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Something Special, Something Pure: Howard Jones Announces Final Warner Remasters Box Set

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Howard Jones brings his Warner remaster series to a close with a massive five-disc box set to be released next week.

Jones’ Dtox label, in agreement with Rhino Records, has licensed and remastered Jones One to One (1986), Cross That Line (1989) and In the Running (1992) to be released as one box set with two bonus discs of bonus material.

After a whirlwind few years that saw him ascend to the top of the British pop scene and perform with luminaries at Live Aid and the Grammy Awards, Howard Jones opted for a more mature, nuanced sound on his subsequent albums. Third studio album One to One had a built-in hit in the stunning re-recording of Jones’ “No One is to Blame,” produced by Phil Collins and reaching the Top 5 in America. (It was first released there on the Action Replay EP, included in the last HoJo box set.) But with producer Arif Mardin, he recorded some great tunes like “All I Want” and moderate U.S. hit “You Know I Love You…Don’t You?” Cross That Line featured former Tears for Fears producers/sidemen Chris Hughes and Ian Stanley and had Jones’ final major hit in the U.S., the gorgeous “Everlasting Love,” while In the Running is best known for its experimental sound with producer Ross Cullum.

Two bonus discs, labeled ‘RISK’ after the performer’s fan club discs of old, feature extended and alternate remixes of the singles of this era, including new mixes of “You Know I Love You” and “The Prisoner,” described not as “dance mixes” but “complete reconstructions from the original parts using modern technology.” Thirteen B-sides, including compilation appearances and rare promo-only mixes of 1989’s “Powerhouse,” round out the final disc.

The limited hand-numbered box will retail for £35 and will start selling next week, April 10, both in the Dtox shop and on Howard’s upcoming U.K. and U.S. tour dates. The box will also go on sale on Amazon for April 30. We’ll link to all those as soon as they’re up, but for now, enjoy the track lists after the jump!

Howard Jones, One to One / Cross That Line / In the Running: Remastered Edition Box Set (Dtox DTOXSET3, 2012)

Disc 1: One to One (originally released as WEA Records WX68 (U.K.), 1986)

  1. You Know I Love You… Don’t You?
  2. The Balance of Love (Give and Take)
  3. All I Want
  4. Where Are We Going?
  5. Don’t Want to Fight Anymore
  6. Step Into These Shoes
  7. Will You Still Be There?
  8. Good Luck, Bad Luck
  9. Give Me Strength
  10. Little Bit of Snow
  11. No One is to Blame (Single Version) (previously released on WEA single HOW9, 1986)

Disc 2: Cross That Line (originally released as WEA Records WX225 (U.K.), 1989)

  1. The Prisoner
  2. Everlasting Love
  3. Powerhouse
  4. Last Supper
  5. Cross That Line
  6. Out of Thin Air
  7. Guardians of the Breath
  8. Fresh Air Waltz
  9. Wanders to You
  10. Those Who Move Clouds

Disc 3: In the Running (originally released as EastWest WX456 (U.K.), 1992)

  1. Lift Me Up
  2. Fallin’ Away
  3. Show Me
  4. The Voices Are Back
  5. Exodus
  6. Tears to Tell
  7. Two Souls
  8. Gun Turned on the World
  9. One Last Try
  10. City Song

Disc 4: RISK 1 – Remixes

  1. The Prisoner (2011 Remix)
  2. You Know I Love You…Don’t You? (2011 Remix)
  3. All I Want (Extended Mix)
  4. Everlasting Love (808 Mix)
  5. The Prisoner (The Portmeirion Mix)
  6. You Know I Love You…Don’t You? (Dance in the Fields Mix)
  7. Powerhouse (Danny D. 12″ Edit)
  8. Hide & Seek (Orchestral)
  9. Hunger for the Flesh (Orchestral)

Disc 5: RISK 2 – B-Sides

  1. I.G.Y. (What a Wonderful World)
  2. Powerhouse (Danny D. 7″ Edit)
  3. The Brutality of Fact
  4. Don’t Be Part of It
  5. Have You Heard the News?
  6. Power of the Media
  7. Rubber Morals
  8. New Man
  9. Roll Right Up
  10. Takin’ the Time
  11. You Say
  12. Will You Still Be There? (New Version)
  13. Powerhouse (Danny D. Acid Mix)

Disc 4, Tracks 1-2 previously unreleased
Disc 4, Track 3 and Disc 5, Track 9 released on WEA 12″ single HOW10T, 1986
Disc 4, Track 4 and Disc 5, Tracks 3 and 6 released on WEA 12″ single HOW13T, 1989
Disc 4, Track 5 and Disc 5, Tracks 5 and 7 released as WEA 12″ single HOW14T, 1989
Disc 4, Track 6 released on WEA 12″ single HOW11T, 1986
Disc 4, Track 7 and Disc 5, Tracks 2 and 13 released on WEA 12″ promotional single SAM507, 1989
Disc 4, Track 8 released on WEA double 7″ single HOW10F, 1986
Disc 4, Track 9 and Disc 5, Track 12 released on WEA 12″ single HOW12T, 1987
Disc 5, Track 1 released on The Best of Howard Jones (WEA 4509-92701-2, 1993)
Disc 5, Track 4 released on Tame Yourself (WEA 9031-74745-1, 1991)
Disc 5, Track 8 released on “Lift Me Up” CD single – EastWest HOW15CD, 1992
Disc 5, Tracks 10-11 released on “Two Souls” 7″ single – EastWest HOW16, 1992

Written by Mike Duquette

April 5, 2012 at 10:37

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