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The Man on Lincoln’s Nose: Intrada Expands Hitchcock Classic on CD

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What’s that sound? Is that…a plane buzzing low overhead? Not this time: it’s the sound of Bernard Herrmann’s classic score to Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest, the benefactor of a beautiful new expansion by Intrada!

The 1959 thriller, written by Ernest Lehman as “the Hitchcock picture to end all Hitchcock pictures,” stars Cary Grant as an ad exec entangled in an incredible espionage plot, full of misdirection, mistaken identity, beauty (courtesy of Eva Marie Saint as the femme fatale), a violent biplane and a whiz-bang climax along Mount Rushmore. Hitchcock’s by-now traditional flourishes were in full effect: Saul Bass designed a thrilling title sequence, and Herrmann – in his fifth collaboration with Hitch – supplied a score to match the thrills onscreen, with a notable theme reused to stunning effect in one of The Simpsons’ many “Treehouse of Horror” Halloween episodes.

As befits a collaboration so iconic, this is hardly the first release of the score, often re-recorded throughout the years and given a CD premiere in 1995 on Rhino. However, that release utilized some cues that were damaged or substandard, sonically – a problem that was thought to plague the score for all time until newly-discovered masters used for the film’s 50th anniversary video restoration in 2009 were worked on by score mavens Lukas Kendall and Neil S. Bulk. The result is a stirring score that’s never sounded better on disc.

This limited edition soundtrack is yours to order today; find a link and a track list after the jump.

Bernard Herrmann, North by Northwest: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Intrada Special Collection Vol. 207, 2012- original film released 1959)

  1. Overture/Main Title
  2. The Streets
  3. Kidnapped
  4. The Door/Cheers
  5. The Wild Ride/Car Crash
  6. The Return/Two Dollars
  7. The Elevator
  8. The U.N./Information Desk
  9. The Knife
  10. Interlude
  11. Detectives/Conversation Piece/Duo
  12. The Station/The Phone Booth/Farewell
  13. The Crash/Hotel Lobby
  14. The Reunion/Goodbye/The Question
  15. The Pad & Pencil/The Auction/The Police
  16. The Airport
  17. The Cafeteria/The Shooting
  18. The Forest
  19. The Flight/The Ledge
  20. The House
  21. The Balcony/The Match Box
  22. The Message/The T.V./The Airplane
  23. The Gates/The Stone Faces/The Ridge/On the Rocks/The Cliff/Finale
  24. It’s a Most Unusual Day (Source)
  25. Rosalie (Source)
  26. In the Still of the Night (Source)
  27. Fashion Show (Source)
  28. The Crash

This score was previously released on Rhino/Turner Classic Movies R2 72101, 1995

Written by Mike Duquette

August 7, 2012 at 11:48

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