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Dead and (Real) Gone: Grateful Dead, Mick Fleetwood’s Zoo, Durocs, Germs and More Coming In May

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It’s time to book passage on the Real Gone train for next month’s trip from Philadelphia to San Francisco, as the enterprising label has announced its latest, wide-ranging group of titles all slated for late May release.  Returning to print are live shows from The Grateful Dead as well as a number of albums from the Cameo Parkway library, while rare LPs from The Germs, The Durocs, Jerry Reed and Mick Fleetwood all get the deluxe treatment for the first time.

Three titles are making their CD debuts from the Real Goners.  San Francisco’s Mystery Trend (its name taken from a misheard Bob Dylan lyric) included among its members one Ron Nagle, who in 1970 recorded cult classic Bad Rice with producer and frequent Phil Spector associate Jack Nitzsche.  Elsewhere in the City by the Bay, Scott Mathews was making a name for himself, joining Elvin Bishop at the Fillmore and forming Ice with future Journey frontman Steve Perry.  In 1979, Mathews and Nagle teamed as the Durocs (apparently named after a breed of hog known for being great producers with oversized ears and genitalia, according to the press release!) for a self-titled album also supervised by Nitzsche.  For the first time, the fierce power pop of Durocs arrives on CD, and with eight unreleased bonus tracks!  In addition to the CD, Real Gone will issue this lost classic on pink vinyl as a 500-unit limited edition with its original sequence and packaging replicated.  Gene Sculatti annotates the new CD.

It was also in 1979 that Joan Jett produced the only album for The Germs.  Often cited as one of the very first hardcore punk albums, (GI) was such a powerful debut that one LA Weekly critic opined, “This album leaves exit wounds!”  Produced by Joan Jett, The Germs’ (GI) features Darby Crash (lead vocals), Pat Smear (guitars/backing vocals), Lorna Doom (bass/backing vocals) and Don Bolles (drums/backing vocals).  Originally issued on Slash Records, the album has been out-of-print on CD for years and returns in a four-panel wallet featuring the original album graphics (including lyrics) with additional photos by Jenny Lens and new liner notes by Richie Unterberger drawing on an interview with Don Bolles.  Real Gone Trivia Time No. 1: Mark Lindsay of Paul Revere and the Raiders (previously anthologized by Real Gone) was originally sought to produce, but Slash couldn’t afford his asking price, hence the band enlisting their friend Joan Jett.  No. 2: Shortly after recording (GI), The Germs recorded six songs for the soundtrack to the Al Pacino film Cruising.  The producer of those recordings was none other than…Jack Nitzsche!

Hit the jump to head to Nashville, Philadelphia and back to San Francisco!

A protégé of the legendary Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed was a prolific guitarist, songwriter and actor who first hit the charts in 1959 and came to the attention of Elvis Presley when his “Guitar Man” became a minor hit in 1967 and its follow-up, Presley tribute “Tupelo Mississippi Flash” did even better.  Elvis recorded “Guitar Man” with Reed playing that titular instrument, and also covered a number of Reed’s other songs.  He went on to a diverse career encompassing television (The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour, The New Scooby-Doo Movies) and film (Smokey and the Bandit) as well as music.  Real Gone is now issuing Reed’s very first two albums for the first time on CD: The Unbelievable Guitar and Voice of Jerry Reed (1967) and Nashville Underground (1968).  The former contains both “Guitar Man” and “U.S. Male,” also covered by Elvis with Jerry on guitar, and the latter features “Tupelo Mississippi Flash.”

Chris Morris adds new liner notes.

From Philadelphia’s Cameo Parkway family of labels comes four titles previously released under ABKCO’s agreement with Collectors’ Choice Music and now reissued by the Real Gone team.  Terry Knight & the Pack/Reflections, from the Flint, Michigan group, were originally released on the Cameo Parkway subsidiary Lucky Eleven.  The band is best remembered for launching the careers of Grand Funk Railroad’s Mark Farner and Don Brewer; Knight went on to manage Grand Funk.   The Pack’s regional hits like “I [Who Have Nothing],” “You’re a Better Man Than I” are included on this two-album set and, Jeff Tamarkin writes the liner notes.

