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From “Space” to “The Bottom of the Sea” in La-La Land’s Penultimate Releases for 2011

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La-La Land Records inched closer to the end of their 2011 reissue slate yesterday with a pair of sci-fi-oriented releases – one a reissue, and one appearing for the first time anywhere.

Television fans are going to enjoy the label’s newly-released three-disc set of music from the cult classic series Space: Above and Beyond. Though it only ran for one season, the scope of the show – a planned, five-year saga about a war between Earth and an alien race in the mid-21st century – anticipated the popularity of sci-fi series in the late ’90s and early ’00s such as Stargate SG-1 and the reboot of Battlestar Galactica. The score, composed by the late Shirley Walker, evoked the urgent action of her earlier, widely-acclaimed scores to various DC Comics productions, including Batman: The Animated Series and The Flash (both of which have received loving reissues from the label).

La-La Land’s other reissue this week is a special 50th anniversary edition of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Irwin Allen’s beloved sci-fi fantasy, composed by Paul Sawtell and Bert Shefter and featuring a main title song by film co-star Frankie Avalon. While this set is identical in content to a disc released by Film Score Monthly in 2001, this reissue fixes a cue whose master was damaged.

Voyage is limited to 2,000 units while Space: Above and Beyond is capped at 3,000. It’s of course worth noting that four titles from La-La Land have yet to be released, all on Friday, November 25. (Speculation is running high as to what those titles will be!)

Order links and full discographical information are after the jump!

Shirley Walker, Space: Above and Beyond – Original Soundtrack from the FOX Television Series (La-La Land Records LLLCD 1192, 2011 – original show aired 1995-1996)

Disc 1

  1. Speech Thru Alien
  2. Hawkes Runs from Hoods
  3. Hoods Hang Hawkes
  4. One of You Must Stay
  5. Nathan and Kylen Say Goodbye
  6. Bus to Angry Angels
  7. Kylen Reads Letter/Colonist Massacre/Training Exercise
  8. Call to War
  9. Ordered to Mars
  10. West’s Porthole to Mars
  11. Marines March on Mars
  12. Alien Crash Site Battle
  13. Marines Capture Alien/Captured Alien Dies
  14. Laid to Rest/Advice for Leave
  15. Hawkes Dialog at Plane
  16. Hawkes at Pags’ Grave
  17. Battle Preparations/Casualties
  18. Flight to SS Saratoga
  19. Hidden Among Asteroids
  20. The Big Battle
  21. West’s Prose Poem
  22. Hawkes at Pags’ Grave/Battle Preparations/Casualties (Album Version)
  23. Flight to SS Saratoga/Hidden Among Asteroids (Album Version)
  24. The Big Battle (Album Version)
  25. Farthest Man from Home
  26. West Goes AWOL
  27. Extraction
  28. Shane’s Nightmare
  29. Playing Blackjack
  30. Shane Fights A.I./Shane Subdues A.I.
  31. Shane Kills A.I./Shane Rappels & Attacks
  32. Shane to the Rescue/Shane Downs Spaceship

Disc 2

  1. “Space: Above and Beyond” Main Title (Version 1)
  2. Hawkes Jogs
  3. Hawkes Has a Sister in 46
  4. Mutiny Begins
  5. Missile Attack
  6. Hawkes Visits Sister
  7. Mystery Hammerhead Dock
  8. Butts Commands the 58th
  9. From Planet to Black Hole
  10. Into the Black Hole
  11. Butts’ Death/Pancakes in Space
  12. Orbital Opening
  13. Neck Navel/Chaput’s Arrival
  14. The Bomb
  15. West and Cserko/Witch Hunters
  16. Backup Activated
  17. West Wants Truth
  18. Time to Start
  19. 58th Kamikaze
  20. Let’s Make It Happen
  21. Space Triage
  22. West Clings to Life
  23. McQueen’s the Problem
  24. The Blue Goo
  25. Blue Goo Tank
  26. Dead Radio
  27. Sitting Ducks
  28. Gift Giving
  29. Nathan’s Present
  30. Message from Apollo VIII
  31. Comet Approach
  32. Faith
  33. Prepare for the Burn
  34. Hitch a Ride on a Comet
  35. Wang Returns Necklace
  36. Whore of Death/Departure/Who Monitors You?/Time to Be Erased/The Truce/Cooper’s Soul
  37. Dear Ann

Disc 3

  1. “Space: Above and Beyond” Main Title (Version 2)
  2. Classified Mission
  3. Do the Right Thing
  4. Mission of the 35th
  5. Welcome Aboard/58th to the Rescue
  6. Aftermath
  7. Sewell’s Arrival
  8. Sewell’s Fuel
  9. McQueen’s Room
  10. Schrader’s Mission/So Long, Winslow
  11. Battle Plan
  12. Duty Calls
  13. Headed Home
  14. Memories/Remembering the Past
  15. Welcome to Mars
  16. Approach Tower
  17. Position Compromised/Jets Away/The Baptism
  18. Coming to Get You
  19. Men in Dark Times/Hold Our Position
  20. The Rescue
  21. Consequences
  22. The Last Supper/Nineteen Hundred Hours
  23. Creation
  24. Approaching Anvil, Part 1
  25. Approaching Anvil, Part 2
  26. The Hunt
  27. Why Kill It?
  28. Dark Hearts
  29. Act of Kindness
  30. Peace/Arrival
  31. Peace Talks Incident
  32. Deal the Wild Cards
  33. West Finds Kylen
  34. Bring Them Home
  35. Fatal Hit
  36. Wang’s Choice
  37. Nathan and Kylen, Part 1
  38. Nathan and Kylen, Part 2
  39. “Space: Above and Beyond” End Title
  40. Main Title (Shirley Walker Demo)
  41. Bumpers Suite

All tracks previously unreleased.

Paul Sawtell and Bert Shefter, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – 50th Anniversary Limited Edition (La-La Land Records LLLCD 1187, 2011 – original film released 1961)

  1. Main Title (performed by Frankie Avalon)/The Super Sub
  2. Dive
  3. Lucky Man/Under the Ice
  4. Ice Block Collision/The Red Sea/The Survivor
  5. Rising Heat/Catastrophe
  6. To New York/Nelson’s Decision
  7. Raw Nerves
  8. Brave Volunteers/Cable Search/Dangerous Grounds/The Squid Attacks
  9. Nervous Hysteria
  10. Alvarez’s Resignation/Minefield Explosions/All Back – Dead Slow
  11. Fire in Bed/Fresh Air/The Ghost Ship
  12. Lunatic Action/The Burnout Point
  13. Enemy Torpedoes/The Monster Attacks
  14. Fatal Dose/Alvarez Acts/Successful Mission
  15. Main Title (Temporary) – Frankie Avalon
  16. Main Title (Demo) – Bill Lee

This program previously released on Film Score Monthly Vol. 4, No. 10, 2001 with a damaged version of Track 9.


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November 9, 2011 at 17:06

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