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Soundtrack Bi-fecta: Goldsmith, Grusin and More Arrive from Intrada, FSM

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After a quiet month for soundtracks, save the score reissue to little-seen art-house flick Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the past week has seen three releases from Intrada and Film Score Monthly readied for film music aficionados.

Intrada’s first title did an excellent job of satiating anyone’s post-Trek desire for more Jerry Goldsmith; it’s the unreleased, unused score to 1996’s 2 Days in the Valley. A twisty thriller with a solid cast (Charlize Theron, Eric Stoltz, James Spader, Teri Hatcher and Jeff Daniels among its ranks), 2 Days inspired Goldsmith to create a score that evoked the suspenseful Chinatown in some ways, with a main theme anchored around a trumpet line and strings. While a rock-themed score by Anthony Marinelli ultimately scored the picture, fans can now uncover a lost treasure in the late, great composer’s discography. The disc., sourced from Bruce Botnick’s two-track digital session mixes in the Paramount vaults, features liner notes by Jeff Bond.

The quirkier of the two entries in Intrada’s catalogue this time around is the label’s latest Signature Edition title. Richard Band’s score to Dragonworld, an obscure but fun family-friendly adventure film featuring mythical, winged beasts in Scotland, is the order of the day, featuring the complete, heretofore score with liner notes from Band and director Ted Nicolanu.

And what did Film Score Monthly prepare as it inches toward the finish line? Find out after the jump.

For the 247th title in FSM’s intended 250-title catalogue (the label has previously mentioned their final title will likely appear by the later summer months, so prepare yourself!), two scores by composer Dave Grusin have been unearthed from the vaults. In The Friends of Eddie Coyle, Robert Mitchum plays for tragedy as a washed-up small town criminal whose ties to the criminal underbelly of Boston won’t get him anywhere but down. On the other side of the law, 1975’s Three Days of the Condor has Robert Redford uncovering a sinister plot within his own CIA offices. Both scores are bold and infused with Grusin’s knack for jazz, R&B and funk. While Eddie Coyle receives its premiere release from the original 16-track masters, Condor features both the original 12-cue soundtrack LP released by Capitol Records with a handful of unabridged, unreleased cues from the film’s original 24-track masters.

All three scores are available to order now; read on to order your copies and get a look at the track listings!

Jerry Goldsmith, 2 Days in the Valley: The Unused Score (Intrada Special Collection Vol. 198, 2012 – original film released 1996)

  1. Theme from “2 Days in the Valley”
  2. The Arrival/Questions
  3. Lee’s Death
  4. Dosmo’s Theme
  5. One Last Walk
  6. 1982 Emmy Award
  7. Roy’s Minute/Helga’s Minute
  8. Teddy’s Bad Reviews
  9. Hello Dosmo
  10. Becky and Helga
  11. Dosmo and Mark
  12. The Cemetery/Rapini
  13. Becky Warms Up
  14. Lights Out
  15. We Are the Police/Alvin’s Badge
  16. Cigarette Pack/Valley Cops Killed
  17. Hostage Negotiating
  18. Hotel Room/Street Convergence/Teddy’s Redemption/Becky Reaches for the Gold
  19. Teddy and Audrey
  20. Toupee or Not Toupee/End Credits

Richard Band, Dragonworld: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Intrada Signature Edition ISE-1048, 2012 – original film released 1994)

  1. Main Title
  2. Grandpa’s Legend
  3. Mrs. Cosgrove
  4. Behold the Manor
  5. Baby What?
  6. Dad’s Old Room
  7. The Envelope for Taxes
  8. They Land
  9. Bagpipes and Gravesite
  10. Baby Dragon
  11. Showtime
  12. Yowler Goes Ape
  13. Getting Yowler Back
  14. All is Well

Dave Grusin, The Friends of Eddie Coyle Three Days of the Condor (Film Score Monthly Vol. 15, No. 3, 2012 – original films released 1973/1975)

  1. Theme from The Friends of Eddie Coyle
  2. Mr. Connection
  3. Guns to Artie/Artie Examines the Guns
  4. Partridge Robbery/Take a Walk
  5. Jackie Meets Pete and Andrea (Mr. Connection)
  6. Clean Cut
  7. Baylis Robbery
  8. Shopping Center (Mr. Connection)
  9. The Stakeout
  10. Whalen Robbery
  11. Eddie is Hit
  12. Friend’s Requiem/End Title (Theme from The Friends of Eddie Coyle)
  13. Condor! (Theme from Three Days of the Condor)
  14. Yellow Panic
  15. Flight of the Condor
  16. We’ll Bring You Home
  17. Out to Lunch
  18. Goodbye for Kathy
  19. I’ve Got You Where I Want You (Vocal by Jim Gilstrap)
  20. Flashback to Terror
  21. Sing Along with the C.I.A. 1:30
  22. Spies of a Feather, Flocking Together (Love Theme from Three Days of the Condor)
  23. Silver Bells (Vocal by Marti McCall)
  24. Condor! (Theme)/I’ve Got You Where I Want You
  25. We’ll Bring You Home #1 (Joubert Intro)/Heidegger Dead, Part I & II
  26. More Flight/Sing Along with the C.I.A., Part I, II & III
  27. Carrion Search, Part II/Higgins Caper, Part II/Bell System Blues,  Part I & II
  28. Bell System Blues, Part III/Electric Aviary/Goodbye for Kathy (Coda)
  29. Life and Death Introspection
  30. End Title (Condor)
  31. Jingle Bells
  32. TV Commercial (Tom Bahler)

Tracks 1-12 from The Friends of Eddie Coyle. Tracks 13-32 from Three Days of the Condor.
Tracks 13-24 released as Capitol LP SW-11469, 1975. All other tracks previously unreleased.

Written by Mike Duquette

June 20, 2012 at 11:40

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