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Although nobody knows if The Rolling Stones have any plans on touring this year, their music is still ripe for catalogue projects. Two years ago it was the deluxe version of Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out! Last year it was the Exile on Main St. deluxe reissue and some collectible vinyl boxes. And this year it will be a sizable 45-disc box set chronicling all of their singles from 1971 to the present.

Following in the tradition of a few ABKCO CD singles boxes (covering the band’s early material), UMe will release CD Singles 1971-2006 on April 11, collecting all the A and B-sides from the band’s various vinyl and CD singles from Sticky Fingers (the first album fully controlled by the band) to A Bigger Bang. All of the sleeves and labels are reproduced (as all good singles boxes should do), and some 80 rare or unreleased-to-CD tracks will be included, from non-LP tracks to remixes and live tracks.

The box will include a hardcover book featuring liner notes by journalist Paul Sexton and a new interview with former Stones bassist/band archivist Bill Wyman. The set is said to be a limited, numbered edition, although digital downloads will be available, as will a special Record Store Day commemorative single, reproducing the original “Brown Sugar” 45.

Have a look at the order page here and brace yourself for the track list after the jump.

The Rolling Stones, CD Singles 1971-2006 (Rolling Stones/UMe, 2011)

Disc 1: Brown Sugar (Rolling Stones Records RS-19100 (U.K./U.S.), 1971)
  1. Brown Sugar
  2. Bitch
  3. Let It Rock (Live at Leeds)
Disc 2: Wild Horses (Rolling Stones Records RS-19101 (U.S.), 1971)
  1. Wild Horses
  2. Sway

Disc 3: Tumbling Dice (Rolling Stones Records RS-19103 (U.K./U.S.), 1972)

  1. Tumbling Dice
  2. Sweet Black Angel

Disc 4: Happy (Rolling Stones Records RS-19104 (U.S.), 1972)

  1. Happy
  2. All Down the Line

Disc 5: Angie (Rolling Stones Records RS-19105 (U.K./U.S.), 1973)

  1. Angie
  2. Silver Train

Disc 6: Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) (Rolling Stones Records RS-19108 (U.S.), 1973)

  1. Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
  2. Dancing with Mr. D

Disc 7: It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll (Rolling Stones Records RS-19114 (U.K./U.S.), 1974)

  1. It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll
  2. Through the Lonely Nights

Disc 8: Ain’t Too Proud to Beg (Rolling Stones Records RS-19116 (U.S.), 1974)

  1. Ain’t Too Proud to Beg
  2. Dance Little Sister

Disc 9: Fool to Cry (Rolling Stones Records RS-19121 (U.K./U.S.), 1976)

  1. Fool to Cry
  2. Crazy Mama

Disc 10: Hot Stuff (Rolling Stones Records RS-19304 (U.S.), 1976)

  1. Hot Stuff
  2. Fool to Cry

Disc 11: Miss You (Rolling Stones Records EMI 2802 (U.K.)/RS-19307 (U.S.), 1978)

  1. Miss You
  2. Far Away Eyes
  3. Miss You (12″ Version)

Disc 12: Beast of Burden (Rolling Stones Records RS-19309 (U.S.), 1978)

  1. Beast of Burden
  2. When the Whip Comes Down

Disc 13: Respectable (Rolling Stones Records EMI 2861 (U.K.), 1978)

  1. Respectable
  2. When the Whip Comes Down

Disc 14: Shattered (Rolling Stones Records RS-19310 (U.S.), 1978)

  1. Shattered
  2. Everything is Turning to Gold
Disc 15: Emotional Rescue (Rolling Stones Records RSR-105 (U.K.)/RS-20001 (U.S.), 1980)
  1. Emotional Rescue
  2. Down in the Hole

Disc 16: She’s So Cold (Rolling Stones Records RSR-106 (U.K.)/RS-21001 (U.S.), 1980)

  1. She’s So Cold
  2. Send It to Me
Disc 17: Start Me Up (Rolling Stones Records RSR-108 (U.K.)/RS-21003 (U.S.), 1981)
  1. Start Me Up
  2. No Use in Crying

Disc 18: Waiting on a Friend (Rolling Stones Records RSR-109 (U.K.)/RS-21004 (U.S.), 1981)

