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Funky Town Preps Reissues From GQ, Melba Moore, Evelyn “Champagne” King and More

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And the great soul music just keeps on comin’.  Our friends at Funky Town Grooves have announced quite a slate of dance classics sure to keep your feet moving this May.  The varied line-up has been drawn from the vaults of Sony (CBS, Arista and RCA) and EMI (Capitol) and includes both artists new to the label and returning favorites.  In addition, a number of titles are making their first-ever CD debuts and some editions have been expanded with rare dance mixes.  Intrigued?

Ron Banks of The Dramatics sees his 1983 CBS effort Truly Bad rewarded with its first CD release.  On Truly Bad, Banks applies classic soul vocals over modern keyboards and drums.  “Let Love Flow” is a beautiful slow groove while “Make It Easy On Yourself” is a cover of the Burt Bacharach/Hal David standard.  Another CD debut is Beau Williams’ Bodacious.  Williams was another underrated talent from the Capitol soul stable and Bodacious again marries strong vocals to a slick, beat-laden modern production.  Paul Laurence’s 1985 Capitol LP Haven’t You Heard gets the expanded treatment from Funky Town with four rare single cuts, and Melba Moore’s 1986 A Lot of Love, also on Capitol, continues the label’s series of Moore reissues.  A Lot of Love is bolstered by five rare mixes including duets with Freddie Jackson and Kashif.

Like Melba Moore, Evelyn “Champagne” King has been celebrated of late with reissue love from not only Funky Town but also the fine folks at Big Break Records.  Funky Town takes on King’s 1979 RCA Victor LP Music Box and expands it with three 12-inch mixes and one 7-inch.  Also from RCA’s archives comes Fonzi Thornton’s 1983 Pumpin’, which boasts three alternate versions, and Esther Williams’ Inside of Me (1981).

GQ’s 1981 Arista LP Face to Face is also due, adding the non-LP track “Try Smurfin’.”  Face to Face is another stellar blend of Chicago soul and disco beats from the Bronx group.

Hit the jump for full track listings and discographical information as well as pre-order links for the entire Funky Town slate for May!  The release dates may vary by title, and while we have provided Amazon links below where available, all titles can also be obtained direct from the source.  Just pay a visit to!

Ron Banks, Truly Bad (CBS FZ 39148, 1983 – reissued Funky Town Grooves FTG-244, 2011)

  1. Truly Bad
  2. Let Love Flow
  3. She’s So Good To Me
  4. Zap
  5. Make It Easy On Yourself
  6. This Love Is For Real
  7. You And Me

GQ, Face to Face (Arista AL-9547, 1981 – reissued Funky Town Grooves FTG-247, 2011) – 5/27

  1. Shake
  2. You Put Some Love In My Life
  3. Shy Baby
  4. Sad Girl
  5. I Love (the Skin You’re In)
  6. Boogie Shoogie Feelin’
  7. Dark Side Of The Sun
  8. Face To Face
  9. You’ve Got The Floor
  10. Try Smurfin’ – (Arista AS-1020 or CP-724, 1982)*

* 7-inch or 12-inch currently unknown

Evelyn “Champagne” King, Music Box: Expanded Edition (RCA Victor AFL1-3033, 1979 – reissued Funky Town Grooves FTG-246, 2011) – 5/27

  1. Music Box
  2. Let’s Start All Over Again
  3. Out There
  4. No Time For Fooling Around
  5. Steppin’ Out (Part I)
  6. Steppin’ Out (Part Ii)
  7. Make Up Your Mind
  8. I Think My Heart Is Telling
  9. It’s OK
  10. Music Box – 12-inch Version (RCA Victor single PD-11587, 1979)
  11. Out There – 12-inch Version (RCA Victor single JD-11681, 1979)
  12. Make Up Your Mind – 12-inch Version (RCA Victor single JD-11681, 1979))
  13. Out There – 7-inch Version(RCA Victor single JH-11680, 1979)

Paul Laurence, Haven’t You Heard: Expanded Edition (Capitol ST-12407, 1985 – reissued Funky Town Grooves FTG-236)

  1. Strung Out
  2. She’s Not A Sleaze (with Lillo Thomas & Freddie Jackson)
  3. You Hooked Me
  4. Good & Plenty
  5. Racism!!!
  6. Haven’t You Heard
  7. There Ain’t Nothin’ (Like Your Lovin’)
  8. I’m Sensitive
  9. Strung Out (international version) (Capitol single V-15224, 1985)
  10. She’s Not A Sleaze (with Lillo Thomas & Freddie Jackson) (Extended Mix) (Capitol (Europe) 1A 064-24 0475 1, 1985)
  11. Strung Out (Extended Dance Mix) (Capitol (U.K.) 12CL393, 1985)
  12. You Hooked Me (Single Edit) (Capitol SPRO-9570, 1985)

Melba Moore, A Lot of Love: Expanded Edition (Capitol ST-12471, 1986 – reissued Funky Town Grooves FTG-235, 2011)

  1. There I Go Falling In Love Again
  2. It’s Been So Long
  3. I’m Not Gonna Let You Go
  4. Love The One I’m With (with Kashif)
  5. You Trip Me Out
  6. A Little Bit More (with Freddie Jackson)
  7. Falling
  8. Stay
  9. When We Touch (It’s Like Fire)
  10. Don’t Go Away
  11. Love The One I’m With (with Kashif) (Extended Remix) (Capitol SPRO-9776, 1986)
  12. I’m Not Gonna Let You Go (Remix) (Capitol single SPRO-79051, 1986)
  13. It’s Been So Long (Extended Remix) (Capitol single V-15280, 1986)
  14. Love The One I’m With (with Kashif) (club mix) (Capitol SPRO-9776, 1986)
  15. A Little Bit More (with Freddie Jackson) (radio edit) (Capitol single V-15256, 1986)

Fonzi Thornton, Pumpin’: Expanded Edition (RCA Victor NFL-1-8035, 1983 – reissued Funky Town Grooves FTG-243, 2011)

  1. Pumpin’
  2. Rock My Heart, Rock My World
  3. A Natural (Yesirree)
  4. Every Nite
  5. Playmate
  6. In The Doghouse
  7. Tantalizin’ Me
  8. I’m A Rich Man Now
  9. A Natural (Yesirree) (Dub Version) (RCA Victor JD-13854, 1984)
  10. Rock My Heart, Rock My World (Extended Version) (RCA Victor single PW-13948, 1984)
  11. Rock My Heart, Rock My World (Dub Version II) (RCA Victor single PW-13948, 1984)

Beau Williams, Bodacious (Capitol ST-12344, 1984 – reissuied Funky Town Grooves FTG-239, 2011) – 5/6 or 6/21 per Amazon?

  1. Don’t Say No
  2. The Last Time I Made Love
  3. C’est La Vie
  4. Danger Zone
  5. Dark and Lovely Nights
  6. You Are The One
  7. Slave
  8. You Do It

Esther Williams, Inside of Me (RCA Victor AFL1-4023, 1981- reissued Funky Town Grooves FTG-248, 2011) – 5/27

  1. I’ll Be Your Pleasure
  2. Inside Of Me
  3. Make It With You
  4. You Are The Spice Of My Life
  5. You Can Use It
  6. Ready For Love
  7. Who Said It Was Wrong
  8. You Can Have It All

Written by Joe Marchese

April 27, 2011 at 10:07

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