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La La Land Goes Live with First Releases of 2011

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La La Land Records’ first titles of 2011 were promised earlier this month, and they’re now available to order. Two television shows, the ’60s war program The Rat Patrol and the late ’80s Western The Young Riders, are being presented in premiere releases (1,200 units each), alongside a straight, unlimited reissue of the original soundtrack to Solaris (2002) with improved sound quality.

It’s a smaller-scale start, but La La Land also recently promised they’re again appearing at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con – and we all know how that turned out last year. Order links are here, here and here and track info is after the jump.

Dominic Frontiere, The Rat Patrol: Limited Edition (La La Land Records LLLCD1155, 2011 – original television series broadcast 1966-1968)

  1. The Rat Patrol Main Title
  2. Another Day, Another Mission
  3. Convoy
  4. Desert Action
  5. After That Man
  6. Lost and Found
  7. Desert Romance
  8. Rats Sneak About
  9. A Tight Spot
  10. Do You Smell Something?
  11. Time to Go
  12. Night Maneuvers
  13. Firefight
  14. Desert Sun
  15. Farewell/Ambushed
  16. Burning Sun/Sniper
  17. The Massacre
  18. Germans on the Move
  19. Rats on the Move
  20. Breaking In and Searching
  21. Rats on Patrol
  22. Rats in Action
  23. A Friend’s Death
  24. We Have a Job to Do!
  25. Serious Discussion
  26. Hand to Hand
  27. Dirge
  28. Rat Mission
  29. Cat and Mouse
  30. The Traitor
  31. Tricked Into a Trap
  32. Stalemate
  33. Cut Off
  34. Rats Have Some Fun
  35. Floating Down
  36. Foot Chase
  37. Plans for Rats
  38. In and Out of Enemy Camp
  39. We’ve Still Got a Job to Do
  40. Planning the Attack
  41. Getting Ready
  42. Big Battle
  43. Mission Accomplished
  44. The Rat Patrol End Credits
  45. Theme from “The Rat Patrol”

All tracks previously unreleased.

John Debney, The Young Riders: Limited Edition (La La Land Records LLLCD 1152, 2011 – original television series broadcast 1989-1992)

  1. The Young Riders – Main Title
  2. The Kid Appears/Into Town
  3. Teaspoon Blues/Training
  4. First Ride/Apache Chase
  5. Scarface/Beckwith Volley
  6. Escapes and Meets His Demise
  7. Love At the Corral/Sunset
  8. Longley Appears
  9. Emma’s Watch/To Sweetwater
  10. Jimmy & Kid Fight/Smokehouse
  11. Longley’s Deal and Showdown
  12. Final Showdown/Invitation
  13. The Run/Amazing Grace
  14. Burnt Offering/Escape
  15. The Beating/Past Sins
  16. The Kid & Noah/Into the Fray
  17. The Big Fight
  18. Goodbyes/Home
  19. The Young Riders End Title/Ogiens Kane Logo

All tracks previously unreleased. Tracks 2-7 from episode “Pilot (a.k.a.: The Kid).” Tracks 8-12 from episode “The Gunfighter.” Tracks 13-19 from episode “Kansas.”

Cliff Martinez, Solaris: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (La La Land Records LLLCD 1161, 2011 – originally released as Trauma Records TRM-74070-2, 2002)

  1. Is That What Everybody Wants
  2. First Sleep
  3. Can I Sit Next to You
  4. Will She Come Back
  5. Death Shall Have No Dominion
  6. Maybe You’re My Puppet
  7. Don’t Blow It
  8. Hi Energy Proton Accelerator
  9. Wear Your Seat Belt
  10. Wormhole
  11. We Don’t Have to Think Like That Anymore

Written by Mike Duquette

January 19, 2011 at 09:23

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