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Intrada Scares Up Some Special Soundtracks

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It’s always a cause for celebration when a label gets some long-lost piece of music out to the public for consumption. And Intrada’s special mid-week batch of archival film scores is no different, offering two premiere horror scores, one of which was presumed lost for years.

First up is the score to Fright Night, the 1985 horror classic (recently remade this past summer) about a teen who has to stop his next-door neighbor, a bloodthirsty vampire, from feeding on the innocent. The score is the other major film score credit for composer Brad Fiedel, who used his synthesizer talents to great, thematic, suspenseful effect. The full score, long feared lost, is presented from original 1/4″ two-track masters provided by both Sony and the composer; while the complete score was largely sourced from slightly noisier 7.5 i.p.s. tapes, a 15-minute opening suite presents the score as heard from the cleaner 15 i.p.s. tapes, utilizing every possible quality source.

Intrada also unveils the score to Funeral Home, the final work by renowned composer Jerry Fielding (an Oscar nominee for The Wild Bunch, Straw Dogs and The Outlaw Josey Wales). An intense, occasionally atonal score has been preserved in full from original 24-track session masters; however, as the score was recorded under the watch of the Canadian Musician’s Union (rather than the typical American Federation of Musicians that score fans well know in terms of licensing and reuse fees), necessary fees have led to a slightly higher price tag of $29.99. But as with many of Intrada’s releases, the worth far outweighs the cost.

Both titles will ship after October 18 and can be ordered now. Hit the jump for the full scoop!

Brad Fiedel, Fright Night: Original Motion Picture Score (Intrada Special Collection Vol. 183, 2011 – original film released 1985)

  1. Fright Night Medley *
  2. Window Watching
  3. Jerry Takes Off
  4. Drive to Evil and Bat Attack
  5. Charlie’s Cathedral, Charmed and Alley Bat
  6. Evil Visitor
  7. Charlie Begs for Help and Come to Me (Seduction Scene)
  8. Vampire Killers and Your Dinner’s in the Oven
  9. Jerry’s Time is Up
  10. The Basement
  11. You’re So Cool Brewster and Come to Me

Portions of Track 7 or 11 originally released on Private I Records LP SZ 40087, 1985. * denotes track sourced from 1/4″ 15 i.p.s. stereo mixes. All other tracks sourced from 1/4″ 7.5 i.p.s. stereo mixes.

Jerry Fielding, Funeral Home: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Intrada Special Collection Vol. 186, 2011 – original film released 1980)

  1. Main Title
  2. The Cat
  3. Heather’s Arrival
  4. Home Sweet Home
  5. Whispering Corridors
  6. You Like the Way I Look
  7. Going, Going… Gone
  8. Mysteries of the Dark
  9. Animal Magnetism
  10. Garage Discovery
  11. The Lure
  12. Home, Not So Sweet Home
  13. Voices in the Basement
  14. Vicious Gossip
  15. Davis Whacked
  16. Water Rescue
  17. Billy’s Demise
  18. Coffin Ready
  19. Grandma Unhinged
  20. Meet Mr. Chalmers
  21. Finish
  22. Not Quite Country
  23. Just the Old Car Radio
  24. Brass Ensemble
  25. Rock of Ages – Brass
  26. Rock of Ages – Organ
  27. Wild Pump Organ
  28. Rock of Ages – Pump Organ

Written by Mike Duquette

October 13, 2011 at 11:36

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  1. This is the Fright Night Score, although the picture shown says Soundtrack. As far as I know, the Private I Records Soundtrack has never been Officially released on CD. The artists include J. Geils, Sparks, Evelyn King, Devo, & more. I can’t believe the Cult status of the original film and now a remake has not prompted a remastered release of the rock/new wave soundtrack. Lost Easy $$$$.


    October 13, 2011 at 20:32

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