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You’ve Got a Friend in Intrada: Randy Newman’s “Toy Story 3” Arrives on CD

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Toy Story 3 certainly had its fair amount of accomplishments.  It was highest-grossing film of 2010 (domestic and worldwide), the all-time box office champ among animated features, and in the Top 10 highest-grossing films of all time.  It reaped five Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, and took two of the gold statues home.  It became the first film to be released theatrically in 7.1 surround sound.  But one thing Toy Story 3 didn’t have was a proper soundtrack album on CD.  Following an unfortunate pattern established with Michael Giacchino’s Academy Award-winning score to Up, Randy Newman’s score to Toy Story 3 was relegated to the domain of digital downloads.  (With Giacchino’s Cars 2 in 2011, compact discs were back.)  Yet there was a silver lining when independent soundtrack specialist label Intrada struck up a partnership last year with Walt Disney Records, kicking it off with a CD presentation of Up.   Now, we’re happy to announce that Newman’s Toy Story 3, featuring the Oscar-winning song “We Belong Together” as performed by its composer/lyricist, is finally available on CD and begins shipping today from Intrada’s online store.  (Longtime readers might recall Mike at Second Disc HQ wishing upon a star for its CD release way back in August!)

The transformation of Randy Newman (the man behind such witheringly brilliant songs as “Rednecks” and “Sail Away”) into a family-friendly Disney Legend seems to have surprised many, including the esteemed Mr. Newman himself.  But Newman has always had a tender side, and even his most acerbic works have been imbued with great humanity and even compassion for those wronged by society.  This side of the composer blossomed most fully when he plunged himself into the family business of film scoring with 1981’s Ragtime, based on E.L. Doctorow’s sprawling novel.  (Newman had previously dabbled with soundtrack scoring for the television series Peyton Place as well as Norman Lear’s 1971 Cold Turkey.)  Newman received Oscar nominations both for his score and the song “One More Hour.” He truly was off and running.  In his film soundtracks, Newman frequently taps into the same strong vein of Americana that informed pop album masterworks like Good Old Boys and Sail Away.  It was perhaps inevitable that his rich and varied orchestral palette would take him to Main Street, U.S.A., or The Walt Disney Company.  He netted two more Oscar nods for 1995’s Toy Story, beginning a fruitful association with Disney and/or Pixar, through James and the Giant Peach, A Bug’s Life, Toy Story 2, Monsters, Inc., Cars and The Princess and the Frog.

Hit the jump for much more on Toy Story 3, including the full track listing and pre-order link, as well as news on Intrada’s other January 24 release!

For his score to the third and most successful Toy Story film, Newman reprised the now-standard “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” and introduced the rocking anthem “We Belong Together,” recently performed by Brian Wilson on his Songs in the Key of Disney tribute album.  Newman was called on to provide both nostalgic, sentimental themes and tense, adventurous ones, and in the process created another heartfelt score for kids of all ages.  Jonathan Sacks, Don Davis and Newman himself provided the lush orchestrations while Newman, of course, conducted.  Intrada’s release contains the same seventeen tracks as the previously-available download, including “We Belong Together,” the Gipsy Kings’ Spanish-language “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” and fifteen score cues.  Newman and director Lee Unkrich have contributed new liner notes, and the booklet also includes recording session photographs and lyrics to both of the songs.  This latest Intrada/Disney co-branded release is available now for $19.99 at Intrada’s online storefront.

Toy Story 3 is joined by the score to the 2010 documentary Winston Churchill: Walking with Destiny, composed by Lee Holdridge (One Life to Live, Moonlighting, Jonathan Livingston Seagull).  Intrada’s Signature Edition presents the complete 77-minute score from the two-track digital stereo masters, recorded by Peter Fuchs in Bratislava.  Holdridge himself conducts the Slovak Symphony Orchestra.  Winston Churchill is also available now for $19.99.

Both titles are currently shipping now from Intrada, and can be ordered at the links below!

Randy Newman, Toy Story 3: An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack (Disney/Intrada D001734402, 2012)

  1. We Belong Together – Randy Newman
  2. You’ve Got a Friend in Me (Para El Buzz Espanol) – The Gipsy Kings
  3. Cowboy!
  4. Garbage?
  5. Sunnyside
  6. Woody Bails
  7. Come to Papa
  8. Go See Lotso
  9. Bad Buzz
  10. You Got Lucky
  11. Spanish Buzz
  12. What About Daisy?
  13. To the Dump
  14. The Claw
  15. Going Home
  16. So Long
  17. Zu-Zu (Ken’s Theme)

Lee Holdridge, Winston Churchill: Walking with Destiny (Intrada Signature Collection ISE-1047, 2012)

  1. Funeral and Main Title
  2. Chartwell
  3. Meeting Hitler
  4. Blood, Sweat, Tears
  5. Worse News
  6. Demand Our Fleet
  7. Dunkirk
  8. Homecoming
  9. FDR Speech
  10. Paris Falls
  11. Air Battle
  12. Spitfire Superiority
  13. Owed to So Few
  14. Underground
  15. Entertainment
  16. Flow of Arms
  17. Ben Gurion
  18. Pearl Harbor
  19. Winston Main Theme – End Credits

Written by Joe Marchese

January 24, 2012 at 11:24

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