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Five Disco Classics Coming from Big Break in April (UPDATED 3/16)

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Big Break Records continues its busy schedule with five new disco and dance titles from the ’70s and ’80s coming to CD on April 25.

The records in question are Open Sesame by Kool & The Gang (which spawned several danceable hits in the title track – heard in Saturday Night Fever – and “Super Band”); Pennye Ford’s Pennye and Yarbrough & Peoples’ Be a Winner, both cut for the Total Experience label in the mid-’80s; and the sole albums by Loose Change and TJM, both of which were produced (and in the latter case, the only album performed) by legendary disco king Tom Moulton (pictured at left).

All the sets are augmented with non-LP tracks and single edits or remixes (although some of the discographical details have been incredibly difficult to nail down – let us know what we might be missing UPDATE: No wonder they were so hard to find! We had the wrong bonus tracks for some. Thanks to everyone who set us straight!) (Corrected) Track lists and pre-order links are after the jump!

Kool & The Gang, Open Sesame: Expanded Edition (Big Break Records CDBBR0045, 2011)

  1. Open Sesame
  2. Gift of Love
  3. Little Children
  4. All Night Long
  5. Whisper Softly
  6. Super Band
  7. L-O-V-E
  8. Sunshine
  9. Open Sesame (12″ Disco Version)
  10. Super Band (Single Version)
  11. Open Sesame (Part 2)

Tracks 1-8 released as De-Lite LP DEP-2023, 1976
Track 9 from De-Lite 12″ single DSD-586, 1976
Track 10 from De-Lite 7″ single DE-1590, 1976
Track 11 from De-Lite 7″ single DEP-1586, 1976

Pennye Ford, Pennye: Expanded Edition (Big Break Records CDBBR0047, 2011)

  1. Feel the Music
  2. Uh Oh, I Made a Mistake
  3. Change Your Wicked Ways
  4. Serious Love
  5. Don’t You Know I Love You
  6. Ready for Love
  7. Dangerous
  8. Never Let You Go
  9. Spend My Time with You
  10. Change Your Wicked Ways (Remix)
  11. Dangerous (Remix No. 1)
  12. Uh Oh, I Made a Mistake (12″ Version)

Tracks 1-9 released as Total Experience LP TEL8-5704, 1984
Tracks 10-11 released as Total Experience 12″ single TED1-2614 (U.S.)/FT-49976 (U.K.), 1984/1985
Track 12 released as Total Experience 12″ A-side TED1-2621 (U.S.), 1985

Yarbrough & Peoples, Be a Winner: Expanded Edition (Big Break Records CDBBR0048, 2o11)

  1. Don’t Waste Your Time
  2. I’m Ready to Jam
  3. I’ll Be There
  4. I Only Love You
  5. Be a Winner
  6. The Power
  7. Who Said That
  8. Let Me Have It (from the Start)
  9. I Gave My All (to You)
  10. Don’t Waste Your Time (12″ Mix)
  11. Be a Winner (12″ Mix)
  12. I Only Love You (12″ Mix)

Tracks 1-9 released as Total Experience LP TEL8-5700, 1984
Track 10 released as Total Experience 12″ A-side TED1-2601 (U.S.)/XET-501 (U.K.), 1984
Track 11 released as Total Experience 12″ A-side TED1-2604, 1984
Track 12 released as Total Experience 12″ B-side TED1-2610, 1984

Loose Change, Loose Change: Expanded Edition (Big Break Records CDBBR0049, 2011)

  1. Babe
  2. All Night Man
  3. Darling, That’s Me
  4. Straight from the Heart
  5. Love is Just a Heartbeat Away
  6. Rising Cost of Love
  7. I Wanna Hold Onto You
  8. Times Will Be Good Again
  9. Working Man (Reprise)
  10. My Place or Your Place
  11. You’ve Never Done It Like That
  12. Straight from the Heart (Single Version)

Tracks 1-9 released as Casablanca LP NBLP-7189, 1979
Tracks 10-11 exact origin unknown
Track 12 released as Casablanca 7″ A-side NB-2219, 1979

Tom Moulton, TJM: Expanded Edition (Big Break Records CDBBR0050, 2011)

  1. I Don’t Need No Music
  2. Put Yourself in My Place
  3. Small Circle of Friends
  4. Am I Dreaming
  5. Storm Warning
  6. Put Yourself in My Place (Single Version)
  7. Am I Dreaming (Single Version)

Tracks 1-4 released as Casablanca LP NBLP-7172, 1979
Track 5 from T.J.M./Loose Change two-fer – KRL CD10 (U.K.), 2001
Track 6 likely from Casablanca 12″ single NBD-20195, 1979
Track 7 exact origin unknown

Written by Mike Duquette

March 16, 2011 at 10:00

3 Responses

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  1. Heads up: The Kool & The Gang bonus tracks listed above are actually Ashford & Simpson bonus tracks.

    The bonus tracks are actually:
    09. OPEN SESAME (12″ Disco Version) *BONUS TRACKS
    10. SUPER BAD (Single Version) *BONUS TRACKS

    The Loose Change and the TJM were released in Japan in the 90’s with the exact same bonus tracks and mastered by TM. We dont really know if the UK CDs will be remastered by TM as the Japan CDs were.

    Donald Cleveland

    March 14, 2011 at 20:22

  2. Great. Another set of classic albums butchered by BBR with horrible remastering.


    March 15, 2011 at 17:54

    • My thoughts exactly.


      March 16, 2011 at 08:40

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