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In Case You Missed Them: Soundtrack Smashes from La-La Land, FSM

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Our apologies for not getting these titles to you earlier, but there’s been a lot of action on the indie soundtrack label front, with two titles announced by Film Score Monthly late last week and three from La-La Land that went on sale yesterday and are selling briskly.

Over at FSM, the label released Friday a short but powerful score to the film Testament, a 1983 drama featuring Jane Alexander as a mother coping with the fallout from a nuclear blast outside their California suburb. The heartbreaking drama, which also starred rising talent Lukas Haas and had turns by then lesser-known actors Kevin Costner and Rebecca de Mornay, featured a stirring, subdued score by James Horner, composed and conducted with a 10-piece ensemble between the sessions for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. The premiere release of this score, recorded onto 1″ 32-track 3M digital master tapes at Walt Disney Studios’ now-defunct scoring Stage A and transferred on one of the world’s remaining 3M multitrack digital machines at Walt Disney Imagineering, is limited to 2,000 copies and sells for $19.95.

The other FSM release is as big as Testament is small: two scores over three discs from Italian composer Piero Piccioni. Piccioni’s style recalls Lalo Schifrin in its blend of traditional Hollywood symphonics and jazz, and the two scores here – 1967’s More Than a Miracle, starring Sophia Loren and Omar Sharif, and 1969’s Kenner – are as action-packed and romantic as they come. The set features a disc of the Kenner score with alternate cues, all complete and in stereo, and two discs’ worth of Miracle, including the complete score, alternates and the original MGM soundtrack LP. There is no limit on this set, priced at a decent $34.95.

Over at La-La Land Records, their three promised releases – the eight-disc Medal of Honor Soundtrack Collection, an expansion of Jerry Goldsmith’s score to First Knight and the DC Showcase scores for Warner Bros. animated DC Universe shorts – have all sold briskly. La-La Land head honcho MV Gerhard posted earlier today that less than 600 of the 2,000 copies of the Medal of Honor box set remained, so we’ll not mince words. Head to the jump to see pre-order links and track information for all these releases!

Piero Piccioni, KennerMore Than a Miracle: Original Motion Picture Soundtracks (Film Score Monthly Vol. 14, No. 7, 2011 – original films released 1968 and 1967)

Disc 1: Kenner

  1. Theme from Kenner (Main Title)
  2. Bombay/A Boy and His Cricket
  3. Saji Meets Kenner
  4. Chase
  5. Kenner Shake
  6. At the Seamen’s Club
  7. At the Seamen’s Club – Part Two
  8. Saji Remembers His Father
  9. Drugged/Ambush/Kenner Pursues Saji
  10. Saji Refuses the New Shoes/Truth About Saji’s Father Revealed/Saji Escapes
  11. Night Ambush and Escape
  12. Saji and Anasuya Visit Injured Kenner/Conversation/Kenner’s Nightmare
  13. Kenner Wakes Up and Remembers/Nocturne
  14. Unused Jazz/Anasuya Comes Back Home/A New Day for Kenner
  15. Happiness
  16. A Beautiful Day
  17. Happiness (Reprise)
  18. Love Scene
  19. Chase and Death of Anasuya
  20. Anasuya’a Ashes
  21. Remembering Anasuya
  22. Shanghai Café
  23. Hot Pursuit
  24. Kenner and Saji Reunited (Finale)/End Title
  25. Love Theme (Introduction)
  26. Indian Music (Sitar)
  27. Love Theme
  28. Kenner Shake (Long Version)
  29. Chase and Death of Anasuya (Alternate Version)
  30. At the Seamen’s Club (Alternate Version)
  31. At the Seamen’s Club (Alternate Mix)
  32. Love Theme

Disc 2: More Than a Miracle (Part I)

