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La-La Land Preps Reissues for Goldsmith and Trevor Jones Plus Titles for Comic-Con

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La-La Land Records released its newest titles yesterday featuring some A-list composers – all the while, as always, amid speculation for their next releases at the San Diego Comic-Con.

This week’s releases were Bad Girls by Jerry Goldsmith and The Sender by Trevor Jones. Bad Girls, a Western about a quartet of prostitutes (Andie MacDowell, Drew Barrymore, Mary Stuart Masterson and Madeline Stowe) on the run in Texas after a justifiable homicide and subsequent jailbreak. The score boasted the kind of action material (this time with a natural Western twist) that Goldsmith was already legendary for, and this release greatly expands the original Fox Records CD, which ran just under 40 minutes. Meanwhile, The Sender is an early horror score from Trevor Jones, the South African composer who’d later become famous for scores to Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal (1982) and Labyrinth (1986) as well as 1992’s The Last of the Mohicans.

These two titles are La-La Land’s last for a month; the next three will be announced on July 19, but they will be available first at the San Diego Comic-Con that weekend (July 21-24) before being offered for the general public on August 2. Fan speculation is, as always, rampant; the label’s Comic-Con batch last year included excellent expansions of the scores to Krull (1983) and Tim Burton’s Batman (1989). There has been semi-official confirmation that Elliot Goldenthal’s score to Batman Forever (1995) will get an expanded release this year – but its status as Comic-Con title has been debunked by Goldenthal’s Facebook page, which puts the release on track for October. While this may be disappointing for some, that means there are even more titles worthy of such a major announcement in the pipeline!

Bad Girls is limited to 3,000 copies, while The Sender caps out at half of that – 1,500 units. Track lists and ordering info are after the jump.

Jerry Goldsmith, Bad Girls: Original Motion Picture Score – Limited Edition (La-La Land Records LLLCD 1169, 2011 – original film released 1994)

  1. The John
  2. The Hanging
  3. Which Way? *
  4. The Snake
  5. The Saw Mill *
  6. Keep Moving *
  7. Bank Job **
  8. The Gang/The Posse *
  9. Return to the Fold *
  10. Don’t Hurt Me *
  11. Jail Break
  12. No Money
  13. The Guests *
  14. Welcome to My Home *
  15. The Pleasure of Your Company *
  16. Ambush
  17. What’s Your Name? *
  18. The Claim *
  19. Together *
  20. I Shot Him **
  21. Put It On *
  22. River Crossing *
  23. Rescued *
  24. Josh’s Death
  25. No Bullets
  26. My Land/End Credits

* denotes previously unreleased track. ** denotes track that contains previously unreleased material.

Trevor Jones, The Sender: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Limited Edition (La-La Land Records LLLCD 1137, 2011 – original film released 1982)

  1. Main Titles
  2. The Intruder
  3. Attempted Suicide
  4. Gail and the Sender (Main Theme)
  5. The Necklace is Found
  6. Night Time Medication
  7. Journey to the Clinic
  8. The Parting
  9. Gail Returns Home
  10. Gail Encounters Jerolyn/Night Pursuit/Car Chase
  11. The Cabin
  12. End Credits

All tracks previously unreleased.

Written by Mike Duquette

June 22, 2011 at 13:18

Posted in News, Reissues, Soundtracks

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