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Early White Stripes LPs Coming Back to Vinyl

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The White Stripes have announced the reissue of their first three LPs on 180-gram vinyl through founder Jack White’s Third Man Records label.

Formed in the late 1990s in Detroit, vocalist/guitarist Jack and drummer Meg White created a unique sound that was forged in the classic traditions of garage rock, punk and blues. Their lo-fi, powerful tunes earned massive critical acclaim in the early 2000s, even as fans and critics sought to find out the truth behind the duo’s unusual relationship. (They constantly claimed to be brother and sister, but were actually married from 1996 to 2000.)

The White Stripes’ first three albums, the self-titled debut in 1999, De Stijl (2000) and White Blood Cells (2001), each out of print for five years, have been remastered from the original analog tapes for these new vinyl editions, and the artwork has been restored from the original photographic prints. MP3 downloads will be included for free with purchase. “These are the versions The White Stripes want people to have for posterity,” the band’s official statement said.

All three versions will be available to purchase on November 30. Those with a collector’s eye might want to hike down to the Third Man Records store in Nashville, which will sell limited red and white-split vinyl editions of each album. (The White Stripes available on November 30, with each subsequent album available the following week. They will also be available in select additional locations to be named soon.)

Reacquaint yourself with the track lists after the jump.

The White Stripes, The White Stripes (Third Man Records/Warner Bros., 2010 – originally released as Sympathy for the Record Industry SFTRI 577, 1999)

  1. Jimmy the Exploder
  2. Stop Breaking Down
  3. The Big Three Killed My Baby
  4. Suzy Lee
  5. Sugar Never Tasted So Good
  6. Wasting My Time
  7. Cannon
  8. Astro
  9. Broken Bricks
  10. When I Hear My Name
  11. Do
  12. Screwdriver
  13. One More Cup of Coffee
  14. Little People
  15. Slicker Drips
  16. St. James Infirmary Blues
  17. I Fought Pirhanas

The White Stripes, De Stijl (Third Man Records/Warner Bros., 2010 – originally released as Sympathy for the Record Industry SFTRI 609, 2000)

  1. You’re Pretty Good Looking (for a Girl)
  2. Hello Operator
  3. Little Bird
  4. Apple Blossom
  5. I’m Bound to Pack It Up
  6. Death Letter
  7. Sister, Do You Know My Name?
  8. Truth Doesn’t Make a Noise
  9. A Boy’s Best Friend
  10. Let’s Build a Home
  11. Jumble, Jumble
  12. Why Can’t You Be Nicer to Me?
  13. Your Southern Can is Mine

The White Stripes, White Blood Cells (Third Man Records/Warner Bros., 2010 – originally released as Sympathy for the Record Industry SFTRI 660, 2001)

  1. Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
  2. Hotel Yorba
  3. I’m Finding It Harder to Be a Gentleman
  4. Fell in Love with a Girl
  5. Expecting
  6. Little Room
  7. The Union Forever
  8. The Same Boy You’ve Always Known
  9. We’re Going to Be Friends
  10. Offend in Every Way
  11. I Think I Smell a Rat
  12. Aluminum
  13. I Can’t Wait
  14. Now Mary
  15. I Can Learn
  16. This Protector

Written by Mike Duquette

November 23, 2010 at 12:48

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  1. Glad to see vinyl is on it’s way back. Just got a turntable again and I love the natural sound . I forgot how good analog music sounds, even with a couple of pops and crackles. CD’s were cool for a while but they don’t sound natural…kind of like speaking through a paper cup. I feel the same way about speakers with titanium tweeters !!! Your eardlrums aren’t made of titanium RIGHT ??? Great site !!! Thanks !!!


    January 14, 2012 at 03:47

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