  1. Waiting on a Friend
  2. Little T&A

Disc 19: Hang Fire (Rolling Stones Records RS-21300 (U.S.), 1981)

  1. Hang Fire
  2. Neighbours

Disc 20: Going to a Go-Go (Live) (Rolling Stones Records RSR-110 (U.K.)/RS-21301 (U.S.), 1982)

  1. Going to a Go-Go (Live)
  2. Beast of Burden (Live)

Disc 21: Time is on My Side (Live) (Rolling Stones Records RSR-111 (U.K.)/RS7-99978 (U.S.), 1982)

  1. Time is on My Side (Live)
  2. Twenty Flight Rock (Live)
  3. Under My Thumb (Live)

Disc 22: Undercover of the Night (Rolling Stones Records RSR-113 (U.K.)/7-99813 (U.S.), 1983)

  1. Undercover of the Night
  2. All the Way Down
  3. Undercover of the Night (Extended Version)
  4. Feel on Baby (Instrumental)
Disc 23: She Was Hot (Rolling Stones Records RSR-114 (U.K.)/PR-574 (U.S.), 1983)
  1. She Was Hot
  2. I Think I’m Going Mad

Disc 24: Too Tough (Rolling Stones Records 7-99724 (U.S.), 1983)

  1. Too Tough
  2. Miss You

Disc 25: Harlem Shuffle (Rolling Stones Records A-6864 (U.K.)/38-05802 (U.S.), 1986)

  1. Harlem Shuffle
  2. Had It with You
  3. Harlem Shuffle (N.Y. Mix)
  4. Harlem Shuffle (London Mix)

Disc 26: One Hit (to the Body) (Rolling Stones Records A-7160 (U.K.), 1986)

  1. One Hit (to the Body)
  2. Fight
  3. One Hit (to the Body) (London Mix)

Disc 27: Mixed Emotions (Rolling Stones Records 655193-7 (U.K.)/38-69008 (U.S.), 1989)

  1. Mixed Emotions
  2. Fancyman Blues
  3. Mixed Emotions (Chris Kimsey’s 12″)
  4. Tumbling Dice
  5. Miss You

Disc 28: Rock and a Hard Place (Rolling Stones Records 655448-2 (U.K.)/38-73057 (U.S.), 1989)

  1. Rock and a Hard Place
  2. Cook Cook Blues
  3. It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll
  4. Rocks Off
Disc 29: Almost Hear You Sigh (Rolling Stones 656065-7 (U.K.), 1989)
  1. Almost Hear You Sigh
  2. Break the Spell
  3. Wish I’d Never Met You
  4. Mixed Emotions
  5. Beast of Burden
  6. Angie
  7. Fool to Cry
  8. Miss You
  9. Waiting for a Friend

Disc 30: Terrifying (Rolling Stones Records 655661-2 (U.K.), 1990)

  1. Terrifying (7″ Remix)
  2. Rock and a Hard Place (7″ Version)
  3. Terrifying (12″ Remix)
  4. Rock and a Hard Place (Dance Mix)
  5. Harlem Shuffle (London Mix)
  6. Wish I’d Never Met You
  7. Harlem Shuffle

Disc 31: Highwire (Columbia 656756-2 (U.K.), 1991)

  1. Highwire (7” Version)
  2. Highwire
  3. Sympathy for the Devil (Live)
  4. I Just Want to Make Love to You (live)
  5. Play with Fire (live)
  6. Factory Girl (live)
Disc 32: Ruby Tuesday (Live) (Columbia 656892-2 (U.K.), 1991)
  1. Ruby Tuesday (Live)
  2. Play with Fire (Live)
  3. Rock and a Hard Place (Live)
  4. Harlem Shuffle (Live)
  5. Winning Ugly VI (London Mix)
  6. Undercover of the Night (Live)

Disc 33: Sex Drive (Columbia 657334-7 (U.K.), 1991)

  1. Sex Drive
  2. Undercover of the Night (Live)

Disc 34: Love is Strong (Virgin VS-1503 (U.K.)/NR-38446 (U.S.), 1994)

