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Release Round-Up: Week of July 3

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Jellyfish, Live at Bogart’s (Omnivore)

A fine 1991 gig from the criminally underrated power pop band, captured on CD and three sides of vinyl.

Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits (Audio Fidelity)

The Bard’s first compilation gets the 24K gold disc treatment.

Elton John, Classic Album Selection (Universal U.K.)

Elton fans have a neat little budget compilation of studio albums to look forward to (from 1970’s self-titled album to 1973’s Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only the Piano Player).

Small Faces, Odgens’ Nut Gone Flake: Deluxe Edition (Snapper Music)

A triple-disc expansion of the seminal 1968 album, featuring mono and stereo mixes as well as an assortment of treasures from the vault.

Ray Parker, Jr. and Raydio, Two Places in the Same Time A Woman Needs LoveThe Other Woman / Woman Out of Control: Expanded Editions (Funkytowngrooves)

Raydio’s last two albums, and the “Ghostbusters” hitmaker’s first two solo efforts (including the excellent, undeservedly-forgotten hit “The Other Woman”), newly remastered and expanded.

The Searchers, Hearts in Their Eyes: Celebrating 50 Years of Harmony and Jangle (Sanctuary/Universal)

From Liverpool’s other ’60s hitmakers, a four-disc set of hits and rarities.

Bronski Beat, The Age of Consent/Hundreds and Thousands / Communards, Commundards Red/Storm Paris: Deluxe Editions (Edsel)

Jimmy Somerville’s one album with the Bronski Beat and subsequent two with his own group the Communards get the double-disc expansion treatment in the U.K. from Demon Music Group.

George McCrae, Rock Your Baby: Expanded Edition (Big Break Records)

A disco classic gets the usual expanded treatment from BBR.

3 Responses

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  1. I am confused about this Small Faces release. Wasn’t ‘Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake’ just released as a 3 CD set a couple of months back along with the rest of their albums?
    If so:
    What is the difference with this one?
    How can there be two competing sets out? I can’t see two companies having the rights.
    On a less confused note, I am looking forward to hearing Steve Hoffman’s take on Dylan’s Greatest.

    Jason Michael

    July 3, 2012 at 08:37

    • Hi Jason, the Immediate-era recordings of the Small Faces are controlled by Universal in the U.K. and Charly in other territories (including the U.S.). For this reissue program, both labels teamed up. In the U.K., OGDEN’S was released some weeks back in a “Deluxe Edition” packaging from Universal. Today, the same contents are released by Charly in the limited tin, but the contents of the CDs are identical. (The Immediate album entitled SMALL FACES was similarly released in a Deluxe Edition in the U.K. but a digi-book format here.) Hope this helps!

      Joe Marchese

      July 3, 2012 at 10:11

      • It does, Mr. Marchese, thanks! I should have known it was a rights issue.

        Jason Michael

        July 3, 2012 at 10:23

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