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Three Santana Remasters Coming from Friday Music

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Carlos Santana won the adulation of a new generation with the pop crossover album Supernatural in 1999 – then promptly lost it by making a bunch of increasingly flabby and self-indulgent records. Friday Music takes us to a simpler time – the early 1980s – with three forthcoming Santana remasters.

The Swing of Delight (1980), Zebop! (1981) and Shangó are being remastered and reissued on January 25. (Friday Music lists them as 30th anniversary editions, which is of course only technically true for Zebop!) Though Santana’s commercial prominence was not as strong at this point in his career, he was reaching an artistic peak; The Swing of Delight, released as a solo LP under the guitarist’s own name (with his then-spiritually adopted first name Devadip), was one of the guitarist’s many ventures away from rock and into jazz and fusion. The other two albums were more rock-oriented, and spawned minor hits in “Winning” and “Hold On.”

You can order them (along with two other Santana reissues from the label – 1979’s Marathon and the LP-only Love Devotion Surrender (1972) with Mahavishnu John McLaughlin) here and read the track lists after the jump.

Devadip Carlos Santana, The Swing of Delight: 30th Anniversary Edition (Originally released as CBS C2 36590, 1980 – reissued Friday Music, 2011)

  1. Swapan Tari
  2. Love Theme from “Spartacus”
  3. Phuler Matan
  4. Song for My Brother
  5. Jharna Kala
  6. Gardenia
  7. La Llave
  8. Golden Hours
  9. Shere Khan, the Tiger

Santana, Zebop! 30th Anniversary Edition (Originally released as Columbia FC 37158, 1981 – reissued Friday Music, 2011)

  1. Changes
  2. E Papa Ré
  3. Primera Invasion
  4. Searchin’
  5. Over and Over
  6. Winning
  7. Tales of Kilimanjaro
  8. The Sensitive Kind
  9. American Gypsy
  10. I Love You Much Too Much
  11. Brightest Star
  12. Hannibal

Santana, Shangó: 30th Anniversary Edition (Originally released as CBS 85914, 1982 – reissued Friday Music, 2011)

  1. The Nile
  2. Hold On
  3. Night Hunting Time
  4. Nowhere to Run
  5. Nueva York
  6. Oxun (Oshun)
  7. Body Surfing
  8. What Does It Take (to Win Your Love)
  9. Let Me Inside
  10. Warrior
  11. Shangó

Written by Mike Duquette

January 3, 2011 at 15:38

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