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For Your Pleasure: Roxy Music Unveil Massive Box Set, New Reissue Campaign (UPDATED 6/19)

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Roxy Music, arguably the original New Romantics, are coming back in a big way on the catalogue side of things in 2012, with a new box set and additional surprises to follow.

Primarily comprised of singer Brian Ferry, guitarist Phil Manzanera, keyboardist Brian Eno, saxophonist Andy McKay and drummer Paul Thompson (with an almost-consistently shuffling lineup during their active years, including England’s greatest fill-in Paul Carrack of Ace, Squeeze and Mike + The Mechanics), Roxy combined the twin elegances of Beatlesesque rock and Bowie-ish glam to rapturous critical and commercial acclaim. None of their studio albums missed the U.K. Top 10, and they amassed 13 Top 20 singles. (Although Eno would leave the band in 1973 for a wildly influential career as a producer, his influence was long felt.) The group split up in 1983, with Ferry and the others embarking on solo careers, but reconvened in 2001 (minus Eno) for a tour and have performed on and off ever since. (The 66-year-old Ferry, ironically enough, made headlines in the entertainment press recently for marrying his 29-year-old girlfriend, who had previously dated one of Ferry’s sons.)

As initially announced, The Complete Recordings 1972-1982 will present all eight of the band’s studio albums, from Roxy Music to Avalon, each digitally remastered and expanded with a host of non-LP B-sides and remixes, 12 of which are making their debut on CD. Initially, the package was due to feature four DVDs presenting the music in “high-resolution audio, transferred digitally from the original analogue masters.” (According to the link at the top, the DVDs would have featured the albums in 96/24 LPCM stereo.) However, the set will now only feature 10 compact discs: the original albums will be presented on their own, while the bonus content will form the final two discs. (Thanks to super reader Rich for elucidating for us!)

The set is out on August 6, and will, according to a press release, be the first in a series of catalogue activities to commemorate the band’s 40th anniversary. Have a look at the track list and make your pre-orders after the jump!

Roxy Music, The Complete Recordings 1972-1982 (Virgin, 2012)

Disc 1: Roxy Music (originally released as Island ILPS 9200, 1972)

  1. Re-make/Re-model
  2. Ladytron
  3. If There is Something
  4. 2HB
  5. The Bob (Medley)
  6. Chance Meeting
  7. Would You Believe?
  8. Sea Breezes
  9. Bitters End

Disc 2: For Your Pleasure (originally released as Island ILPS 9232, 1973)

  1. Do the Strand
  2. Beauty Queen
  3. Strictly Confidential
  4. Editions of You
  5. In Every Dream Home a Heartache
  6. The Bogus Man
  7. Grey Lagoons
  8. For Your Pleasure

Disc 3: Stranded (originally released as Island ILPS 9252, 1973)

  1. Street Life
  2. Just Like You
  3. Amazona
  4. Psalm
  5. Serenade
  6. A Song for Europe
  7. Mother of Pearl
  8. Sunset

Disc 4: Country Life

  1. The Thrill of It All
  2. Three and Nine
  3. All I Want is You
  4. Out of the Blue
  5. If It Takes All Night
  6. Bitter Sweet
  7. Triptych
  8. Casanova
  9. A Really Good Time
  10. Prairie Rose

Disc 5: Siren (originally released as Island ILPS 9344, 1975)

  1. Love is the Drug
  2. End of the Line
  3. Sentimental Fool
  4. Whirlwind
  5. She Sells
  6. Could It Happen to Me?
  7. Both Ends Burning
  8. Nightingale
  9. Just Another High

Disc 6: Manifesto (originally released as Polydor POLH 001, 1979)

  1. Manifesto
  2. Trash
  3. Angel Eyes
  4. Still Falls the Rain
  5. Stronger Through the Years
  6. Ain’t That So
  7. My Little Girl
  8. Dance Away
  9. Cry, Cry, Cry
  10. Spin Me Round

Disc 7: Flesh + Blood (originally released as Polydor POLH 002, 1980)

  1. The Midnight Hour
  2. Oh Yeah
  3. Same Old Scene
  4. Flesh and Blood
  5. My Only Love
  6. Over You
  7. Eight Miles High
  8. Rain Rain Rain
  9. No Strange Delight
  10. Running Wild

Disc 8: Avalon (originally released as E’G Records HP 50, 1982)

  1. More Than This
  2. The Space Between
  3. Avalon
  4. India
  5. While My Heart is Still Beating
  6. The Main Thing
  7. Take a Chance with Me
  8. To Turn You On
  9. True to Life
  10. Tara