Hailing from a bit earlier are two albums that will make you want to do the twist (and plenty of other dances including the Hully Gully and even the Charleston!): Chubby Checker’s Pony Time/Let’s Twist Again. “It’s Pony Time” was Chubby’s only No. 1 hit other than “The Twist,” while “Let’s Twist Again” became a sizeable hit itself.  Jim Ritz’s liner notes chronicle these heady years for the twisting man, and both albums are heard in their original mono mixes.  The Orlons (Shirley Brickley, Marlena Davis, Rosetta Hightower and Stephen Caldwell) were Cameo Parkway’s premier girl group, and a two-fer of The Wah Watusi (1962) and South Street (1963) brings together their only two charting albums.  Like the Chubby Checker two-fer, the Orlons disc is presented in mono.   The final C-P release in this batch celebrates the many other vocal groups that dotted the label’s roster.  With 24 tracks, Remember Me Baby: Cameo Parkway Vocal Groups, Vol. 1 is the first comprehensive survey of these early Philly groups.  23 out of its 24 tracks are new to CD and all but three from the original master tapes.  Ed Osborne handles the notes.

Real Gone’s last two titles both swing back to the rock end of the spectrum.  1983’s I’m Not Me was recorded by Mick Fleetwood’s Zoo, the band consisting of the Fleetwood Mac founder/drummer plus Billy Burnette and Steve Ross on guitar and vocals, bassist Roger Hawkins and, on background vocals, Christine McVie and Lindsey Buckingham!  Richard Dashut, of Rumours and Tusk fame, produced the album which spotlights the singing and songwriting talent of the Brunette/Ross/Hawkins triumvirate.  Scott Schinder writes the liner notes for this first-time-on-CD release.

Finally, Real Gone Music will reissue the Grateful Dead’s 6-CD collection Dick’s Picks Vol. 29—5/19/77 Fox Theatre Atlanta, GA – 5/21/77 Lakeland Civic Center Arena Lakeland, FL.  This set is drawn from the Spring 1977 tour in support of the band’s forthcoming Terrapin Station album, and contains two complete shows minus one encore (from the Florida show), plus bonus tracks from a 10/11/77 show in Norman, Oklahoma, all recorded by Betty Cantor-Jackson. From the stand at Atlanta’s Fabulous Fox Theatre show comes highlights like “Sugaree” and an unbilled stab at “Not Fade Away.”  The Florida show saw the Dead digging into two lengthy medleys, “Scarlet Begonias/Fire on the Mountain” and “Estimated Prophet/He’s Gone/Drums/The Other One/Comes a Time/St. Stephen/Not Fade Away/St. Stephen/One More Saturday Night.” This package comes with its original slipcased packaging and is encoded in HDCD sound.

All titles are due from Real Gone Music on May 22 with the exception of Dick’s Picks, which will arrive in stores on May 29!  We’ll update with track listings and pre-order links soon!

Durocs, Durocs (Capitol LP ST-11981, 1979 – reissued Real Gone Music, 2012)

  1. Hog Wild
  2. Lie to Me
  3. Don’t Let the Dream Die
  4. We Do Good Together
  5. No Fool, No Fun
  6. It Hurts to Be in Love
  7. Seeker (You Be Sucker)
  8. True Love
  9. One Day at a Time
  10. Saving It All Up for Larry
  11. Pete Has Got the Power
  12. No Big Deal
  13. There’s Always You
  14. Stranger on the Street
  15. Drinking One Day at a Time
  16. Love with a Capital “L”

This track listing may be incomplete as to bonus tracks (Tracks 11-16)

The Germs, (Gi) (Slash Records SR-103, 1979 – reissued Real Gone Music, 2012)

  1. What We Do is Secret
  2. Communist Eyes
  3. Land of Treason
  4. Richie Dagger’s Crime
  5. Strange Notes
  6. American Leather
  7. Lexicon Devil
  8. Manimal
  9. Our Way
  10. We Must Bleed
  11. Media Blitz
  12. The Other Newest One
  13. Let’s Pretend
  14. Dragon Lady
  15. The Slave
  16. Shut Down (Live)
  17. Caught in My Eye (Unreleased Original Album Mix)

Jerry Reed, The Unbelievable Guitar and Voice of Jerry Reed/Nashville Underground (Real Gone Music, 2012)

