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Dusty Springfield’s Lana Sisters Years Compiled By RPM

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At last, the remaining piece of the Dusty Springfield puzzle hits CD.  On May 23, Cherry Red label RPM will reissue the complete recordings of The Lana Sisters, the late-fifties girl group formed by Ris Chantelle, Lynne Abrams and Mary Catherine O’Brien, later to find fame as soul queen Dusty Springfield.  Between 1958 and 1960, The Lana Sisters released seven singles on the U.K.’s Fontana label, all of which are included on RPM’s Chantelly Lace: Complete Singles Plus Bonus Tracks.

Despite their brief time in the limelight, The Lana Sisters had an impressive CV, touring with Cliff Richard, Adam Faith and famed British comedians Morecambe and Wise.  They were part of Tommy (Half a Sixpence) Steele’s Spectacular Christmas program, and appeared with Faith and his musical director John Barry on the BBC’s Drumbeat.  “Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Back Seat” came close to hit status, and was featured on the Steele program as well as reaching the Top Ten in Ireland.  Still, major success was elusive for The Lana Sisters, and Mary left the group in 1960 to join her brother Dion O’Brien and his friend Tim Field to form folk-pop trio The Springfields.  Dion became Tom Springfield, Mary became Dusty, and the rest became history!  (RPM has previously anthologized The Springfields’ career as RETROCD820, On an Island of Dreams: The Complete Philips U.K. Recordings, which is well worth seeking out for those interested in Dusty’s formative style.)  While with The Springfields, Dusty met producer Johnny Franz of Philips, who would play a pivotal role in her solo years.

RPM rounds out its Lana Sisters anthology with choice bonus material.  Both sides of five 1965-1966 singles by The Chantelles are included; Ris Chantelle formed the group with Sandra Orr and Jay Adams after the break-up of The Lana Sisters.  They were introduced in the film Dateline Diamonds, sharing the screen with Kiki Dee!  “London Is My Home Town” became a favorite thanks to Radio London, and “There’s Something About You” is a Northern Soul classic today.  “I Want That Boy” bears the production influence of Phil Spector.  The final two tracks are performances by Nola York, a later member of The Chantelles who also enjoyed some success in the West End theatre scene.

Hit the jump for the complete track listing, pre-order link and discographical annotation.

Chantelly Lace: Complete Singles Plus Bonus Tracks hits stores in the U.K. on May 23 and will arrive in the U.S. shortly thereafter.

The Lana Sisters, Chantelly Lace: Complete Singles Plus Bonus Tracks (RPM RETRO896, 2011)

  1. Ring A My Phone
  2. Chimes Of Arcady
  3. Buzzin’
  4. Cry, Cry Baby
  5. Mister Dee Jay
  6. Tell Him No
  7. (Seven Little Girls) Sitting In The Back Seat
  8. Sitting On The Sidewalk
  9. My Mother’s Eyes
  10. You’ve Got What It Takes
  11. Someone Loves You Joe
  12. Tintarella Di Luna (Magic Colour Of The Moonlight)
  13. Two Some
  14. Down South
  15. London My Home Town
  16. I Want That Boy
  17. Sticks And Stones
  18. The Secret Of My Success
  19. Gonna Get Burned
  20. Gonna Give Him Some Love
  21. I Think Of You
  22. Please Don’t Kiss Me
  23. There’s Something About You
  24. Just Another Fool
  25. Another Time Another World
  26. Cos I Love You

Tracks 1-14 performed by the Lana Sisters, Tracks 15-24 performed by The Chantelles, Tracks 25-26 performed by Nola York

Tracks 1-2 from Fontana single H 148, 1958
Tracks 3-4 from Fontana single H 176, 1969
Tracks 5-6 from Fontana single H 190, 1959
Tracks 7-8 from Fontana single H 221, 1959
Tracks 9-10 from Fontana single H 235, 1960
Tracks 11-12 from Fontana single H 252, 1960
Tracks 13-14 from Fontana single H 283, 1960
Tracks 15-16 from Parlophone single R 5271, 1965
Tracks 17-18 from Parlophone single R 5303, 1965
Tracks 19-20 from Parlophone single R 5350, 1965
Tracks 21-22 from Parlophone single R 5431, 1966
Tracks 23-24 from Polydor single 56119, 1966
Tracks 25-26 discographical information TBA

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April 29, 2011 at 10:37

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  1. […] early stint as a member of The Lana Sisters, though that group’s complete output has just been compiled by RPM.  Many fan favorites are absent due to the set’s organization; there was no place for “Just a […]

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