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Why Yes, That IS Mr. Mister on the Radio

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On November 23, Legacy Recordings will take some nice steps to make ’80s rockers Mr. Mister more than just a pocketful of big radio hits and a lyric in that Train song. A handful of Mr. Mister and Mr.-related titles will be released for digital download, alongside a previously-unreleased album by the band.

First, the goodies from the vault. Hardcore Mr. Mister fans doubtlessly know the band’s discography was not meant to end with 1987’s Go On… album. The group began work on a follow-up album, Pull, with Buzz Feiten and Trevor Rabin replacing Steve Farris on guitar. Unfortunately, Pull was shelved by RCA Records, and the band chose to split.

Now, Legacy is releasing all 11 tracks that made up the original Pull album (one, “Waiting in My Dreams,” was released on a 2001 compilation). It will be available through the usual digital retailers, while physical copies will be able to be ordered through the official site for the band and frontman Steven Page’s Little Dume Recordings.

On the same day, two Mr. Mister LPs (I Wear the Face (1984) and Go On…) will be reissued digitally along with two albums from the pre-Mister band Pages (which featured Page and Steve George along with Mister lyricist John Lang). Between this and Friday Music’s reissue of Mr. Mister’s Welcome to the Real World earlier this year, it doesn’t get much better for fans of the band.

View all the relevant track lists after the jump.

Pages, Pages (Epic/Legacy 884977709766, 2010 – originally released as Epic JE 35459, 1978)

  1. Clearly Kim
  2. This is for the Girls
  3. Let It Go
  4. Listen for the Love
  5. Love Dance
  6. If I Saw You Again
  7. Interlude
  8. It’s Alright
  9. Room at the Top
  10. I Get It from You

Pages, Future Street (Epic/Legacy 884977701753, 2010 – originally released as Epic JE 36209, 1979)

  1. I Do Believe in You
  2. The Sailor’s Song
  3. Take My Heart Away
  4. Future Street
  5. Who’s Right
  6. Chemistry
  7. Two People
  8. Keep on Movin’

Mr. Mister, I Wear the Face (RCA/Legacy 884977702682, 2010 – originally released as RCA AFL1-4864, 1984)

  1. Hunters of the Night
  2. Code of Love
  3. Partners in Crime
  4. 32
  5. Runaway
  6. Talk the Talk
  7. I’ll Let You Drive
  8. I Get Lost Sometimes
  9. I Wear the Face
  10. Life Goes On

Mr. Mister, Go On… (RCA/Legacy 884977702255, 2010 – originally released as RCA 6276-1-R, 1987)

  1. Stand and Deliver
  2. Healing Waters
  3. Dust
  4. Something Real (Inside Me/Inside You)
  5. The Tube
  6. Bare My Soul
  7. Control
  8. Watching the World
  9. The Power Over Me
  10. Man of a Thousand Dances
  11. The Border

Mr. Mister, Pull (RCA/Legacy 884977710908, 2010 – intended for release in 1990)

  1. Learning to Crawl
  2. Waiting in My Dreams
  3. Crazy Boy
  4. Close Your Eyes
  5. Lifetime
  6. I Don’t Know Why
  7. We Belong to No One
  8. Burning Bridge
  9. No Words to Say
  10. Surrender
  11. Awaya

All tracks previously unreleased except Track 2, which appeared on The Best of Mr. Mister (Buddha, 2001)

Written by Mike Duquette

November 10, 2010 at 14:26

Posted in Mr. Mister, News, Reissues

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