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La-La Land Plans Some Golden Surprises

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Reissue enthusiasts have often felt the sting of delays. One of our favorite soundtrack labels, La-La Land Records, announced today that the same sting had fallen upon them – but in the process, teased some great gems coming from the label in the future.

As previously reported, La-La Land was gearing up several special soundtrack titles for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con later this month. (That same celebration gave fans expansions of the scores to Krull and Batman last year.) One of the titles was oft-rumored to be an expansion of Elliot Goldenthal’s score to Batman Forever, but that title was later allegedly pushed back to the fall.

Ultimately, the planned titles for Comic-Con hit enough delays for the label to realize that they would not be ready in time. So label head MV Gerhard surprised fans by announcing not only one title to ship next week, but four other titles in the pipeline for 2011.

And what are those titles? Hit the jump to find out!

Next week, La-La Land will release an expansive set for the music to The Golden Child. The 1986 comedy, about a social worker tasked to save a magical child in Tibet, was a major departure for its star, Eddie Murphy, embarking on his first family-friendly role. The film score was mostly composed by Michel Colombier, who had composed the synth-based scores for Against All Odds and Purple Rain in 1984 and would do the same for White Nights in 1985. But Colombier came aboard after creative disagreements with the original composer, the legendary John Barry. Very brief portions of Barry’s score were included in the film and its soundtrack, but this set will feature both composers’ complete scores across three discs. The 5,000-unit limited edition is ready to order next Tuesday, at which point a track list will be available.

But that’s not all! What other titles did Gerhard tease for the coming year?

  • The previously-all-but-confirmed Expanded Archival Collection of Goldenthal’s Batman Forever (1995)
  • An Expanded Archival Collection release for Forever Young, a 1992 film featuring not only an early writing credit for J.J. Abrams but a lauded score by Jerry Goldsmith
  • A three-disc set of music for the cult FOX television classic Space: Above and Beyond, whose themes were written by the late, great TV composer Shirley Walker
  • A double-disc expansion of the soundtrack to 1941, Steven Spielberg’s 1979 World War II comedy, naturally composed by John Williams

Holy cow! What a list! Stay tuned to The Second Disc for updates on all these titles as they happen!

Written by Mike Duquette

July 5, 2011 at 17:47

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  1. Pretty damned sweet! 🙂

    The Thorn

    July 6, 2011 at 09:46

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