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Can’t Get You Out of My Box: Kylie Albums Collected in New U.K. Set

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Next up in our continued coverage of today’s new catalogue releases is a new, semi-notable box set from pop star extraordinaire Kylie Minogue.

Though the Australian singer/actress is unfairly known in the U.S. for two songs – a Stock-Aitken-Waterman-produced cover of Little Eva’s “The Loco-Motion” that hit No. 3 in 1988 and the slinky club track “Can’t Get You Out of My Head,” which hit No. 7 in 2002 – Minogue has rarely stayed away from the upper reaches of the U.K. and Australian charts. In 2010, her most recent album, Aphrodite, topped the British charts, making her the only female act to have a No. 1 album in every decade since the 1980s.

Her five albums for Parlophone in Europe over the past decade saw Kylie truly come into her own as a self-assured solo act with the greatest amount of artistic control she had enjoyed at the time. Now, those albums are collated into one set, Kylie: The Albums 2000-2010. While it offers no extra content (it in fact still offers only the second pressing of Fever, which offered the radio edit of “Come Into My World” instead of the original version), it’s as always a nice, concise way to get all of these albums in one shot if you haven’t previously done so.

Reacquaint yourself with the albums after the jump.

Kylie: The Albums 2000-2010 (EMI 50999 097931 2 5, 2011)

Disc 1: Light Years (originally released as Parlophone 72435 28400 2 1 (U.K.)/Festival Mushroom Records MUSH332832 (AUS), 2000)

  1. Spinning Around
  2. On a Night Like This
  3. So Now Goodbye
  4. Disco Down
  5. Loveboat
  6. Koocachoo
  7. Your Disco Needs You
  8. Please Stay
  9. Bittersweet Goodbye
  10. Butterfly
  11. Under the Influence of Love
  12. I’m So High
  13. Kids (with Robbie Williams)
  14. Light Years

Disc 2: Fever (originally released as Parlophone 72435 35804 2 1 (U.K.)/Festival Mushroom Records 334642 (AUS), 2001 – this version based on Parlophone pressing 72435 43368 2 9 (U.K.), 2002)

  1. More More More
  2. Love At First Sight
  3. Can’t Get You Out of My Head
  4. Fever
  5. Give It to Me
  6. Fragile
  7. Come Into My World (Radio Edit)
  8. In Your Eyes
  9. Dancefloor
  10. Love Affair
  11. Your Love
  12. Burning Up

Disc 3: Body Language (originally released as Parlophone 72435 95645 2 4 (U.K.)/Festival Mushroom Records 337565 (AUS), 2003)

  1. Slow
  2. Still Standing
  3. Secret (Take You Home)
  4. Promises
  5. Sweet Music
  6. Red Blooded Woman
  7. Chocolate
  8. Obsession
  9. I Feel for You
  10. Someday
  11. Loving Days
  12. After Dark

Disc 4: X (originally released as Parlophone 50999 513952 2 3 (U.K.)/Warner Music Australia 5144249122 (AUS), 2007)

  1. 2 Hearts
  2. Like a Drug
  3. In My Arms
  4. Speakerphone
  5. Sensitized
  6. Heart Beat Rock
  7. The One
  8. No More Rain
  9. All I See
  10. Stars
  11. Wow
  12. Nu-di-ty
  13. Cosmic

Disc 5: Aphrodite (originally released as Parlophone 50999 642903 2 4 (U.K.)/Warner Music Australia 5186599822 (AUS), 2010)

  1. All the Lovers
  2. Get Outta My Way
  3. Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)
  4. Closer
  5. Everything is Beautiful
  6. Aphrodite
  7. Illusion
  8. Better Than Today
  9. Too Much
  10. Cupid Boy
  11. Looking for an Angel
  12. Can’t Beat the Feeling

Written by Mike Duquette

July 26, 2011 at 11:48

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  1. LIght Years originally had a hidden track “Password” before track 1. Body Language finished with a track called Slow Motion on the initial pressing. The Aussie version of Fever ended with a song called Tightrope. Not too impressed 😦


    July 27, 2011 at 09:52

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