  1. “More Than a Miracle” – Roger Williams, His Chorus and Orchestra
  2. Prince Rodrigo
  3. Brother Joseph
  4. Isabella and Rodrigo
  5. Rodrigo Leaves the Monastery
  6. The Chef
  7. Isabella in the Barrel
  8. Isabella and Rodrigo in the Pantry
  9. The Tournament
  10. The Eggs are Bewitched
  11. The Contest
  12. Brother Joseph Comforts Isabella
  13. End Title “More Than a Miracle” – Roger Williams, His Chorus and Orchestra
  14. Main Titles (Prince Rodrigo Theme)
  15. Rodrigo Lost in the Cornfields/Rodrigo Sees Brother Joseph, the Flying Monk
  16. Rodrigo Leaves the Monastery
  17. Rodrigo and Isabella’s First Meeting
  18. Rodrigo Rides a Horse/A New Love’s Birth
  19. Rodrigo Courts Isabella
  20. Isabella’s Sadness/In the Witches’ Realm
  21. Spanish Soldiers’ Arrival/Prince Rodrigo’s Cavalcade Arrives/First Kiss/Isabella’s Revelation and Punishment
  22. Prince Rodrigo Returns to the Castle/Isabella Locked Up in a Barrel/The Barrel Ends Up in the Sea/Isabella Wakes Up
  23. The Tournament/Prince Rodrigo’s Victory
  24. The Chef/The Eggs are Bewitched/The Castle
  25. The Seven Princesses/The Chef (Part 2)
  26. Birth of the Chicks/The Chef (Part 3)/Invasion of the Chicks
  27. Isabella Sees Prince Rodrigo’s Portrait/Prince Rodrigo Searches for Brother Joseph/Brother Joseph’s Funeral
  28. Prince Rodrigo Returns to the Palace

Disc 3: More Than a Miracle (Part II)

  1. Prince Rodrigo Finds Isabella/The Kiss
  2. The Seven Princesses/The Dishwashing Contest/Isabella Loses the Contest/Despaired Isabella Escapes
  3. Brother Joseph Appears to Isabella on the Beach/Brother Joseph Conforts Isabella
  4. Folk Dance (In the Caste Gardens)
  5. Isabella Discovers the Trick/The Truth Revealed/Isabella, the New Princess/Love Triumphs and Finale
  6. Prince Rodrigo Theme
  7. Brother Joseph, the Flying Monk (Alternate)
  8. Isabella and Rodrigo (Love Theme)
  9. Isabella and Rodrigo (Love Theme)
  10. Rodrigo Rides a Horse (Alternates)
  11. Prince Rodrigo Courts Isabella (Alternate)
  12. The Seven Princesses
  13. Brother Joseph, the Flying Monk
  14. Invasion of the Chicks
  15. Prince Rodrigo Theme
  16. Prince Rodrigo Theme (Wild)
  17. Prince Rodrigo Theme
  18. Prince Rodrigo Theme
  19. Isabella and Rodrigo (Love Theme)
  20. Brother Joseph, the Flying Monk
  21. Isabella and Rodrigo (Love Theme)
  22. Prince Rodrigo Theme
  23. Prince Rodrigo Theme
  24. Invasion of the Chicks (Alternate)
  25. Birth of the Chicks
  26. The Witches
  27. Prince Rodrigo Theme
  28. Prince Rodrigo Theme
  29. Prince Rodrigo Theme
  30. Prince Rodrigo Theme
  31. Prince Rodrigo Theme
  32. Prince Rodrigo Theme
  33. Prince Rodrigo Theme
  34. Prince Rodrigo Theme
  35. Prince Rodrigo Theme
  36. Prince Rodrigo Theme/Love Theme
  37. Prince Rodrigo Theme/Love Theme
  38. Isabella and Rodrigo (Love Theme)
  39. Prince Rodrigo Theme
  40. Prince Rodrigo Theme
  41. Prince Rodrigo Theme (Main Title)
  42. 1967 Recording Session

All tracks previously unreleased except Disc 2, Tracks 1-13 – released as MGM Records LP SE-4515-ST, 1967
Music composed by Piero Piccioni/Symphony Orchestra of Rome – conducted by Bruno Nicolai except Disc 2, Track 1 written by Piero Piccioni, Larry Kusik and Eddie Snyder