  1. It Don’t Work That Way
  2. Guitar Man
  3. You’re Young and You’ll Forget
  4. Woman Shy
  5. I Feel For You
  6. Take a Walk
  7. Love Man
  8. If I Promise
  9. U.S. Male
  10. Long Gone
  11. If It Comes to That
  12. The Claw
  13. Remembering
  14. A Thing Called Love
  15. You Wouldn’t Know a Good Thing
  16. Save Your Dreams
  17. Almost Crazy
  18. You’ve Been Cryin’ Again
  19. Fine on My Mind
  20. Tupelo Mississippi Flash
  21. Wabash Cannonball
  22. Hallejulah, I Love Her So
  23. John Henry

Tracks 1-12 from RCA LP LSP-3756, 1967
Tracks 13-24 from RCA LP LSP-3978, 1968

Mick Fleetwood’s Zoo, I’m Not Me (RCA LP AFL1-4652, 1983 – reissued Real Gone Music, 2012)

  1. Angel Come Home
  2. You Might Need Somebody
  3. Tonight
  4. I Want You Back
  5. I’m Not Me
  6. State of the Art
  7. Tear It Up
  8. This Love
  9. I Give
  10. Just Because
  11. Put Me Right

Terry Knight & the Pack, Terry Knight & the Pack/Reflections (Real Gone Music, 2012)

  1. Numbers
  2. What’s On Your Mind
  3. Where Do You Go
  4. You’re a Better Man Than I
  5. Lovin’ Kind
  6. The Shut-In
  7. Got Love
  8. A Change on the Way
  9. Lady Jane
  10. Sleep Talkin’
  11. I’ve Been Told
  12. I (Who Have Nothing)
  13. One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show
  14. Love, Love, Love, Love, Love
  15. Come with Me
  16. Got to Find My Baby
  17. This Precious Time
  18. Anybody’s Apple Tree
  19. The Train
  20. Dimestore Debutante
  21. Dirty Lady
  22. Love Goddess of the Sunset Strip
  23. Forever and a Day
  24. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

Tracks 1-12 from Lucky Eleven LP LE-8000, 1966
Tracks 13-24 from Cameo LP C-2007, 1966

Chubby Checker, It’s Pony Time/Let’s Twist Again (Real Gone Music, 2012)

  1. Pony Time
  2. The Watusi
  3. The Hully Gully
  4. The Stroll
  5. The Mashed Potatoes
  6. Hi Ho Silver
  7. We Like Birdland
  8. Let’s Dance, Let’s Dance, Let’s Dance
  9. The Shimmy
  10. The Charleston
  11. The Mess Around
  12. Pony Express
  13. I Could Have Danced All Night
  14. The Jet
  15. Continental Walk
  16. I Almost Lost My Mind
  17. Fishin’
  18. Quarter to Three
  19. Let’s Twist Again
  20. Ballin’ the Jack
  21. Peanut Butter
  22. The Ray-Charleston
  23. It Takes Two to Tango
  24. Dance-A-Long

Tracks 1-12 from Parkway LP P-7003, 1960
Tracks 13-24 from Parkway P-7004, 1961

The Orlons, The Wah-Watusi/South Street (Real Gone Music, 2012)

  1. Dedicated to the One I Love
  2. Tonight
  3. Mashed Potato Time
  4. The Plea
  5. Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes)
  6. I’ll Be True
  7. The Wah-Watusi
  8. He’s Gone
  9. Let Me In
  10. Over the Mountain, Across the Sea
  11. I Met Him on a Sunday (Ronde-Ronde)
  12. (Happy Birthday) Mr. Twenty-One
  13. Walk Right In
  14. Big Daddy
  15. Cement Mixer
  16. Mister Sandman
  17. Charlie Brown
  18. Gather Round
  19. South Street
  20. Between 18th and 19th on Chestnut Street
  21. Don’t Let Go
  22. Muskrat Ramble
  23. Pokey Lou
  24. We Got Love

Tracks 1-12 from Cameo LP C-1020, 1962
Tracks 13-24 from Cameo LP C-1041, 1963

Various Artists, Remember Me Baby: Cameo Parkway Vocal Groups, Vol. 1 (Real Gone Music, 2012)