  1. Love is Strong
  2. The Storm
  3. So Young
  4. Love is Strong (Bob Clearmountain remix)
  5. Love is Strong (Teddy Riley Radio Remix)
  6. Love is Strong (Teddy Riley Extended Remix)
  7. Love is Strong (Teddy Riley Extended Rock Remix)
  8. Love is Strong (Teddy Riley Dub Remix)
  9. Love is Strong (Joe the Butcher Club Mix)
  10. Love is Strong (Teddy Riley Instrumental)
Disc 35: You Got Me Rocking (Virgin VS-1518 (U.K.)/DPRO-1422 (U.S.), 1994)
  1. You Got Me Rocking
  2. Jump on Top of Me
  3. You Got Me Rocking (Perfecto Mix)
  4. You Got Me Rocking (Sexy Disco Dub Mix)
  5. You Got Me Rocking (Trance Mix)

Disc 36: Out of Tears (Virgin VSCDT-1524 (U.K.)/DPRO-14237 (U.S.), 1994)

  1. Out of Tears (Don Was Edit)
  2. I’m Gonna Drive
  3. Out of Tears (Bob Clearmountain Remix Edit)
  4. So Young
  5. Sparks Will Fly (Radio Clean Version)

Disc 37: I Go Wild (Virgin VSCDX-1539 (U.K.), 1995)

  1. I Go Wild
  2. I Go Wild (Scott Litt Remix)
  3. I Go Wild (Live)
  4. I Go Wild (Luis Resto Straight Vocal Mix)

Disc 38: Like a Rolling Stone (Virgin VSCDT 1562 (U.K.)/V25F-38523 (U.S.), 1995)

  1. Like a Rolling Stone
  2. Black Limousine
  3. All Down the Line
  4. Like a Rolling Stone (Edit)

Disc 39: Anybody Seen My Baby? (Virgin VS-1653 (U.K.)/DPRO-12746 (U.S.), 1997)

  1. Anybody Seen My Baby? (LP Edit)
  2. Anybody Seen My Baby? (Soul Solution Remix Edit)
  3. Anybody Seen My Baby? (Armand’s Rolling Steelo Mix)
  4. Anybody Seen My Baby? (Soul Solution Remix)
  5. Anybody Seen My Baby? (Bonus Roll)
  6. Anybody Seen My Baby?

Disc 40: Saint of Me (Virgin VS-1667 (U.K.)/V25D-38626 (U.S.), 1997)

  1. Saint of Me (radio edit)
  2. Anyway You Look At It
  3. Gimme Shelter (live)
  4. Saint of Me (Deep Dish Grunge Garage Remix Parts 1&2)
  5. Anybody Seen My Baby? (Armand’s Rolling Steelo Mix)
  6. Saint of Me (Deep Dish Grunge Garage Dub)
  7. Saint of Me (Deep Dish Rolling Dub)
  8. Anybody Seen My Baby? (Bonus Roll)
  9. Anybody Seen My Baby? (Phil Jones remix)
  10. Saint of Me (Deep Dish Club Mix)
  11. Saint of Me (Deep Dish Grunge Dub)
  12. Saint of Me (Todd Terry Extended Remix)

Disc 41: Out of Control (Virgin VS-1700 (U.K.), 1998)

  1. Out of Control (Radio Edit)
  2. Out of Control (In Hand with Fluke radio edit)
  3. Out of Control (Bi-Polar at the Controls)
  4. Out of Control (Bi-Polar Outer Version)
  5. Out of Control (In Hand with Fluke Instrumental)
  6. Out of Control (In Hand with Fluke Full Version)
  7. Out of Control (Bi-Polar’s Fat Controller Mix)
  8. Out of Control (Saber Final Mix)

Disc 42: Don’t Stop (Virgin VSCDT-1838 (U.K.), 2005)

  1. Don’t Stop (Edit)
  2. Don’t Stop (New Rock Mix)
  3. Miss You (Remix)

Disc 43: Streets of Love/Rough Justice (Virgin VSCDT-1905 (U.K.), 2005)

  1. Streets of Love
  2. Rough Justice

Disc 44: Rain Fall Down (Virgin VST-1907 (U.K.), 2005)

  1. Rain Fall Down ( Remix)
  2. Rain Fall Down (Radio Edit)
  3. Rain Fall Down (Ashley Beedle’s Heavy Disco Radio Edit)
  4. Rain Fall Down (Ashley Beedle’s Heavy Disco Vocal Re-edit)

Disc 45: Biggest Mistake (Virgin VSCDX-1914 (U.K.), 2006)