Discs 9-10: Bonus material

  1. Virginia Plain (single A-side – Island WIP 6144, 1972)
  2. The Numberer (single B-side – Island WIP 6144, 1972)
  3. Pyjamarama (Island Mix) (single A-side – Island WIP 6159, 1973)
  4. Pyjamarama (Polydor Mix) (single B-side – Polydor 2001 739, 1977)
  5. The Pride and the Pain (single B-side – Island WIP 6159, 1973)
  6. Do the Strand (USA 7” Mix) (single A-side –  Island 12 713 AT (Germany), 1973) *
  7. Hula Kula (single B-side – Island WIP 6173, 1973)
  8. Your Application’s Failed (single B-side – Island WIP 6208, 1974)
  9. The Thrill of It All (Edit) (from Greatest Hits – Polydor 2001 739, 1977) *
  10. The Thrill of It All (USA 7” Mix) (single A-side – ATCO 45-7018 (U.S.), 1974) *
  11. Love is the Drug (USA 7” Mix) (promo single B-side – ATCO 45-7042 (U.S.), 1975)*
  12. Sultanesque (single B-side – Island WIP 6248, 1975)
  13. Both Ends Burning (7” Mix) (single A-side – Island WIP 6262, 1975) *
  14. For Your Pleasure (Live) (single A-side – Island WIP 6262, 1975) *
  1. Trash 2 (single B-side – Polydor POSP 32, 1979)
  2. Dance Away (Single Version) (single A-side – Polydor POSP 44, 1979)
  3. Dance Away (Extended Mix) (12″ A-side – ATCO DDK-7504 (Canada), 1979)
  4. Angel Eyes (Single Version) (single A-side – Polydor POSP 67, 1979)
  5. Angel Eyes (Extended Remix) (12″ A-side – Polydor POSPX 67, 1979)
  6. Oh Yeah (On the Radio) (single A-side – Polydor 2001 792, 1980) *
  7. Manifesto (Remake) (single B-side – Polydor POSP 93, 1980)
  8. South Downs (single B-side – Polydor 2001 792, 1980)
  9. Lover (single B-side – Polydor ROXY 1, 1980)
  10. Jealous Guy (single A-side – Polydor ROXY 2, 1981)
  11. To Turn You On (First Version) (single B-side – Polydor ROXY 2, 1981) *
  12. More Than This (7″ Edit) (single A-side E’G Records ROXY 3, 1982)
  13. Avalon (7” Single Version) (single A-side – E’G Records ROXY 4, 1982) *
  14. Always Unknowing (single B-side – E’G Records ROXY 4, 1982)
  15. Take a Chance with Me (7” Single Version) (single A-side – E’G Records ROXY 5, 1982) *
  16. Take a Chance with Me (USA 7” Mix) (single A-side – Warner Bros./E’G Records 7-29978 (U.S.), 1982) *
  17. The Main Thing (12” Single Version) (single B-side – E’G Records ROXY X5, 1982)
  18. The Main Thing (Remix) (single B-side – E’G Records ROXY 5, 1982) *

* denotes track previously unreleased on CD

Written by Mike Duquette

June 19, 2012 at 16:42

26 Responses

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  1. This sounds great, although it would’ve been nice to have surround sound mixes on those DVDs. Last year I revisited the Roxy Music catalog for my blog (shameless plug alert!), via the original CD pressings that I’ve owned for years, and as a result became an even bigger fan than I was before. Depending on the price of this set, it might be time for a sonic upgrade of my Roxy Music collection. Does anyone know if those bonus tracks include all of their rarities? I’m guessing there must be something missing, but hopefully that’s not the case. It’s also too bad the live albums, especially “Viva!,” were excluded.

    • I upgraded to all the Roxy remasters a few years ago and the sound is excellent. The incredible box set THE THRILL OF IT ALL has almost all of those bonus cuts. There are moments listening to Roxy when I think they are hands down the greatest rock group of all time!

      Peter Ambrose

      January 26, 2012 at 13:39

      • Peter, do you know if all the bonus tracks from the “Thrill Of It All” box set appear to be on this upcoming “Complete Recordings” box set? If I’m going to upgrade my Roxy CD collection, I’d like to be able to do it with one purchase, and I certainly don’t want to spend money on two box sets.

        I agree with you about those moments where they seem like the greatest rock group of all time. Certainly there’s no other band who sound exactly like them, before or since.

  2. According to the vivaroxymusic website referenced in the article, twelve of the tracks on this set have never been available on CD before:
    CD2 Track 12
    CD4 Tracks 11, 13
    CD5 Tracks 10, 12, 13
    CD7 Tracks 11, 16
    CD8 Tracks 11, 13, 14, 16

    Jason Michael

    January 26, 2012 at 15:02

    • That’s good news, Jason, but do you know if there’s anything previously released that’s missing from the new box set? How much do we hate buying “Complete Collections” only to find out they’re not really complete?

