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Getting “Clue” Plus Some More Exciting La La Land News!

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As promised, La La Land Records put the score to Clue up for order yesterday. The soundtrack to the comedy board game adaptation, composed by John Morris, is full of bonus content and limited to 3,000 copies and is yours to order here. (The track list is of course after the jump.)

But that’s not the only exciting La La Land news we have here at The Second Disc. Tomorrow afternoon, we’re running an exclusive interview with the head of the label, MV Gerhard! He’s going to talk about the great year the label in 2010 and what’s coming up for 2011. If you’re a soundtrack lover, you’re not going to want to miss this one.

Come on by around lunch time – say, 11:30 a.m. EST – and enjoy the interview. And what are you waiting for about Clue?

John Morris, Clue: The Movie – Limited Edition (La La Land LLLCD 1154, 2011 – original film released 1985)

  1. Main Title/Trees to Dogs
  2. Mrs. White
  3. Miss Scarlet */Car in Progress
  4. May I Present Mr. Boddy
  5. I Suggest We All Leave/Fight, You Bastard/Hallway Screaming Next Door
  6. Bag in Hall
  7. The Cook Chase/Boddy’s Fall/We’ll Throw It Away
  8. Stranger at Front Door/Match Cutting */People in Hall
  9. Mrs. Peacock and Plum/Death Bridge/Bridge, White & Wadsworth/Billiard Cue Grab/Go Together
  10. I’ll Search the Kitchen/Desk, Fire, Weapons/Let’s Try the Conservatory/I’ve Had a Good Life
  11. Door Pounding to Chandelier Fall
  12. Gun, Cupboard, Doorbell/Cop Panics
  13. Yvette Upstairs to Bell
  14. Step by Step – Intro/Step by Step
  15. Remember What Happened Next – Part I, II, III/Don’t You See? Look! – Part I, II, III
  16. I’ll Get to That/Beatnik
  17. Ending A: Your Fatal Mistake/I Shot Her/Cavalry
  18. Ending B: Yvette to We All Ran to Her/To Check That Mr. Boddy Was Dead/Who, Who, Who/Cavalry
  19. Ending C: Top to You Were/Peacock at Door
  20. End Title *
  21. Main Title (Alternate 1)
  22. Miss Scarlet/Car in Progress (Alternate)
  23. Main Title (Alternate 2)
  24. Peacock at Door (Alternate)
  25. Main Title (Alternate 3)
  26. End Title (Shorter Version)
  27. Main Title (Alternate 4)

All tracks previously unreleased. * indicates cue not used in film.

Written by Mike Duquette

February 2, 2011 at 15:11

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