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The La La Land Slate Expands (UPDATED 9/21)

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You’ve got to love La La Land Records not only for the scope of their soundtrack reissues – titles released this year included expansions of Eraser, the 1966 and 1989 film versions of Batman, Innerspace, Independence Day and the debut CD release of the Caddyshack LP – but their openness in discussing what’s on the horizon. Label head M.V. Gerhard maintains an active presence on his label’s own message board and the boards for fellow label/publication Film Score Monthly, and discusses upcoming releases as much as he can without relying too much on hype or fanfare.

Lately, he’s been discussing all the projects expected from La La Land for the end of the year, in an attempt to help people budget their purchases. For the same purposes, we report his discussions to you.

  • Next week, on September 21, another new title will be available to order: the first official CD release (this is Gerhard’s own words, though evidence points to the contrary based on research here) of the soundtrack to Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes (1984), composed by John Scott. This release presents the original LP with two bonus tracks, the film version of the overture and end credits sourced from the magnetic track directly off the film (expanded score masters could not be located). The track listing will be after the jump, but order links won’t go live until Tuesday. (UPDATE: Order here.)
  • October 5 will see three releases. One of them is definitely John Frizell’s complete score to Alien: Resurrection (1997), making Alien 3 the only film in the franchise to not have an expanded score (by most accounts, the master tapes to that film are damaged). Another is the score to the direct-to-video Mirrors 2 by Frederik Weidmann. The other is an as-yet undisclosed title limited to 1,200 copies.
  • October 19th will see the following scores: a box set of Bear McCreary’s music to the television show Human Target, James Horner’s unreleased score to the film Jade (1995) and – biggest of all – an expansion of Batman Returns (1992), from Batman ’89 composer Danny Elfman.
  • Two limited releases each will bow on November 2 and 16. Among them may be John Morris’ score to the board-game comedy film Clue (1985) and the long-in-development The X-Files box set featuring four discs of music from show composer Mark Snow.
  • La La Land’s year will close on November 30, with three limited titles that may be the biggest of the year. One of the hottest rumors surrounding this batch is that it may include a very-in-demand expansion of John Williams’ score to Steven Spielberg’s Hook (1991).

Mark your calendars and hit the jump to see what the Greystoke reissue will look like.

John Scott, Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (La La Land Records LLLCD 1144, 2010 – originally released as Warner Bros. 1-25120, 1984)

  1. The Family – 2:52
  2. Greystoke – 3:23
  3. Catastrophe – 2:57
  4. Child of the Apes – 2:30
  5. Pygmy Attack – 1:12
  6. D’Arnot’s Vision – 1:21
  7. Tarzan, Lord of the Apes – 2:15
  8. Tarzan Leaves the Jungle – 1:31
  9. Edge of the World – 3:08
  10. Gardens of Greystoke – 0:54
  11. The Weight of Greystoke – 2:50
  12. The Dancing Lesson – 1:07
  13. Dance of Death -3:07
  14. Half of Me is Wild – 1:06
  15. Return to the Jungle – 3:07
  16. Overture – 1:41 *
  17. Closing Credits – 2:59 *

* previously unreleased bonus track

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September 21, 2010 at 16:21

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