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Lalo Schifrin Score To Gene Roddenberry Flick Arrives From FSM

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Argentinian composer Lalo Schifrin has never been one to be boxed into any single genre.  He created one of the most memorable television themes of all time with his “Mission: Impossible,” recorded jazz albums for labels like Verve and Creed Taylor’s CTI, and scored innumerable films, racking up six Oscar nominations in the process.  Now, after the recent release by Quartet Records of Schifrin’s score to Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You, another one of living legend Schifrin’s most unknown scores is being issued by Film Score Monthly in a new, complete edition.  1971’s Pretty Maids All In A Row was the first theatrical film written and produced by the creator of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry.  But it wasn’t a science-fiction epic.  Always one interested in relevant topics, Roddenberry devised Pretty Maids, based on Francis Pollini’s novel, as a commentary on the then-current sexual revolution.  His choice to direct was inspired.  Acclaimed French filmmaker (and Jane Fonda’s then-husband) Roger Vadim, no stranger to films dealing with sexual mores, made his American directorial debut.  The (very) black comedy took place at a California high school, with Rock Hudson starring as a married guidance counselor and football coach who offers much more than mere guidance.  Hudson’s Michael “Tiger” McDrew also has the habit of sleeping with his students – and oh yeah, he might just be a serial killer, too, when many of his young female charges start turning up dead!

Opposite Hudson was bombshell Angie Dickinson as a substitute teacher at Oceanfront High, and Telly Savalas of Kojak fame as the police captain investigating the murders.  Keenan Wynn portrayed another member of the police force while James Doohan, forever Star Trek’s Scotty, was beamed up for an appearance, too.  Schifrin’s score was intense and moody, prominently employing Fender Rhodes piano and cimbalom.  However, the film also called for a large amount of source music which gave him the chance to compose in a groovy pop style.  He even co-wrote “Chilly Winds” with lyricist Mike Curb for the main title, and the song was performed by The Osmonds!

Film Score Monthly’s limited edition of 1,000 copies contains Schifrin’s complete score including music not actually heard in the film’s final cut.  Jeff Bond and Alexander Kaplan contribute liner notes including track-by-track annotations.  It is available for order now at Screen Archives for $19.95 plus shipping.  Hit the jump for the complete track listing and order link!  Track samples are available at the link.

Lalo Schifrin, Pretty Maids All In A Row: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Film Score Monthly FSM1411, 2011)

  1. Chilly Winds (Main Title) – The Osmonds
  2. Ponce/Ponce (Alternate)/Chilly Winds
  3. Campus Pop Source
  4. Jean/Chilly Winds/Chilly Winds
  5. Tiger Source
  6. Tiger Source – Continued
  7. Check Your Queen
  8. Yvonne/The Other Tiger/Lecture on Love
  9. Radio Source No. 1
  10. Miss Smith’s Apartment (Source No. 1)
  11. Miss Smith’s Apartment (Source No. 2)
  12. Radio Source No. 2
  13. Is He Gone?/So Long, Honey/Chilly Winds
  14. Tiger Fini/In Memoriam
  15. Chilly Winds (End Title) – The Osmonds
  16. Chilly Winds (Main Title, Alternate)
  17. Chilly Winds (End Title, Alternate)

Written by Joe Marchese

June 7, 2011 at 10:17

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