased remix)
  5. Storm in a Tea Cup (mono) (from Wall’s Ice Cream EP – Apple CT 1, 1970)
  6. Yesterday Ain’t Coming Back (previously unreleased mono mix)
  7. Love Me Do (previously unreleased instrumental version)
  8. Get Down (previously unreleased extended stereo version) (original version was a bonus track on 1992 reissue of No Dice – Capitol CDP 7 98698 2)
  9. Money (earlier version) (bonus track on 1995 reissue of Straight Up – Capitol CDP 7 81403 2)
  10. Flying (earlier version) (bonus track on 1995 reissue of Straight Up – Capitol CDP 7 81403 2)
  11. Perfection (earlier version) (bonus track on 1995 reissue of Straight Up – Capitol CDP 7 81403 2)
  12. Suitcase (earlier version) (bonus track on 1995 reissue of Straight Up – Capitol CDP 7 81403 2)
  13. Sweet Tuesday Morning (earlier version) (original version was a non-LP B-side – Apple 40 (U.K.), 1972)
  14. Mean Mean Jemima (bonus track on 1992 reissue of No Dice – Capitol CDP 7 98698 2)
  15. Loving You (bonus track on 1992 reissue of No Dice – Capitol CDP 7 98698 2)
  16. Get Away (previously unreleased version)
  17. When I Say (previously unreleased version)
  18. The Winner (previously unreleased version)
  19. I Can Love You (previously unreleased version)
  20. Piano Red (previously unreleased)

All tracks performed by Badfinger.

Bonus CD 2:

  1. Quelli Erano Giorni (2010 Remix) (non-LP single – Apple 2 (IT), 1969 – also bonus track on 1991 reissue – Capitol CDP 7 97578 2)
  2. Que Tiempo Tan Feliz (2010 Remix) (non-LP single – Apple H380 (Spain), 1968 – also bonus track on 1991 reissue – Capitol CDP 7 97578 2)
  3. An Jenam Tag (2010 Remix) (non-LP single – Apple 2 (DE), 1969)
  4. Le Temps Des Fleurs (2010 Remix) (non-LP single – Apple 2 (FR), 1969)
  5. Quand Je Te Regarde Vivre (non-LP single – Apple 34 (FR), 1971)
  6. Watashi O Kanashimi To Yonde (non-LP single – Apple 34 (JP), 1971)
  7. Jefferson(non-LP B-side – Apple 39 (U.K.), 1971
  8. Going Back to Liverpool (bonus track on 1991 reissue – Capitol CDP 7 97581 2)
  9. Sour Milk Sea (mono mix) (Apple SAPCOR 6 (U.K.)/ST-3354 (U.S.), 1968)
  10. The Eagle Laughs at You (mono mix) (Apple SAPCOR 6 (U.K.)/ST-3354 (U.S.), 1968)
  11. Little Yellow Pills (mono mix) (Apple SAPCOR 6 (U.K.)/ST-3354 (U.S.), 1968)

Tracks 1-7 performed by Mary Hopkin.
Tracks 8-11 performed by Jackie Lomax.

Written by Joe Marchese

September 20, 2010 at 09:00

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  1. Well it looks like another pig’s ear, doesn’t it – why go ahead with such a comprehensive-looking project and still omit some of the canon (as I detailed ages ago, see link). Even most of the stuff that is being released for the first time on “Digital” Apple has been available elsewhere digitally – Saturday Nite Special, Hot Chocolate, Brute Force. Nice to see We’re On Our Way sneak out, but still apparently no digital release for Apple 4B, Apple 6A&B, Apple 33B and Apple 17B, among others. I really can’t see why it’s so difficult to make a truly complete package.


    September 27, 2010 at 12:57

  2. […] the full EMI/Apple Records reissue campaign (all individual releases hit stores Tuesday, as does an import box set with those 15 discs plus two bonus discs) and as the title indicates, includes 10 tracks from […]

  3. And so there was a last-minute decision to omit the 4 Billy Preston tracks from the bonus 2-CD set. I wonder why?

    Phil Cohen

    October 26, 2010 at 16:18

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