James Horner, Testament: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Film Score Monthly Vol. 14, No. 8, 2011 – original film released 1983)

  1. Main Title (Main Theme from Testament)
  2. Bike Talk: Dad & Brad/Bike Ride: Dad & Brad/Brad’s Bike Challenge
  3. The Picnic
  4. Liz Plays Pied Piper/Pied Piper Play/Pied Piper Flute/Pied Piper Piano
  5. Pied Piper Curtain
  6. Carol Consoles Liz/Carol Says Goodbye to Neighbor
  7. Mother and Daughter Talk
  8. Carol Bathes Scottie
  9. Brad and Henry Call CQ/Brad and Hiroshi Ride Double
  10. Carol and Priest Graveside/Desire to Live
  11. Hiroshi Hands Teddy to Carol/End Credits
  12. Liz Enjoys Mozart (Bonus Track)
  13. Fania Plays Mozart (Bonus Track)

All tracks previously unreleased.

Various Artists, Medal of Honor: The Soundtrack Collection – Limited Edition (La-La Land Records LLLCD 1159, 2011 – original games released 1999-2010)

Disc 1: Medal of Honor (originally released as Dreamworks 14633, 1999)

  1. Medal of Honor
  2. Locating Enemy Positions
  3. Taking Out the Railgun
  4. Attack on Fort Schmerzen
  5. The Radar Train
  6. Rescuing the G3 Officer
  7. Panzer Attack
  8. Rjuken Sabotage
  9. The U-Boat
  10. Merker’s Salt Mine
  11. Approaching Colditz Castle
  12. Securing the Codebook
  13. Nordhausen
  14. Stopping the V2
  15. The Jet Aircraft Facility
  16. The Road to Berlin
  17. Medal of Honor (Alternate Version)
  18. The Road to Berlin (Radio Broadcast)

Disc 2: Medal of Honor: Underground (originally released as DreamWorks 899020, 2000)

  1. “May 10th, 1940″ (Main Theme)
  2. The Streets of Paris
  3. Amongst the Dead
  4. Fleeing the Catacombs
  5. Panzer Blockade
  6. The Road to Tobruk
  7. Escape from Casablanca
  8. Passage to Iraklion
  9. Labyrinth of the Minotaur
  10. Ascent to the Castle
  11. Last Rites
  12. The Battle of Monte Cassino
  13. The Motorcycle Chase
  14. Returning to Paris
  15. Beneath the City
  16. Each Night He Comes Home to Me
  17. “May 10th, 1940″ (Alternate Version)
  18. Er Lasst Mich Niemals Allein (OSS Radio Broadcast)

Disc 3: Medal of Honor Frontline (originally released as DreamWorks 4021920, 2002)

  1. Operation Market Garden/Storm in the Port
  2. Border Town
  3. U-4902
  4. Shipyards of Lorient/Needle in a Haystack
  5. After the Drop
  6. Kleveburg
  7. Manor House Rally
  8. The Halftrack Chase/Several Bridges Too Far
  9. Nijmegen Bridge
  10. The Rowhouses
  11. Arnhem/Rolling Thunder
  12. Emmerich Station
  13. Thuringer Wald Express
  14. Sturmgeist’s Armored Train/The Hornet’s Nest
  15. Approaching the Tarmac
  16. Clipping Their Wings
  17. Escaping Gotha
  18. The Songless Nightingale

Disc 4: Medal of Honor: Allied AssaultPacific Assault / European Assault (originally released as E.A.R.S./EA downloads, 2005)

  1. Main Theme
  2. North Africa
  3. Schmerzen
  4. Sniper Town
  5. Tiger Tank
  6. Main Theme
  7. Opening
  8. Dear Dad
  9. Boot Camp
  10. No Fear
  11. Pearl Harbor Ending
  12. Battlegrounds
  13. Tarawa
  14. Rein
  15. To Guadalcanal
  16. Reunion
  17. 3 Week Wonder
  18. The Jungle
  19. On Patrol
  20. Dogs of War – Main Title
  21. Operation Chariot
  22. Casualties of War
  23. Redball Express
  24. To Stalingrad
  25. Clearing Tobruk
  26. North Africa
  27. The Desert Rats
  28. “Russia, 1942”
  29. Battle of the Bulge
  30. One Man Can Make a Difference

