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Gold Legion Prepping Vintage ’80s Titles

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A pair of LPs from EMI’s 1980s catalogue is coming out on CD through the Gold Legion label.

The first up is Don’t Suppose, the solo debut album from Limahl in 1984. The uniquely coiffed, uniquely named singer (whose stage name was a rearranged version of his real surname, Hamill) had recently left (or had been asked to leave) the band Kajagoogoo (of “Too Shy” fame). Don’t Suppose was not a success in itself, but yielded two U.K. hits, “Only for Love” and the theme to the film The Never Ending Story (1984). U.S.-only dance mixes of those tracks are included as bonus cuts, and an expanded booklet will include liner notes and rare photos.

From that same year is Wotupski?!! from John “Jellybean” Benitez. Jellybean was one of the best-known remixers of the 1980s, owing to his early professional and personal partnership with Madonna. (She actually contributes vocals to “Sidewalk Talk,” a U.K. Top 20 hit from this album.) This disc is augmented with four remixes and an expanded booklet. (For some reason, Gold Legion’s site says the booklet will only be available directly through them.)

Pre-order each set here and here and hit the jump for track lists.Limahl, Don’t Suppose (Gold Legion GLEMI 562212, 2010 – originally released as EMI PLML 1 (U.K.)/EMI America ST-17142 (U.S.), 1984)

  1. Don’t Suppose
  2. That Special Something
  3. Your Love
  4. Too Much Trouble
  5. Never Ending Story
  6. Only for Love
  7. I Was a Fool
  8. The Waiting Game
  9. Tar Beach
  10. Oh Girl
  11. Never Ending Story (Club Mix) (U.S. 12″ A-side – EMI America V-7854, 1984)
  12. Only for Love (Dance Mix) (U.S. 12″ A-side – EMI America V-7861, 1984)

Jellybean, Wotupski?!! (Gold Legion GLEMI 562222, 2010 – originally released as EMI America MLP-19011, 1984)

  1. Compromise
  2. Sidewalk Talk
  3. Dancing on the Fire
  4. Was Dog a Doughnut
  5. The Mexican
  6. Sidewalk Talk (Funhouse Mix) (12″ A-side – EMI America V-19204, 1984)
  7. Sidewalk Talk (Dance Mix) (U.K. 12″ A-side – EMI America 12EA-210, 1984)
  8. The Mexican (Funhouse Mix) (12″ B-side – EMI America V-7831, 1984)
  9. The Mexican (Dance Mix) (12″ A-side – EMI America V-7831, 1984)

Written by Mike Duquette

November 24, 2010 at 12:23

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  1. Just looking at the hair, my first impression was, “Who does this guy think he his, Kajagoogoo?” Then I started to read the article and it all fell into place…

    Eric Luecking

    November 24, 2010 at 13:22

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