      • After doing a little research, it looks to me that the only thing missing is the extended version of “Jealous Guy”. The original version is 4:54 and the long version is 6:10. Everything else is accounted for on the new set. Being an eternal optimist, I figure that the 12″ version will be on the new box and it is just an oversight in the press release!

        Jason Michael

        January 26, 2012 at 15:28

  3. That’s great news, Jason. If the extended version of “Jealous Guy” ends up being the only song omitted from this set, I won’t feel terribly short-changed (but hopefully it will be included). I just hope this box set isn’t ridiculously expensive.

    • Yes, I hope the price is reasonable. I really want the single versions. The extended “Jealous Guy” is not a deal breaker for me as I prefer the earlier material anyway. I am curious as to what other “catalogue activities” they are planning for the rest of the year, other than rereleasing the live material. I can’t imagine what else they’d put out.

      Jason Michael

      January 26, 2012 at 16:07

      • Do they have enough professionally-shot video footage to make a DVD compilation? Not sure I would buy one if it was stand-alone, but it might entice me to buy expanded versions of the existing live albums if they include a DVD.

      • I have an a/p original print) signed roxy music 1981, slso signed, stephen powell. Email if you have info on what this might be worth or any info of this charcoal based image of the band.

        cindy lee

        April 2, 2012 at 22:08

  4. I’m not sure how much video material is available. I recall several concerts being released on VHS in the 80s but I never picked any of them up.

    Jason Michael

    January 27, 2012 at 11:25

  5. What woùld be nice for the fans who’ve already spent their cash is a cd with rarities & B sides. But no.


    January 28, 2012 at 08:03

  6. How about some stuff in 5.1? The SACD of Avalon has one of the best surround mixes I’ve ever heard. Unfortunately, it’s now long out of print and fetching big $$$ on eBay. It would be nice if they could at least include the 5.1 mix of Avalon so that folks wouldn’t have to spend so much to get it. I’d certainly loce to hear the rest of the catalog get the 5.1 treatment.


    February 1, 2012 at 19:12

    • I also mentioned 5.1 mixes in an earlier comment, so I’m completely in agreement here. I never heard the 5.1 mix of Avalon, but I can tell that a good engineer would do wonders with that album. Seems like this is a missed opportunity with this box set, especially since they’re already including DVDs.

  7. What clearly needs to come out on later releases are expanded versions of Viva e.g. the full 3 concerts it was culled from plus the oterh offcial lieve album with Do the Strand and some otehr bonuses as it will no doubt have to be adouble Cd. Also is there any good qulaity live concerts from the ENo era in the vaults as that woudl be a must buy. The most obvious glaring need for release that we would all like are the BBC audio sessions especially as their first Peel session featured David’List before Manzanera joined as some of the early sessions when Eno was with them sound quite different from the official studio versions. I am still hoping that the BBC will find lost TOTP footage perhaps with the recent haul of the BBC camera man e.g. performing Pyjamarama, Street Life, All I want is you etc here’s hoping that we get this priceless stuff before we are all dead.

    Rob Sanderson

    March 12, 2012 at 13:38

    • Ah but Rob … death waits for no-one!


      March 13, 2012 at 05:15

      • Anyone know how I can edit the piece for typos as I did it in a rush and did not look at it and it has far too many typos to stay as it is

        Rob Sanderson

        March 13, 2012 at 10:12

  8. No high-res…no sale, as far as I am concerned.


    June 19, 2012 at 17:24

  9. I was disappointed to find out that this set will no longer include DVDs, but as someone who owns the original ’80s (or early ’90s) CD pressings and none of the bonus tracks, I will be keeping this one on my radar as I’d like to give my Roxy collection a sonic upgrade. I’m glad to see it looks like they’re including inner sleeves, possibly replicating the original releases. The big issue, at least right now, is the price. It’s going to have to come down significantly for me to buy it. Fingers crossed.

  10. Is the version of Angel Eyes included on this compilation (link below) one of the above bonus tracks on Manifesto??

    IIRC, it was the version used for the MTV video.

