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Now Sounds Continues Its Association “Renaissance” With Expanded Mono Edition

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If you cherish The Association, you’re in for a treat!  August 29 will bring the release of the group’s second long-player, Renaissance, in an expanded mono edition.  It’s indeed been a bit of a renaissance for The Association thanks to Now Sounds’ continuing series which launched with Birthday (The Association’s 1968 pop masterwork) and back-tracked to And Then…Along Comes The Association, their debut album.  The original twelve-track album, produced by Jerry Yester on the Valiant label, will be augmented by a generous ten bonus tracks!

Despite following the album that contained both “Cherish” and “Along Comes Mary,” Renaissance defied convention at nearly every turn.  Gone was Curt Boettcher, the eccentric, cult-favorite producer who guided that first LP to such great success.  Renaissance was entirely written by members of the band, and the lead single was perhaps the oddest item in the Association’s history.  Perhaps it was inevitable that Renaissance stalled at No. 34 on the LP charts, far beneath And Then’s No. 5 placing.  But the artistic risk-taking on the album paid off and arguably paved the way for even bigger hits to come for Jim Yester, Brian Cole, Ted Bluechel, Jr., Gary (Jules) Alexander, Terry Kirkman and Russ Giguere.  Hit the jump for the story behind this fascinating album! Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Joe Marchese

July 14, 2011 at 18:05

Mayall’s Bluesbreakers Coming Back to CD, LP from Sundazed

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Speaking of vinyl reissues, Sundazed has got three coming from John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers at the end of August.

Mayall certainly had an ear for talent, as these three albums certainly prove. Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton, released 45 years ago this month, remains a pivotal moment for both Mayall and the 21-year-old ex-Yardbird, whose work on the first Bluesbreakers album earned him that immortal “Clapton is God” graffiti tag. But Slowhand’s not the only genius afoot: the standard Bluesbreakers lineup included bassist John McVie in its ranks, and Mayall recruited guitarists Peter Green for A Hard Road and Mick Taylor for Crusade. (Green, McVie and onetime Mayall drummer Mick Fleetwood would go on to form Fleetwood Mac.)

All of these albums have seen compact disc releases before with various configurations of bonus tracks, but the draw here is that A Hard Road and Crusade are being mastered for CD, in addition to the LP reissues, from the original U.K. mono mix for the first time anywhere. So if you’re a fan of great U.K. blues, these are ones to pick up. You can do that here and expect them in stock on August 30.

Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton (originally released as Decca LK-4804 (U.K.)/London LL-3492 (U.S.), 1966 – reissued Sundazed SC-6273/LP-5371, 2011)

  1. All Your Love
  2. Hideaway
  3. Little Girl
  4. Another Man
  5. Double Crossing Time
  6. What’d I Say
  7. Key to Love
  8. Parchman Farm
  9. Have You Heard
  10. Ramblin’ on My Mind
  11. Steppin’ Out
  12. It Ain’t Right

A Hard Road (originally released as Decca LK-4853 (U.K.)/London LL-3502 (U.S.), 1967 – reissued Sundazed SC-6274/LP-5372, 2011)

  1. A Hard Road
  2. It’s Over
  3. You Don’t Love Me
  4. The Stumble
  5. Another Kind of Love
  6. Hit the Highway
  7. Leaping Christine
  8. Dust My Blues
  9. There’s Always Work
  10. The Same Way
  11. The Supernatural
  12. Top of the Hill
  13. Someday After a While (You’ll Be Sorry)
  14. Living Alone

Crusade (originally released as Decca LK-4890 (U.K.)/London PS-529 (U.S.), 1967 – reissued Sundazed SC-6275/LP-5373, 2011)

  1. Oh Pretty Woman
  2. Stand Back Baby
  3. My Time After a While
  4. Snowy Wood
  5. Man of Stone
  6. Tears in My Eyes
  7. Driving Sideways
  8. The Death of J.B. Lenoir
  9. I Can’t Quit You Baby
  10. Streamline
  11. Me and My Woman
  12. Checkin’ Up on My Baby

Written by Mike Duquette

July 14, 2011 at 13:23

In Case You Missed It: UFO Lands in Budget Box from EMI

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The latest of EMI’s ongoing budget box sets should be of particular interest for fans of early hard rock group UFO: a vault-vacuuming set of the band’s early material for Chrysalis Records.