  1. Biggest Mistake
  2. Dance Pt. 1 (Live from Paris Olympia 11/07/2003)
  3. Before They Make Me Run (Live from Paris Olympia 11/07/2003)
  4. Hand of Fate (Live from Paris Olympia 11/07/2003)

Disc 1, Tracks 1-2 and all tracks on Disc 2 originally released on Sticky Fingers (Rolling Stones Records, 1971). Disc 1, Track 3 was only included on U.K. single.
All tracks on Discs 3-4 originally released on Exile on Main St. (Rolling Stones Records, 1972).
All tracks on Discs 5-6 originally released on Goats Head Soup (Rolling Stones Records, 1973).
All tracks on Discs 7-8 originally released on It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll (Rolling Stones Records, 1974).
All tracks on Discs 9-10 originally released on Black and Blue (Rolling Stones Records, 1976).
Disc 11, Tracks 1-2, Discs 12-13 and Disc 14, Track 1 originally released on Some Girls (Rolling Stones Records, 1978). Disc 11, Track 3 released on 12″ single (Rolling Stones Recrords 12 EMI 2802 (U.K.)/DK-4609 (U.S.), 1978). Disc 14, Track 2 was a non-LP B-side.
All tracks on Discs 15-16 originally released on Emotional Rescue (Rolling Stones Records, 1980).
All tracks on Discs 17-19 originally released on Tattoo You (Rolling Stones Records, 1981).
Disc 20, Track 1 and all tracks on Disc 21 originally released on “Still Life” (American Concert 1981) (Rolling Stones Records, 1982). Disc 20, Track 2 was a non-LP B-side.
Disc 22, Tracks 1-2, Disc 23, Track 1 and Disc 24, Track 1 originally released on Undercover (Rolling Stones Records, 1983). Disc 22, Tracks 3-4 released as 12″ single (Rolling Stones Records 12 RSR 113 (U.K.)/0-96978 (U.S.), 1983). Disc 23, Track 2 was a non-LP B-side.
Disc 25, Tracks 1-2 and Disc 26, Tracks 1-2 originally released on Dirty Work (Rolling Stones Records, 1986). Disc 25, Tracks 3-4 released as 12″ single (Rolling Stones Records TA-6864 (U.K.)/44-05365 (U.S.), 1986). Disc 26, Track 13 released on 12″ single (Rolling Stones Records TA-7160 (U.K.), 1986).
Disc 27, Track 1, Disc 28, Track 1, Disc 29, Tracks 1-2 and original versions of Disc 30, Tracks 1-4 originally released on Steel Wheels (Rolling Stones Records, 1989). Disc 27, Track 2, Disc 28, Track 2 and Disc 29, Track 3 are non-LP B-sides. Disc 27, Track 3 released on 12″ single (Rolling Stones Records 655193-7 (U.K.)/CAS-1765 (U.S.), 1989). Disc 30, Tracks 3-4 released as 12″ single (Rolling Stones Records 656122-6 (U.K.), 1990).
Disc 31, Tracks 1-3 and 6, Disc 32, Tracks 1 and 3 and Disc 33, Track 1 originally released on Flashpoint (Columbia, 1991). Disc 31, Track 4 released on CD single (Columbia 656756-2 (U.K.), 1991). Disc 31, Track 5 released on CD single (Columbia 656756-5 (U.K.), 1991). Disc 32, Tracks 4-5 released on CD single (Columbia 656892-5 (U.K.), 1991). Disc 32, Track 6 released on CD single (Columbia 656892-2 (U.K.), 1991).
Disc 34, Track 1, Disc 35, Track 1, Disc 36, Track 1 and Disc 37, Track 1 originally released on Voodoo Lounge (Virgin, 1994). Disc 34, Tracks 2-3, Disc 35, Track 2, Disc 36, Tracks 2-3 and 5 and Disc 37, Tracks 2-4 were non-LP B-sides. Disc 34, Track 4 from CD single (Virgin VSCDT-1503 (U.K.), 1994). Disc 34, Tracks 5-10 from CD single (Virgin VSCDX-1503 (U.K.), 1994). Disc 35, Tracks 3-5 released as 12″ single (Virgin VST-1518 (U.K.), 1994).
Disc 38, Tracks 1 and 4 originally released on Stripped (Virgin, 1995).
Original versions of Disc 39-41 (except Disc 40, Tracks 2-3) from Bridges to Babylon (Virgin, 1997). Disc 40, Tracks 2-3 were non-LP B-sides.
Original versions of Discs 42-44 (except Disc 42, Track 3) and Disc 45, Track 1 originally released on A Bigger Bang (Virgin, 2005). Disc 42, Track 3 and Disc 45, Tracks 2-3 are non-LP B-sides.