    Bill Janowski

    June 19, 2012 at 20:58

  11. What are the Track Listings for (the Rarities) Discs 9 & 10??

    Bill Janowski

    June 19, 2012 at 21:18

    • Here’s the info I found on the bonus tracks on Discs 9 & 10:

      CD9: BONUS TRACKS #1:
      1) Virginia Plain Roxy Music non-album single “Virginia Plain” was Roxy Music’s debut single released 4th Aug 1972. Recorded in July 1972 at London’s Command Studios, it charted at #4 in the UKs Official Singles Chart
      2) The Numberer B‘side to Virginia Plain
      3) Pyjamarama (Island Mix) The original Island label release in 1973 of Roxy Music’s Pyjamarama, charted at #10 in the UK. It was different to the Polydor re-issue in 1977 as this version had heavier treatments by Eno of Andy Mackay’s sax and the guitar refrain at the fade was edited differently to the Polydor mix.
      4) Pyjamarama (Polydor Mix) Roxy Music’s Pyjamarama was re mixed for the Greatest Hits album in 1977. The sax had less treatments on it and the closing guitar refrain was edited differently to the original Island 7″ version. This version was also used as the flip side to the double ‘A’ re-issue of Virginia Plain in 1977.
      5) The Pride And The Pain An Andy Mackay instrumental, used as the b’side to the original single release of Pyjamarama in 1973
      6) Do The Strand (USA 7” Mix) **never been available on CD before** Later released as a UK Single in 1978 (to promote Roxy Music’s Greatest Hits album). Do The Strand was edited from 4:00 to 3:19 for the USA single release
      7) Hula Kula The b’side to single “Street Life”. Hula Kula is a Hawaiian-inspired instrumental composed by Phil Manzanera
      8) Your Application’s Failed Instrumental track written by drummer Paul Thompson, it was B’side for both ‘The Thrill of it all’ and ‘All I want Is You’ singles
      9) The Thrill Of It All – Edit (4’20) **never been available on CD before**
      10) The Thrill Of It All (USA 7” Mix) US single **never been available on CD before**
      11) Love Is The Drug (USA 7” Mix) US Single Mix for which charted at #30 in the US **never been available on CD before**
      12) Sultanesque B’side to Love Is The Drug, an instrumental track written by Bryan Ferry
      13) Both Ends Burning (7” Mix) Was edited from the 5:12 ‘Siren’ version to a length of 3:58 for the 7″ release. The intro was cut from 16 bars long to 8 bars. The guitar solo at the end was brought forward 8 bars on the end refrain. **never been available on CD before**
      14) For Your Pleasure – Live Recorded live at the Empire Pool Wembley in October 1975 (one of the concerts recorded for the live Viva! Roxy Music album). **never been available on CD before**

      CD10: BONUS TRACKS #2:
      1) Trash 2 (b-side to Trash)
      2) Dance Away (Single Version) Single version appeared on later versions of the album
      3) Dance Away (Canadian Extended 12” Mix)
      4) Angel Eyes (Single Version)
      5) Angel Eyes (12” Single Version)
      6) Oh Yeah (7” Version) **never been available on CD before**
      7) Manifesto (Remake) b-side to ‘Over You
      8) South Downs b-side to Oh Yeah
      9) Lover b-side to Same Old scene
      10) Jealous Guy Non-album single “Jealous Guy” (originally written and recorded by John Lennon) was covered by Roxy Music in 1981 as a tribute to John Lennon, following his death in 1980. The single charted at #1 in the UK, staying there for two weeks March 1981.
      11) To Turn On You (1981 B-Side Version) The B’side to Jealous Guy – To Turn On You (1981 B-Side Version) later appeared remixed on Avalon – **this version has never been available on CD before**
      12) More Than This (7” Version)
      13) Avalon (7” Single Version) **never been available on CD before**
      14) Always Unknowing
      15) Take A Chance With Me (7” Single Version) **never been available on CD before**
      16) Take A Chance With Me (USA 7” Mix) **never been available on CD before**
      17) The Main Thing (Extended 12” Single Version) 12” Single Version labelled as ‘Dance Mix’
      18) The Main Thing – Remix b’side to Take A Chance With me **never been available on CD before**

      • Thanks! Now let’s hope they’ll reissue those as a 2cd set a couple of years after the box set.

        Snaporaz d'Uzine

        June 20, 2012 at 05:50

  12. OK, thanks, at least this now corresponds with the picture above & clears up the confusion.

    The only single I have of all those is Dance Away/Trash 2 on Atco.

    Still curious if the MTV Video version of Angel Eyes is the same as one of those tracks listed
    above on Disc #10.

    Bill Janowski

    June 20, 2012 at 00:30

  13. Hi. I’d like to know if the remastering is the same as the 1999 HDCD reissues which were remastered by Bob Ludwig. Is this newly remastered?
    Thanks for info.


    June 21, 2012 at 14:01

    • Hey Krayola, the Amazon product description says the box features “Audio 2012 flat transfers from the original analogue master tapes (not the 1999 remasters), ensuring the audio sounds truer to its original LP sound.” Hope that helps!

      Mike Duquette

      June 22, 2012 at 01:26

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