Disc 5: Medal of Honor: Rising Sun (promo-only release, 2003)

  1. Main Titles *
  2. Taiko Brigade
  3. PT Attack
  4. Deep in Guadalcanal
  5. Stalking the Caves
  6. We’re Hit
  7. Engine Trouble
  8. Requiem for the California
  9. Saving Pearl Harbor
  10. Singapore Docks
  11. Passing the Nevada
  12. Burma
  13. Elephant Battle
  14. March on the Temple
  15. A Prisoner’s Eulogy
  16. Nazi Disguise/Shima’s Speech *
  17. Natives Are Restless
  18. Carrier Deck
  19. Tanaka’s Death/The Hangar
  20. Tank March
  21. Philippines/Zero Attack
  22. Courtyard Strike
  23. Yamashita’s Gold
  24. Incoming!/Aftermath
  25. Jungle Swarm
  26. They Got Donnie
  27. Shell Shock
  28. The Sewers
  29. Shima Escapes
  30. Take Off/Finale
  31. Hymn to Brothers Lost *

* denotes track with themes from previous Medal of Honor releases

Disc 6: Medal of Honor: Airborne (previously released as E.A.R.S./EA download, 2007)

  1. Medal of Honor Airborne (Main Theme)
  2. Operation Husky
  3. Back Alleys
  4. In the Trenches
  5. Restoration Temple
  6. Gunfight in the Ruins
  7. Operation Neptune
  8. Following the Demolition Wires
  9. Room by Room
  10. Unblocking Utah
  11. Operation Varsity
  12. Sniper Showdown
  13. Das Flakturn
  14. Destroying the Fuel Reserves
  15. Dropping Into Nijmegen
  16. Wreckage of Nijmegen
  17. Defusing the Charges
  18. Taking Out the Sighting Tower
  19. Paestum Landing
  20. Medal of Honor Airborne (End Credits)

Disc 7: Medal of Honor (2010)

  1. From Here
  2. Watch Your Corners
  3. Heroes Aboard
  4. Streets of Gardez
  5. The Time is Upon Us
  6. Hunter-Killer
  7. Falling Away
  8. Taking the Field
  9. High Ground
  10. Thirty Seconds Out
  11. The Summit
  12. Paint ‘Em Up
  13. Enemy Down
  14. All Rounds Expended
  15. Send in the Rangers
  16. Tariq’s Plea
  17. Wfo
  18. Final Extraction
  19. H-Hour
  20. Wiyar
  21. Aftermath
  22. Fire
  23. Go Loud
  24. Hindu Kush (Remix)
  25. Last Peel
  26. Mobilize the QRF
  27. Soar
  28. Time to Move
  29. Tower Siege

Disc 8: Bonus tracks – Medal of Honor: Rising Sun / European Assault / Pacific Assault

  1. Chase
  2. Ambush
  3. Counter Attack
  4. Nearing the River
  5. The Speech/Get Ready
  6. Take Cover
  7. Taking the Field
  8. The Riverbed
  9. Storming the Bunker
  10. Hotel Battle
  11. They’re After Us
  12. Taiko Brigade (Alternate)
  13. Invasion Beaches
  14. Expel the Germans
  15. Territorial Gain
  16. Adabold Brectch
  17. Mutual Nemesis
  18. Into the Camps
  19. Secure Defend
  20. Flight Over Stalingrad
  21. The First Mission
  22. Captured Commandos
  23. Follow Holt
  24. Finish the Job
  25. Ambushed
  26. Clear a Path
  27. Continued Alarm
  28. Dogs of War (New)
  29. Fall Back
  30. Fight with Honor
  31. Here They Come
  32. Holt’s Targets
  33. Hurtgen Forest (2:13)
  34. Call to Action (Part 1)
  35. Call to Action (Part 2)
  36. E3 Video
  37. Mission Complete V1
  38. Mission Complete V2
  39. Objectives
  40. The Drop – Intense
  41. The Drop – Safe
  42. Varsity Suspense (Long)
  43. Discovery 2
  44. Final Objective
  45. Allies Win
  46. Axis Wins

