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Wes Montgomery’s Verve Years “Movin'” to CD on New Box Set

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Hip-o Select announced their latest box set release just before the weekend: a massive chronicle of legendary guitarist Wes Montgomery’s output for Verve Records.

Montgomery was already an influential jazz player in the late ’50s and early ’60s when signed to Riverside Records. His thumb-picked guitar stylings influenced countless axe men, from Pat Metheny to Jimi Hendrix, and his plethora of recordings from the era give even the most seasoned fans much to treasure. But when he joined Impulse! Records founder Creed Taylor at Verve, something interesting happened: Montgomery began to infuse his jazz style with a more traditional pop bent, adding brassy and string-infused arrangements from the likes of Don Sebesky and Oliver Nelson and covering more pop-oriented material, including Little Anthony and The Imperials’ “Going Out of My Head” (his performance would win a Grammy) and the Sherman brothers’ classic “Chim Chim Cher-ee” from Walt Disney’s Mary Poppins. Though Montgomery would be taken from the music world not long after signing with A&M, passing away from a heart attack at the too-young age of 45, his music has lasted more than a lifetime.

And on Movin’: The Complete Verve Recordings, every note of this fertile two-year period is covered. The five-disc set includes all eight of Montgomery’s original Verve albums and a host of bonus material. While none of the bonus content is unreleased, owing to Verve’s heavy output of posthumous releases and CD bonus tracks, 82 tracks is a lot of ground to cover, and with sleek packaging and new liner notes from writer Marc Myers, you can be sure you’re getting the real deal on this set.

The box is available September 27, and can be pre-ordered after the jump.

Movin’: The Complete Verve Recordings (Hip-o Select/Verve B0015613-02, 2011)

Disc 1: Movin’ Wes, Bumpin’ and bonus tracks

  1. Caravan
  2. People
  3. Movin’ Wes (Part 1)
  4. Moca Flor
  5. Matchmaker
  6. Movin’ Wes (Part 2)
  7. Senza Fine
  8. Theodora
  9. In and Out
  10. Born to Be Blue
  11. West Coast Blues
  12. Bumpin’
  13. Tear It Down
  14. A Quiet Thing
  15. Con Alma
  16. The Shadow of Your Smile (Love Theme from “The Sandpiper”)
  17. Mi Cosa
  18. Here’s That Rainy Day
  19. Musty
  20. Just Walkin’
  21. My One and Only Love
  22. Just Walkin’ (Alternate Take)

Disc 2: Smokin’ at the Half Note and more

  1. No Blue
  2. If You Could See Me Now
  3. Unit 7
  4. Four on Six
  5. What’s New
  6. Willow Weep for Me
  7. Portrait of Jennie
  8. The Surrey with the Fringe on Top
  9. Oh, You Crazy Moon
  10. Misty
  11. Impressions

Disc 3: Goin’ Out of My Head, Tequila and bonus tracks

  1. Goin’ Out of My Head
  2. O Morro
  3. Boss City
  4. Chim Chim Cher-ee (from Walt Disney’s “Mary Poppins”)
  5. Naptown Blues
  6. Twisted Blues
  7. End of a Love Affair
  8. It Was a Very Good Year
  9. Golden Earrings
  10. Tequila
  11. Little Child (Daddy Dear)
  12. What the World Needs Now is Love
  13. The Big Hurt
  14. Bumpin’ on Sunset
  15. How Insensitive (Insensatez)
  16. The Thumb
  17. Midnight Mood
  18. Wives and Lovers
  19. Tequila (Alternate Take)

Disc 4: California Dreaming, Jimmy and Wes: The Dynamic Duo and bonus track

  1. California Dreaming
  2. Sun Down
  3. Oh You Crazy Moon
  4. More, More, Amor
  5. Without You
  6. Winds of Barcelona
  7. Sunny
  8. Green Peppers
  9. Mr. Walker
  10. South of the Border
  11. Sunny (Alternate Take)
  12. Down by the Riverside (with Jimmy Smith)
  13. Night Train (with Jimmy Smith)
  14. James and Wes (with Jimmy Smith)
  15. 13 (Death March) (with Jimmy Smith)
  16. Baby, It’s Cold Outside (with Jimmy Smith)

Disc 5: The Further Adventures of Jimmy Smith and Wes Montgomery and bonus tracks

  1. King of the Road (with Jimmy Smith)
  2. Maybe September (with Jimmy Smith)
  3. O.G.D. (a.k.a. Road Song) (with Jimmy Smith)
  4. Call Me (with Jimmy Smith)
  5. Milestones (with Jimmy Smith)
  6. Mellow Mood (with Jimmy Smith)
  7. ‘Round Midnight (with Jimmy Smith)
  8. O.G.D. (a.k.a. Road Song) (Alternate Take) (with Jimmy Smith)
  9. The Big Hurt (Alternate Take)
  10. Bumpin’ on Sunset (Alternate Take)
  11. Willow Weep for Me (Overdubbed Version)
  12. Portrait of Jennie (Overdubbed Version)
  13. Oh, You Crazy Moon (Overdubbed Version)
  14. Misty (Overdubbed Version)

Disc 1, Tracks 1-11 released as Verve LP V/V6-8610, 1964
Disc 1, Tracks 12-19 released as Verve LP V/V6-8625, 1965
Disc 1, Tracks 20-21, Disc 3, Tracks 18-19, Disc 4, Track 11 and Disc 5, Tracks 9-10 released on Just Walkin’ – Verve V6-8804, 1971
Disc 1, Track 22 released as a bonus track on reissue of Bumpin’ – Verve 314 539 062-2, 1992
Disc 2, Tracks 1-5 released as Verve LP V/V6-8633, 1965
Disc 2, Tracks 6-7 released on The Small Group Recordings – Verve VE-2-2513, 1976
Disc 2, Tracks 8-11 and Disc 5, Tracks 11-14 released as Willow Weep for Me – Verve V6-8765, 1969
Disc 3, Tracks 1-9 released as Verve LP V/V6-8642, 1965
Disc 3, Tracks 10-17 released as Verve LP V/V6-8653, 1966
Disc 4, Tracks 1-10 released as Verve LP V/V6-8672, 1966
Disc 4, Track 12-16 released as Verve LP V/V6-8678, 1966
Disc 5, Tracks 1-6 released as Verve LP Verve V6-8766, 1966
Disc 5, Track 8 released as a bonus track on reissue of The Dynamic Duo: Jimmy and Wes – Verve 314 521 445-2, 1991

Written by Mike Duquette

August 29, 2011 at 10:09

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  1. Big Wes fan here, this is great! Thanks for letting me know about it!


    August 29, 2011 at 18:57

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