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Getting Closer to the Next Batch of Howard Jones Reissues

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Mark your calendars, fans: the next set of Howard Jones reissues are almost ready to pre-order.

As previously reported, the next batch of HoJo discs – after last year’s remasters of Human’s Lib and Dream Into Action – will be the EPs The 12″ Album and Action Replay, which collated dance mixes, B-sides and – perhaps most notably – the hit single version of “No One is to Blame” produced by Phil Collins. As with the last batch, there will also be a limited edition box set that combines both discs with an additional bonus CD, this one focusing on additional remixes from various singles. The Human’s Lib/Dream Into Action box with bonus disc was a limited affair; it is not yet known if this one will be, too.

But the set will be available to pre-order on February 21, so be prepared for more information as it comes!

UPDATE 2/5: Track listing for the bonus disc now available courtesy of our friend Matt from Addicted to Vinyl! Unreleased tracks will be included! Hit the jump and see!

Howard Jones, The 12″ Album (Dtox CD24, 2011 – originally released as WEA WX-14 (U.K.), 1984)

  1. Always Asking Questions
  2. New Song (New Version)
  3. What is Love? (Extended Mix)
  4. Like to Get to Know You Well (International Mix)
  5. Pearl in the Shell (Extended Mix)
  6. Total Conditioning

Tracks 1-2 and 5 exclusive to this compilation
Track 3 originally released as 12″ A-side – WEA HOW 2T, 1983
Track 4 is an edited version – full version originally released as 12” A-side – WEA HOW 5T, 1984
Track 6 was the B-side to “Pearl in the Shell” 12″ – WEA HOW 4T, 1984

Howard Jones, Action Replay (Dtox CD25, 2011 – originally released as Elektra 9 60466-1-Y (U.S.), 1986)

  1. No One is to Blame (Single Version)
  2. Look Mama (Extended Mix)
  3. Hide and Seek (Long Version)
  4. Always Asking Questions
  5. Bounce Right Back (Cause + Effect Mix)
  6. Specialty

Track 1 originally released as single A-side – WEA HOW 9, 1986
Track 2 originally released as 12″ A-side – WEA HOW 7T, 1985
Track 3 originally released as 12″ A-side – WEA HOW 3T, 1984
Track 4 from The 12″ Album – WEA WX-14 (U.K.), 1984
Track 5 was the B-side to “Like to Get to Know You Well” 12″ – WEA HOW 5T, 1984
Track 6 from CD pressings of Dream Into Action (Elektra 9 60390-2 (U.S.), 1985)

Howard Jones, Risk: Specially Selected 12″ Remixes Remastered (Dtox CD26, 2011)

  1. Look Mama (Megamamamix)
  2. New Song (Extended Version)
  3. Things Can Only Get Better (Extended Mix) *
  4. Pearl in the Shell (U.S. 12″ Promo Mix) *
  5. Like to Get to Know You Well (International Remix) *
  6. Life in One Day (Part 1) *
  7. Life in One Day (Part 2) *
  8. You Jazzy Nork! *
  9. Conditioning *
  10. No One is to Blame (Extended Version) *
  11. New Song (Alternative Extended Mix)

* denotes track previously unreleased on CD.
Track 1 originally released as 12″ A-side – WEA HOW 7TE, 1985
Tracks 2 and 9 released on 12″ single – WEA HOW 1T, 1983
Tracks 3 and 8 released on 12″ single – WEA HOW 6T, 1985
Track 4 originally released as 12″ promotional A-side – Elektra ED-4992, 1984
Track 5 originally released as 12″ A-side – WEA HOW 5T, 1984
Tracks 6-7 released as 12″ single – WEA HOW 8T, 1985
Track 10 originally released as 12″ A-side – WEA HOW 9T, 1986
Track 11 previously unreleased

Written by Mike Duquette

February 4, 2011 at 12:10

3 Responses

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  1. Hi. Really looking forward this package! Couple of things: the version of Total Conditioning on The 12″ Album is, I think, edited down by about a minute from the UK ‘Pearl’ 12″ format HOW 4T you mention (that had the full 8 min version). Also, on Action Replay, the version of Look Mama is not from the A Side of the UK 12″ HOW 7T – the AR mix is a six-mins-ish 12″ mix by Jason Corsaro, whereas the UK ‘Extended Mix’ was a very different 9 min affair with lots of synthesised ‘metal’ (HJs words, at the time!) guitar over it. The latter does not appear on this new set, pity as it’s really good. Confusingly, both were called ‘Look Mama (Extended Mix)’  love this site, keep up the great work

    Gareth Pugh

    February 6, 2011 at 06:28

    • Excellent news.
      The first box set was brilliant, a little annoying that it was on many free download sites/blogs at least 2 weeks before my own boxset arrived but all in all well worth it. The extra disc isnt so great, i dunno if they actually did much to the orginal live recordings, very tinny, and not the best tracks IMHO.

      The extended albums 12″ and Action Replay) i have already and in great quality but something like the megamama thing talked of for the bonus disc is very hard to come by. I have a D/L of that but the vinyl is pretty dirty.

      gary clarke

      February 9, 2011 at 08:21

  2. hi im interested in the 3 cd box set of dream in to action can you let me know when it will be available?…thanks

    rick stevens

    February 24, 2011 at 14:59

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