Written by Mike Duquette

February 9, 2011 at 13:17

15 Responses

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  1. But will we finally get the mono single mix of “Brown Sugar” on this set? ABKCO didn’t include it on volume 3 of their CD singles set. I have a funny feeling it won’t be here, either.


    February 9, 2011 at 13:30

  2. Yipes. That’s a lot of tunes.

    Ever since the London Years Singles Collection came out, I’d hoped for a post-1971 counterpart, ideally in a similar box. Considering all the dance mixes someone (MICK) has authorized, maybe it’s a good thing. While the Rarities set a few years back collected some of the B-sides, they missed a few, and that’s too bad for those of us who don’t have hundreds of dollars to get this.


    February 9, 2011 at 13:30

  3. Dang. I didn’t know there were so many dance and 12″ mixes of Stones songs in the 80s and 90s. Just glancing at the list, it appears at least one song is repeated: “Anybody Seen My Baby? (Bonus Roll)” is on both Disc 39 and Disc 40.


    February 9, 2011 at 14:31

    • As the discs went on, there were a lot of songs from earlier albums that happened to appear as B-sides on later singles. It’s one thing to keep them for preservation purposes, but stuff like that usually bugs me. Those tracks could appear once and most people wouldn’t miss them.

      I have another, overarching gripe somewhat related to this set, but I’m saving it for a post tomorrow. I need to sit in thought long enough.

      Mike Duquette

      February 9, 2011 at 14:37

      • This oughta be good. Looking forward to it!


        February 9, 2011 at 16:06

      • I’m looking forard to this as well. While I’m excited about this set, I’m, frankly, hesitant to put up $300 or so, what with the information available about it still seemingly incomplete.


        February 9, 2011 at 21:04

  4. I’m glad to see “I Think I’m Going Mad” finally released on CD.


    February 9, 2011 at 14:58

  5. I’ve seen several conflicting track listings for this set. In your listing, the single “Too Much Blood” is omitted. In some other track listings(not yours), the extended “Undercover of The Night” is missing.

    Phil Cohen

    February 9, 2011 at 15:20

  6. I would have preferred if this collection was combined on as few discs as possible. I have a 5-disc changer, not a 45-disc changer. All those discs seem inconvenient for how short they are and likely keep the price inflated. It would be a better listening experience to have fewer discs, along with a booklet with photos of all the singles cover art.

    Mark Judkins

    February 9, 2011 at 18:12

    • Yep. Spot on. My cd collection is already so large that many are packed in boxes. The last thing I need is to find homes for 45 cds each with music filling only 10% of the disc’s capacity.

      Bill B

      February 11, 2011 at 07:52

  7. Thank goodness for digital download.


    February 9, 2011 at 23:20

  8. Singles box sets are a tricky one. I have the Michael Jackson Videography set, the Blondie singles collection, and – yes, you can laugh – the Girls Aloud singles box set. To be honest, the Girls Aloud set is my favourite because they collected all the remixes, live tracks, B-sides that were released on collective singles internationally, so each single was more like an ep than a single. It was worth every penny for song selection and packaging.

    I think the Rolling Stones set looks good so far, but way too expensive when some CDs are only two tracks each.


    February 9, 2011 at 23:41

    • i’ve got the 3 Decca/London singles boxes so there’s probably some kind of law saying i have to buy this one too :p


      February 10, 2011 at 04:26

  9. The Sex Drive remixes are missing. Some singles are combined, while some others duplicate things for no reason. It’s by no means complete. I think a 12″ single collection would have been wise; since this is incomplete, it just screws things up.


    February 10, 2011 at 18:40

  10. Well, thanks for this. I was wondering what the rarities were on this w/o all the endless remixes. I count up about 30 songs from your list that are considered ‘rare’. The live stuff is always fascinating. Your research saved a lot of time.


    December 9, 2011 at 18:18

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