UFO are now a respectable name among rock and metal fans, but the band’s early experimental material for Beacon Records only earned them modest success in other parts of Europe and Asia. When the band added 18-year-old former Scorpions guitarist Michael Schenker to the group, however, a cleaner but no less heavy sound was built. And chart success came with it: the band’s critical and commercial acclaim was highest with 1977’s Lights Out. The band would stay with Chrysalis with alternating band members throughout the ’80s (Schenker left to form his own eponymous group), but the music continues to live on among classic rock fans.

EMI’s The Chrysalis Years compilation does a good job of showing off that influence, compiling the band’s first six albums for the label (from 1974’s Phenomenon to 1979’s live Strangers in the Night) as well as a great amount of bonus material, including single edits and unreleased live cuts (including BBC sessions and a whole unreleased show from 1974). While all the bonus tracks on the label’s 2007-2008 reissues aren’t included, it’s a hell of a primer for the new fan who wants a lot of material – and a considerable bargain, given its modest packaging.

The Chrysalis Years came out this past Monday in the U.K., and you can order it here. The full track list is after the jump. (Thanks to reader George for the tip!)

UFO, The Chrysalis Years (EMI 50999 028805 2 5 (U.K.), 2011)

Disc 1: Phenomenon and bonus material

  1. Give Her the Gun
  2. Sweet Little Thing
  3. Oh My
  4. Crystal Light
  5. Doctor Doctor
  6. Space Child
  7. Rock Bottom
  8. Too Young to Know
  9. Time on My Hands
  10. Built for Comfort
  11. Lipstick Traces
  12. Queen of the Deep
  13. Doctor Doctor (Single Edit)
  14. Rock Bottom (Bob Harris Session – 10/28/1974)
  15. Time on My Hands (Bob Harris Session – 10/28/1974)
  16. Give Her the Gun (Bob Harris Session – 10/28/1974)

Disc 2: Live at the Electric Ballroom, Atlanta – 11/5/1974 and Force It

  1. Oh My
  2. Doctor Doctor
  3. Built for Comfort
  4. Give Her the Gun
  5. Cold Turkey
  6. Space Child
  7. Rock Bottom
  8. Prince Kujuku
  9. Let It Roll
  10. Shoot Shoot
  11. High Flyer
  12. Love Lost Love
  13. Out in the Street

Disc 3: more Force It, More Heavy Petting and Obsession

  1. Mother Mary
  2. Too Much of Nothing
  3. Dance Your Life Away
  4. This Kid’s (Including ‘Between the Walls’)
  5. Natural Thing
  6. I’m a Loser
  7. Can You Roll Her
  8. Belladonna
  9. Reasons Love
  10. Highway Lady
  11. On with the Action
  12. A Fool in Love
  13. Martian Landscape
  14. Too Hot to Handle
  15. Just Another Suicide
  16. Try Me
  17. Lights Out

Disc 4: more Lights Out, Obsession and bonus material

  1. Gettin’ Ready
  2. Alone Again
  3. Electric Phase
  4. Love to Love
  5. Try Me (Single Remix)
  6. Too Hot to Handle (John Peel Session – 6/27/1977)
  7. Lights Out (John Peel Session – 6/27/1977)
  8. Try Me (John Peel Session – 6/27/1977)
  9. Only You Can Rock Me
  10. Pack It Up (and Go)
  11. Arbory Hill
  12. Ain’t No Baby
  13. Lookin’ Out for No. 1
  14. Hot ‘N’ Ready
  15. Cherry
  16. You Don’t Fool Me
  17. Lookin’ Out for No. 1 (Reprise)
  18. One More for the Rodeo
  19. Born to Lose
  20. Only You Can Rock Me (Single Version)

Disc 5: Strangers in the Night and bonus material

  1. Natural Thing (Live)
  2. Out in the Street (Live)
  3. Only You Can Rock Me (Live)
  4. Doctor Doctor (Live)
  5. Mother Mary (Live)
  6. This Kid’s (Live)
  7. Love to Love (Live)
  8. Lights Out (Live)
  9. Rock Bottom (Live)
  10. Too Hot to Handle (Live)
  11. I’m a Loser (Live)
  12. Let It Roll (Live)
  13. Shoot Shoot (Live)
  14. Doctor Doctor (Live) (Single Edit)
  15. On with the Action (Live)

