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Six John Barry Scores Boxed Digitally By Silva Screen

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John Barry may have passed away in January, but the film score titan has hardly been forgotten.  Kritzerland just scored a quick sell-out on its new edition of Barry’s score to Until September, while Quartet Records has reissued The Knack…and How to Get It on CD.  The Classic Brit Awards has announced that Barry will be the first-ever posthumous recipient of an award, while a June 20 concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall will celebrate his legacy with performances and remembrances from Sir George Martin, Michael Caine, David Arnold, Don Black, Timothy Dalton and others.

Silva Screen Records draws on its back catalogue for the new digital release John Barry: The Classic Scores.  The more classically-oriented oeuvre of the five-time Oscar winner is the focus of this digital-only collection which features re-recordings by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra of six Barry scores:  the Oscar-winning The Lion in Winter (1968), Mary Queen Of Scots (1971), Robin and Marian (1976), The Last Valley (1971), Walkabout (1971) and Zulu (1964).

John Barry: The Classic Scores is available beginning May 3 from Silva Screen Records and can be purchased on iTunes and and Napster, among others.  Hit the jump for the complete track listing of all six scores.

John Barry, The Classic Scores (Silva Screen SILED1246, 2011)

The Lion in Winter (1968, recorded 2001)

  1. The Lion in Winter
  2. Allons, Gai, Gai
  3. Richard’s Joust/Geoffrey’s Battle
  4. Chinon/Eleanor’s Arrival
  5. Fanfare For Philip/The Great Hall Feast
  6. The Herb Garden
  7. To The Chapel
  8. Eya, Eya, Nova Gaudia
  9. How Beautiful You Made Me
  10. God Damn You
  11. The Christmas Wine
  12. To Rome
  13. Medie Vita In Morte Sumus
  14. We’ re All Jungle Creatures

Mary, Queen of Scots (1971, recorded 2001)

  1. Mary, Queen Of Scots
  2. Elizabeth’s Ride
  3. Vivre Et Mourir
  4. Not Through My Realm
  5. Mary and Darnley
  6. This Way Mary – Mary’s Theme

Robin and Marian (1976, recorded 2001)

  1. Main Title
  2. The Ride To Sherwood/The Ride To Nottingham
  3. Robin and Marian/Fight and Recognition/”He Was My King”
  4. Dawn in Sherwood
  5. Over the Wall/Escape
  6. First Love Theme
  7. Trapped
  8. Nuns
  9. In the Church/This Way
  10. Second Love Theme
  11. The Ride To Sherwood/The Ride To Nottingham
  12. In Position/Preparation For Battle
  13. Third Love Theme
  14. The Fight Must Go On
  15. John Bursts In/The End

The Last Valley (1971, recorded 2001)

  1. Main Titles Part 1
  2. The Rape of Khutai
  3. The Plague Pit
  4. Entry Into The Last Valley
  5. “Why Not Winter In The Valley?”/The Death Of Eskesen
  6. An Evening Song
  7. Captain Meets Erica/Winning Erica
  8. The Villagers Fight for the Shrine
  9. The Priest Prays for Guidance/The Shrine
  10. Vogel’s Dream/The Last Valley
  11. The Giving Away of the Women/An Offertory Chant
  12. Hansen Tries To Murder Captain
  13. A Children’s Song
  14. Graf Returns/Mountain Skirmish/The Village Attack
  15. Departure For Rhinefelden
  16. A Christmas Song
  17. Witchcraft/Erica Is Burned at the Stake
  18. Vogel Leaves the Valley
  19. Night Battle At Rhinefelden
  20. Death of Captain/End Title
  21. The Last Valley – Main Titles Part 2

Walkabout (1971, recorded 2001)

  1. Walkabout/Main Title
  2. The Children
  3. Stranded
  4. Night in the Outback
  5. Survival Test/The Journey
  6. The Three Of Us
  7. Together At Sunrise
  8. The Deserted Settlement/The Final Dance
  9. Back To Nature

Zulu (1964, recorded 1999)

  1. Theme/Isandhlwana
  2. Titles/News of the Massacre/Rorke’s Drift Threatened
  3. Bromhead’s Safari/Wagons Over
  4. You’re All Going To Die
  5. First Zulu Appearance And Assault
  6. Men of Harlech
  7. Durnford’s Horses Arrive and Depart/The Third Assault
  8. Zulu’s Final Appearance And Salute
  9. Men of Harlech/End Title

Written by Joe Marchese

May 2, 2011 at 14:29

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