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Short Takes: Soundtracks on Tap from Barry, Horner and Mancini

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It’s already been a busy week here at Second Disc HQ, and the news just keeps on comin’. Three more soundtracks are due from some of the finest composers in film score history: John Barry, James Horner and Henry Mancini.

  • Before becoming an eminence grise in the world of film scoring, John Barry was best-known as the leader of the John Barry Seven, an association which led him to one of his earliest film projects, the score to the 1960 British film Beat Girl. The long-unavailable soundtrack to Beat Girl, with performances by Barry’s group and singer Adam Faith (for whom Barry had produced and arranged a number of hit records), will be reissued on February 21 by El Records, part of the U.K.’s Cherry Red group. El’s edition, likely available due to British copyright law and therefore an “unauthorized” release, will be expanded from the original LP. It will include a whopping 36 tracks, its bonus tracks encompassing three French singles (A-sides and B-sides) performed by the film’s star, Gillian Hills, seven tracks by Barry and five by Faith. Beat Girl holds the distinction of being the first British film soundtrack to be pressed in the LP format, and its reissue is a welcome one. Beat Girl is available for pre-order at Amazon U.K. here.
  • By anyone’s estimation, James Horner is one of the most phenomenally successful film composers of all time, with Avatar and Titanic just two of the blockbuster scores under his belt. Kritzerland has just reissued Horner’s score to Gorky Park in a remastered deluxe edition limited to 1,000 copies. Horner’s score to Michael Apted’s 1983 thriller was originally released on LP and CD by Varese Sarabande; Kritzerland’s edition showcases the original soundtrack in two versions. The first is in soundtrack order as originally selected by the composer; the second is a new presentation in film order. Both make a substantial case for Horner’s taut, gripping suspense score. Gorky Park is due the first week of March from Kritzerland, but pre-orders are likely to arrive an average of four weeks early. Gorky Park can be pre-ordered here.
  • Last year, Quartet Records did a splendid job releasing Henry Mancini’s score to Curse of the Pink Panther for the first time in any format. The label follows up this project with the debut of another Mancini “hidden gem,” the score to Harry and Son. This 1984 film told the story of the relationship between a blue-collar worker (Paul Newman) and his aspiring writer son (Robby Benson). Newman also directed, and starred alongside his real-life wife, Joanne Woodward, and Ellen Barkin. In addition to 23 score tracks making their first appearance in any audio format, Quartet’s limited edition release of Harry and Son includes an alternate cue, an instrumental of the song “Aerobic” and a radio promo version of “Harry’s Theme.” It can be pre-ordered here.

Hit the jump for track listings and discographical information for all three releases!

John Barry, Beat Girl: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Columbia (UK), 33SX1225, 1960 – reissued El CD ACMEM204CD, 2011)

  1. Main Title (Beat Girl)
  2. The Off Beat
  3. I Did What You Told Me – performed by Adam Faith
  4. London Home Rock
  5. Time Out
  6. The Sharks
  7. The Beat Girl Song – performed by Adam Faith
  8. The City, 2000 A.D.
  9. The Stripper
  10. The Cave/Beat Girl/Kids Stuff
  11. Made You – performed by Adam Faith
  12. Car Chase/Night Chase
  13. Chicken
  14. Blues for Beatniks
  15. It’s Legal – performed by Shirley Anne Field
  16. The Immediate Pleasure
  17. Blondie’s Strip
  18. End Shot/Slaughter in Soho
  19. Ma Premiere Cigarette
  20. Cou-Couche Panier
  21. Le Paradise Pour Toi (A Kooky Little Paradise)
  22. Si Tu Veux Que Je Te Dise
  23. Cha Cha Stop
  24. Pres De La Cascade (By a Waterfall)
  25. Hit and Miss
  26. Blues for Beatniks
  27. Big Fella
  28. Walk, Don’t Run
  29. Black Stockings
  30. Christella
  31. Bee’s Knees
  32. What Do You Want
  33. Poor Me
  34. Someone Else’s Baby
  35. How About That
  36. Lonely Pup (in a Christmas Shop)

Tracks 1-18 from Beat Girl: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Columbia (U.K.) LP 33SX1225, 1960
Tracks 19-20 performed by Gillian Hills from Barclay single 60239, 1960
Tracks 21-22 performed by Gillian Hills from Barclay single 60241, 1960
Tracks 23-24 performed by Gillian Hills from Barclay single 62112, 1960
Track 25 performed by The John Barry Seven from Columbia (U.K.) single DB4414, 1960
Tracks 26-27 performed by The John Barry Seven from Columbia (U.K.) single DB4446, 1960
Track 28 performed by The John Barry Seven from Columbia (U.K.) single DB4505, 1960
Track 29 performed by The John Barry Seven from Columbia (U.K.) single DB4554, 1960
Track 30 performed by The John Barry Seven from Columbia (U.K.) single DB4582, 1959
Track 31 performed by The John Barry Seven from Parlophone single R4488, 1958
Track 32 performed by Adam Faith from Parlophone single R4591, 1959
Track 33 performed by Adam Faith from Parlophone single R4623, 1960
Track 34 performed by Adam Faith from Parlophone single R4643, 1960
Track 35 performed by Adam Faith from Parlophone single R4689, 1960
Track 36 performed by Adam Faith from Parlophone single R4708, 1960

James Horner, Gorky Park: Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack (Varese Sarabande STV-81206, 1983 – reissued Kritzerland KR-20018-0, 2011)

  1. Main Title
  2. Faceless Bodies
  3. Chase Through the Park
  4. Following Kirwill
  5. Irina’s Chase
  6. Arkady and Irina
  7. Irina’s Theme
  8. The Sable Shed
  9. Following KGB
  10. Airport Farewell
  11. Releasing the Sables/End Titles
  12. Main Title
  13. Following Kirwill
  14. Irina’s Theme
  15. Following KGB
  16. Chase Through the Park
  17. Arkady and Irina
  18. Faceless Bodies
  19. Irina’s Chase
  20. The Sable Shed
  21. Airport Farewell
  22. Releasing the Sables/End Titles

Tracks 1-11 in film order
Tracks 12-22 in original album order

Harry and Son: Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack (Quartet Records QRSCE023, 2011)

  1. Main Title (Harry’s Theme)
  2. Dinner for Two
  3. Fired
  4. Looking for a New Job
  5. Migraines
  6. Nina
  7. Harry’s Theme
  8. Sunny Calypso
  9. The Cardboard Machine
  10. Howie & Kate
  11. A Bird Speaking Portuguese
  12. Beers & Tequila
  13. Car Recoveries
  14. Midnight Construction
  15. Raymond
  16. Harry’s Theme
  17. Happy Birthday, Daddy
  18. Aerobic (Vocal)
  19. Sally’s Calypso
  20. A Novel Named “Harry”
  21. House in the Beach
  22. Harry’s Death
  23. Finale (Harry’s Theme)
  24. Fired (Alternate Version)
  25. Aerobic (Instrumental)
  26. Harry’s Theme (Radio Promo Version)

Written by Joe Marchese

January 25, 2011 at 11:44

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