All tracks previously released except Discs 7-8
Discs 1-3, Disc 4, Tracks 1-5, Disc 6 and Disc 8, Tracks 34-46 composed by Michael Giacchino
Disc 4, Tracks 6-30, Disc 5 and Disc 8 Tracks 1-33 composed by Christopher Lennertz
Disc 7 composed by Ramin Djawadi

Jerry Goldsmith, First Knight: Limited Edition (La-La Land Records LLLCD 1168, 2011 – original film released 1995)

Disc 1: Original Score

  1. The Legend of Camelot
  2. Raid on Leonesse
  3. True Love/The Ambush/First Sight
  4. Does It Please You/Look At Me
  5. Promise Me
  6. Camelot
  7. Gauntlet Drums
  8. Meet the Queen
  9. The Gauntlet/No Kiss
  10. No Joy/Try Her/Wedding Plans/I Will Fight
  11. Boat Trip
  12. The Cave
  13. Walls of Air
  14. Escape from the Cave
  15. Prove It
  16. A New Life
  17. To Leonesse
  18. Night Battle
  19. Village Ruins
  20. The Kiss
  21. Open the Door/No One Move
  22. Arthur’s Farewell
  23. Never Surrender
  24. Camelot Lives

Disc 2: Original Soundtrack Album and alternates

  1. Arthur’s Fanfare
  2. Promise Me
  3. Camelot
  4. Raid on Leonesse
  5. A New Life
  6. To Leonesse
  7. Night Battle
  8. Village Ruins
  9. Arthur’s Farewell
  10. Camelot Lives
  11. The Ambush/First Sight (Alternate)
  12. Boat Trip (Alternate Segment)
  13. A New Life (Alternate #1)
  14. A New Life (Alternate #2)
  15. To Leonesse (Alternate)
  16. Village Ruins (Alternate)
  17. Never Surrender (Alternate)

All tracks previously unreleased except Disc 2, Tracks 1-10 – released as Epic/Sony Music Soundtrax CD EK 67270, 1995

The Track Team, Original Soundtrack from the DC Showcase Animated Original Shorts (La-La Land Records LLLCD 1172, 2011 – original shorts released 2010)

  1. WB Logo
  2. DC Showcase Main Title
  3. Black Adam
  4. Billy Batson
  5. Looking for Change
  6. Good is Hard
  7. Battle in the City
  8. The Subway Ride/The Wizard Shazam
  9. Back in the City
  10. Shazam!
  11. The Dam
  12. Gods and Ants
  13. Billy’s Had Enough
  14. Tawny’s Reveal
  15. Just One Word
  16. The Return of Black Adam End Credits
  17. Ella’s Rag
  18. Madame Lorraine
  19. Above the Bar, Red Doc Gets Comfortable
  20. Jonah Rides into Town
  21. Madame Lorraine and Jonah
  22. Jonah Takes Care of Business
  23. To the Mine Shaft
  24. Jonah Hex End Credits
  25. Late Again/Tension at the Airport
  26. Assassination Attempt/The Princess…The Queen
  27. The Conveyor Belt
  28. Merlyn and Green Arrow Duel
  29. Safe? (Count Vertigo)
  30. Every Queen Needs a Consort
  31. Green Arrow End Credits
  32. Mr. Brenner Takes a Dip
  33. Corrigan Assesses the Crime Scene
  34. The Surveillance Camera Tapes
  35. Costumes
  36. Squashed
  37. Heading to Mexico
  38. An Old Friend/The Secret
  39. The Spectre End Credits

Tracks 3-16 from Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam
Tracks 17-24 from Jonah Hex
Tracks 25-31 from Green Arrow
Tracks 32-39 from The Spectre

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