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California Feelin’: The Beach Boys’ Al Jardine Reissues and Expands “Postcard From California”

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Dennis Wilson did it in 1977.  Carl Wilson did it in 1981.  So did Mike Love.  Brian Wilson waited until 1988.  But it wasn’t until 2010 that Al Jardine released his first solo studio album.  Entitled A Postcard from California, Jardine had to content himself with a limited release via Amazon’s MOD (Made on Demand) system.  Now, with the surviving Beach Boys reuniting for a hotly-anticipated 50th anniversary tour beginning later this month and gearing up for the band’s first studio album since 1996, Jardine has finally gotten a wide release for Postcard via Robo Records and Fontana Distribution.  The pressed CD version of Postcard has been expanded by three additional tracks, and arrived in stores this past Tuesday, April 2.

Jardine’s Postcard was signed by many of California rock’s greatest statesmen.  Filled with nostalgic lyrics (including some cheeky Ringo Starr-esque references to past hits!) and goodtime rock-and-roll riffs, the album includes both original songs and Beach Boys favorites.  Glen Campbell appears on the title song, while three-quarters of CSNY – Neil Young, David Crosby and Stephen Stills – lend their voices to a reworking of Jardine’s “California Saga,” first recorded on The Beach Boys’ 1973 album Holland.  Steve Miller and The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea joins Jardine on a new “Help Me, Rhonda” while Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell of America are heard on two Jardine originals, “San Simeon” and “Drivin’.”  But where would an Al Jardine solo album be without the participation of his fellow Beach Boys?

Brian Wilson adds harmonies both to “Drivin’” and a revival of “Honkin’ Down the Highway” from 1977’s Beach Boys Love You.  Founding Beach Boy David Marks adds a guitar solo to “Drivin’.”  But most notably, Brian Wilson joined Al, Mike Love, Bruce Johnston and even the late Carl Wilson on “Don’t Fight the Sea,” the centerpiece track on Postcard.  Co-written by Jardine and Terry Jacks (the vocalist of “Seasons in the Sun”), the song marked the first full-fledged Beach Boys reunion prior to the current 50th anniversary activities, and is a worthy addition to the group’s canon.  The Brian Wilson/Steve Kalinich “California Feelin’” is covered here, as well, and Kalinich contributes a poem, “Tidepool Interlude,” recited by Alec Baldwin over Scott Slaughter’s musical setting.

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Written by Joe Marchese

April 5, 2012 at 11:35

Something Special, Something Pure: Howard Jones Announces Final Warner Remasters Box Set

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Howard Jones brings his Warner remaster series to a close with a massive five-disc box set to be released next week.

Jones’ Dtox label, in agreement with Rhino Records, has licensed and remastered Jones One to One (1986), Cross That Line (1989) and In the Running (1992) to be released as one box set with two bonus discs of bonus material.

After a whirlwind few years that saw him ascend to the top of the British pop scene and perform with luminaries at Live Aid and the Grammy Awards, Howard Jones opted for a more mature, nuanced sound on his subsequent albums. Third studio album One to One had a built-in hit in the stunning re-recording of Jones’ “No One is to Blame,” produced by Phil Collins and reaching the Top 5 in America. (It was first released there on the Action Replay EP, included in the last HoJo box set.) But with producer Arif Mardin, he recorded some great tunes like “All I Want” and moderate U.S. hit “You Know I Love You…Don’t You?” Cross That Line featured former Tears for Fears producers/sidemen Chris Hughes and Ian Stanley and had Jones’ final major hit in the U.S., the gorgeous “Everlasting Love,” while In the Running is best known for its experimental sound with producer Ross Cullum.

Two bonus discs, labeled ‘RISK’ after the performer’s fan club discs of old, feature extended and alternate remixes of the singles of this era, including new mixes of “You Know I Love You” and “The Prisoner,” described not as “dance mixes” but “complete reconstructions from the original parts using modern technology.” Thirteen B-sides, including compilation appearances and rare promo-only mixes of 1989’s “Powerhouse,” round out the final disc.

The limited hand-numbered box will retail for £35 and will start selling next week, April 10, both in the Dtox shop and on Howard’s upcoming U.K. and U.S. tour dates. The box will also go on sale on Amazon for April 30. We’ll link to all those as soon as they’re up, but for now, enjoy the track lists after the jump!

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Written by Mike Duquette

April 5, 2012 at 10:37