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A Whole Lot Better: Sundazed Announces Singles Slate for Record Store Day

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Sundazed Records, one of our favorite independent catalogue labels, has announced their exclusive titles for Record Store Day.

This year, the label has prepped some killer cuts from some of the best ’60s folk and garage-rock ensembles – including a few rare tracks making vinyl debuts and even some unreleased treasures.

The late, great Gene Clark is the standout artist in the batch, with a three appearances on Record Store Day – one with Doug Dillard (in which two non-LP A-sides are released on one vinyl platter) and two with The Byrds (a single with two alternate takes from the Mr. Tambourine Man sessions, and one, credited as a solo single, featuring two tracks cut with the band in 1970 before the band officially reunited three years later.)

Elsewhere, outtakes and rarities from Paul Revere & The Raiders, Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band, Blues Magoos, Chocolate Watch Band and The Blues Project make appearances on vinyl singles.

In true collectible fashion, each single features a period-accurate label (from A&M, Verve Folkways, Tower and Columbia Records). Additionally, the Byrds and Raiders singles will be colored vinyl releases.

Hit the jump to check out the Sundazed slate, and as always, keep it here for more Record Store Day news!

Gene Clark, One in a Hundred/She’s the Kind of Girl (Single) (Sundazed S-240, 2012 – original tracks recorded in 1970)

  1. One in a Hundred (Original Mono Mix)
  2. She’s the Kind of Girl (Original Mono Mix)

Original versions first released on Roadmaster (Ariola 87584 (EU), 1973)

Dillard & Clark, Why Not Your Baby/Lyin’ Down the Middle (Single) (Sundazed S-241, 2012 – original tracks released 1969/1968)

  1. Why Not Your Baby
  2. Lyin’ Down the Middle

Track 1 released as A&M single A-side AMS 1033, 1969. Track 2 released as A&M single A-side AMS 1087, 1968.

Chocolate Watch Band, In the Midnight Hour/Psychedelic Trip (Single) (Sundazed S-242, 2012 – original tracks released 1968)

  1. In the Midnight Hour (Original Vocal Version)
  2. Psychedelic Trip

Alternate vocal version of Track 1 released on No Way Out (Tower ST-5096, 1968). Both tracks were bonus tracks on a reissue of the album (Sundazed SC-6023, 1994).

Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band, Diddy Wah Diddy (Double 7″) (Sundazed S-243, 2012 – original tracks released 1966)

  1. Diddy Wah Diddy
  2. Who Do You Think You’re Fooling
  1. Moonchild
  2. Frying Pan

Disc 1 released as A&M single 794, 1966. Disc 2 released as A&M single 818, 1966.

Bloos Magoos, So I’m Wrong and You Are Right (EP) (Sundazed S-244, 2012 – original tracks released 1966)

  1. So I’m Wrong and You Are Right
  2. Wild About My Lovin’
  3. The People Had No Faces

Tracks 1 and 3 released as Verve Folkways single KF-5006, 1966. Track 2 previously unreleased.

The Blues Project, Parchman Farm/Bright Lights, Big City (Single) (Sundazed S-245, 2012 – original tracks recorded 1965)

  1. Parchman Farm (Live at the Cafe Au Go Go)
  2. Bright Lights, Big City  (Live at the Cafe Au Go Go)

Both tracks first released on Anthology (Polydor 314 529 758-2, 1997).

The Byrds, I’ll Feel a Whole Lot Better/It’s No Use (Single) (Sundazed S-246, 2012 – original tracks recorded 1966)

  1. I’ll Feel a Whole Lot Better (Alternate Vocal/Take 2)
  2. It’s No Use (Alternate Lead Guitar Overdub)

Both tracks first released on a reissue of Mr. Tambourine Man (Columbia/Legacy CK 64845, 1996).

Paul Revere & The Raiders, Ride Your Pony/(You’re a) Bad Girl (Single) (Sundazed S-247, 2012 – original tracks recorded 1965/1966)

  1. Ride Your Pony
  2. (You’re a) Bad Girl

Track 1 was a bonus track on a reissue of Just Like Us (Sundazed SC-6127, 1998). Track 2 first released on The Essential Ride ’63-’67 (Columbia/Legacy CK 48949, 1995).

Written by Mike Duquette

March 14, 2012 at 16:31

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