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Short Takes: Sade Compilation Coming, More Nirvana on Record Store Day, Star Trek Box Split Up, More Live Ella Forthcoming

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  • Epic/Legacy will release The Ultimate Collection by Sade on May 3. Intended to tease the band’s long-awaited summer tour, the set will feature tracks from all the band’s albums, from 1984’s Diamond Life to 2010’s Soldier of Love, and will feature three unreleased tracks, including a new remix of Solider track “The Moon and the Sky” featuring rapper Jay-Z. Those who pre-order the set through the band’s official site will get exclusive access to ticket pre-sales for recently-announced dates starting next week. (There’s also an Amazon pre-order listing, for those so inclined.)
  • Chalk up another Nirvana release for Record Store Day: a vinyl reissue of the band’s 1992 EP Hormoaning. Initially only released in limited quantities in Australia and Japan to coincide with the band’s tour there, the disc features two original B-sides (“Aneurysm” and “Even in His Youth,” released on the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” singles) and three covers (Devo’s “Turnaround” and “Molly’s Lips” and “Son of a Gun,” both by The Vaselines) recorded for the BBC in 1990. (Those covers, along with alternate versions of the B-sides, appeared on the Incesticide compilation in the U.S. later that year.
  • If you wanted to sample some of Film Score Monthly’s Star Trek: The Next Generation box set without buying the entire thing, here’s your chance: 12 of the 14 discs of Ron Jones’ music have been released for download on iTunes and Amazon. This Trek message board post features links to all the discs, provided by the set’s co-producer, Neil S. Bulk.
  • A sweet tweet from our friends at Hip-o Select: “If you thought Ella In Hollywood was the last word on unreleased live greatness, hang on we found more: Ella in Japan, coming soon!”

Written by Mike Duquette

March 23, 2011 at 13:45

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