  1. Let It Please You – Rick and the Masters
  2. Three Coins in the Fountain – The Skyliners
  3. The Mountains – The Sequins
  4. There Goes The Boy – The Lydells
  5. I Don’t Want Your Love – Rick and the Masters
  6. Short on Bread – The Dovells
  7. I Laughed So Hard – The Defenders
  8. Sandra Baby – The Gleems
  9. Golden Rings – The Turbans
  10. Sunday Kind of Love – The Roommates
  11. Tears in My Heart – The Impacs
  12. Remember Me, Baby – Billy and the Essentials
  13. Did You Ever Get My Letter – The Tymes
  14. When You Dance – The Turbans
  15. Raining Teardrops – The Anglos
  16. You Must Be an Angel – The Gainors
  17. Turn Out the Lights – Pookie Hudson and the Spaniels
  18. Gee, But I’m Lonesome – Lee Andrews
  19. Everyone But You – The Skyliners
  20. Triangle – The Rays
  21. A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening – The Roommates
  22. Flame of Love – Rick and the Masters
  23. To Cry – The Expressions
  24. Down by the Ocean – The Exceptions

Grateful Dead, Dick’s Picks Vol. 29—5/19/77 Fox Theatre Atlanta, GA – 5/21/77 Lakeland Civic Center Arena Lakeland, FL (Real Gone Music, 2012)

CD 1

  1. Promised Land (Berry)
  2. Sugaree (Garcia / Hunter)
  3. El Paso (Robbins)
  4. Peggy-O (Traditional arr. Grateful Dead)
  5. Looks Like Rain (Weir / Barlow)
  6. Row Jimmy (Garcia / Hunter)
  7. Passenger (Lesh / Monk)
  8. Loser (Garcia / Hunter)

CD 2

  1. Dancing In The Streets (Stevenson / Gaye / I. Hunter)
  2. Samson and Delilah (Traditional arr. Bob Weir)
  3. Ramble On Rose (Garcia / Hunter)
  4. Estimated Prophet (Weir / Barlow)

CD 3

  1. Terrapin Station (Garcia / Hunter)
  2. Playing In The Band (Weir / Hart / Hunter)
  3. Uncle John’s Band (Garcia / Hunter)
  4. Drums (Hart / Kreutzmann)
  5. The Wheel (Garcia / Kreutzmann / Hunter)
  6. China Doll (Garcia / Hunter)
    Playing In The Band (Weir / Hart / Hunter)

CD 4

  1. Bertha (Garcia / Hunter)
  2. Me and My Uncle (Phillips)
  3. They Love Each Other (Garcia / Hunter)
  4. Cassidy (Weir / Barlow)
  5. Jack-A-Roe (Traditional arr. Grateful Dead)
  6. Jack Straw (Weir / Hunter)
  7. Tennessee Jed (Garcia / Hunter)
  8. New Minglewood Blues (Traditional arr. Bob Weir)
  9. Row Jimmy (Garcia / Hunter)

CD 5

  1. Passenger (Lesh / Monk)
  2. Scarlet Begonias (Garcia / Hunter)/Fire On The Mountain (Hart / Hunter)
  3. Samson and Delilah (Traditional arr. Bob Weir)
  4. Brown-Eyed Woman (Garcia / Hunter)

CD 6

  1. Estimated Prophet (Weir / Barlow)/He’s Gone (Garcia / Hunter)/Drums (Hart / Kreutzmann)/The Other One (Weir / Kreutzmann)/Comes A Time (Garcia / Hunter)/St. Stephen (Garcia / Lesh / Hunter)/Not Fade Away (Petty / Hardin)/St. Stephen (Garcia / Lesh / Hunter)/One More Saturday Night (Weir)

Written by Joe Marchese

April 17, 2012 at 09:28

3 Responses

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  1. As always, mixed feelings about Real Gone reissuing the Dick’s Pick’s releases. It’s great that they’re back out there (and shameful that Rhino, which owns the Dead releases, had let them go out of print in the first place), but given the prices Real Gone has been asking I can only imagine what the six-disc DP29 is going to retail at. I’m going to guess $80?

    I’ll try to find a used copy, or else seek out the bootlegs of the same show.


    April 17, 2012 at 20:36

  2. Also, if they’re reissuing Mick Fleetwood’s Zoo, I’d love to see Real Gone rescue the long out of print Buckingham Nicks album from obscurity.


    April 17, 2012 at 20:37

    • I’ll second that request for Buckingham Nicks to be released. A “bootleg” vinyl transcription of that album
      enjoys heavy rotation on my iPod.


      April 18, 2012 at 02:22

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