Disc 1, Tracks 1-2 released as Chrysalis single CHS-2024 (U.K.), 1973
Disc 1, Tracks 3-12 released as Phenomenon – Chrysalis LP CHR-1059, 1974
Disc 1, Track 13 was A-side of Chrysalis single CHS-2040 (U.K.), 1974
Disc 1, Tracks 14-16, Disc 2, Tracks 1-8 and Disc 4, Tracks 6-8 previously unreleased
Disc 2, Tracks 9-13 and Disc 3, Tracks 1-4 released as Force It – Chrysalis LP CHR-1074, 1975
Disc 3, Tracks 5-13 released as No Heavy Petting – Chrysalis LP CHR-1103, 1976
Disc 3, Tracks 14-17 and Disc 4, Tracks 1-4 released as Lights Out – Chrysalis LP CHR-1127, 1977
Disc 4, Track 5 was A-side of Chrysalis single CHS-2178 (U.K.), 1977
Disc 4, Track 9-19 released as Obsession – Chrysalis LP CDL-1182 (U.K.)/CHR-1182 (U.S.), 1978
Disc 4, Track 20 was A-side of Chrysalis single CHS-2241 (U.K.), 1978
Disc 5, Tracks 1-13 released as Strangers in the Night – Chrysalis LP CJT-5 (U.K.)/CH2-1209 (U.S.), 1979
Disc 5, Tracks 14-15 released on Chrysalis single CHS-2287 (U.K.), 1979

Written by Mike Duquette

July 14, 2011 at 12:18

George Harrison Film “Living in the Material World” To Premiere This Fall; CD Promised With DVD/BD Combo Pack

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George Harrison famously titled his 1973 album Living in the Material World, and as the follow up to his All Things Must Pass, the former Beatle chronicled his ongoing exploration to define himself on both the physical and spiritual plains.  But now that title (also a song on the album) takes on a new resonance as the name selected for Martin Scorsese’s much-anticipated documentary on the life of Harrison.  Living in the Material World has been confirmed for release this autumn, and it will arrive on television, DVD, Blu-Ray and with a special bonus CD of unreleased Harrison material in one edition.  (There’s no word in the official press release of the long-rumored Harrison box set or an official soundtrack album.)

For American audiences, the first glimpse of Living in the Material World will be on October 5 and 6, when the film is shown in two parts on HBO.  One week later, on October 10, Lionsgate Home Entertainment will distribute the film in the U.K. in three different formats: DVD, Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack (or “Double Play”) and finally, a deluxe DVD/Blu-Ray edition containing an exclusive CD of previously unreleased songs and a book of photography.  Also coinciding with the film’s release is Abrams’ book collection of the same title by Olivia Harrison, an archive of photographs, diaries, letters and memorabilia spanning her husband’s entire life.

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Written by Joe Marchese

July 14, 2011 at 10:42

Cash, Buffett Kickstart Their Way to Vinyl Reissues

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A while back, The Second Disc reported on a reissue of a power-pop record, Cotton Mather’s Kon-Tiki, financed entirely through Kickstarter. It was a considerable success, certainly enough to make one think about the viability of using the project-funding website to eke out a niche in the big-enough world of music reissues.

Now, there’s another reissue-heavy project from another label hitting the site, and it’s certainly cool enough to merit a mention over here. 180 Gram Records, an audiophile vinyl specialty label (whose nicely-packaged Everly Brothers vinyl box set was slated for induction, as one of the first entries, into the newly created archives of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame), is planning similar sets for the early works of two respected rock artists.

180 Gram is raising funds for a seven-record set of every one of Johnny Cash’s albums on the Sun Records label and both of Jimmy Buffett’s pre-Dunhill albums for Barnaby Records (in which the artist showed little indication of the Margaritaville style that’s made him a cult icon). And, in traditional Kickstarter fashion, they’re offering neat bonuses for those who contribute. A base contribution of $10 will get you a t-shirt from either of the original labels whose work is being pressed onto vinyl, while increasingly high-class price points will net you even more. (The top level, a $350 price tag, includes all of the albums on vinyl, a two-fer CD of the Buffett material and a double-disc compilation of Cash’s Sun singles.)

If you ask me, the right audiences and the right incentives could make this a pretty lucrative way to get interesting catalogue products out there. Don’t believe me? As I type this, 180 Gram has only gotten one backer to contribute money – but it’s for the top of the line package.

Reacquaint yourself with the track lists for these discs after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Mike Duquette

July 14, 2011 at 09:59