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Unleash the Beast with New Dio Compilation, Singles Box, Audio Fidelity Reissue

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Metal will never die – and neither will the memory of Ronnie James Dio. The late singer will be celebrated with no less than three catalogue projects between now and October.

First up, from Universal U.K. comes the Dio Singles Box Set, released last week in the U.K. and available as an import starting this week. The 15-disc set features replicas of all of Dio’s Vertigo-era 12″ singles, including the Dutch-only “The Last in Line” and French-exclusive Dio Live single, as well as classics like “Holy Diver,” “Rainbow in the Dark,” “Rock ‘N’ Roll Children” and others. While several of the discs veer more toward collectible – several non-LP live cuts are replicated several times throughout the set – there is some neat swag in the form of replica paper inserts and posters, as well as two bonus discs: the 1986 live mini-album Intermission and a DVD of Dio’s 11 promo videos. A 32-page booklet outlining Dio’s entire discography on the Vertigo label is the cherry on top of this box set sundae.

After the jump, learn about more Dio projects from Dio’s own label and Audio Fidelity!

October 2 will see a gold disc reissue of The Last in Line (1984) on the Audio Fidelity label. The follow-up to the band’s debut LP Holy Diver, featuring “We Rock,” “Mystery” and the title track, was expanded by Universal U.K. earlier this year alongside Holy Diver (which also saw a 24K gold CD edition around the same time). Audio guru Steve Hoffman handles the mastering on this disc.

Finally, on October 9, Dio’s label Niji Entertainment will release a new compilation, The Very Beast of Dio, Vol. 2. Where the 2000 Rhino compilation The Very Beast of Dio covered Dio’s discography from 1983 to 1994, this set will feature tunes from the band’s final four studio albums – Angry Machines (1996), Magica (2000), Killing the Dragon (2002) and Master of the Moon (2004). Additionally, three rare bonus tracks will be included on the disc. One, “Electra,” is a 2010 single released on Dio’s Tournado box set. (The song was an intended teaser for the group’s as-yet-unreleased Magica II & III albums.) Another, “Prisoner of Paradise,” appeared on Japanese pressings of Master of the Moon. Finally, the aptly-named “Metal Will Never Die” was a guest vocal of Ronnie’s on Bitten by the Beast, an album by his cousin David “Rock” Feinstein. “Metal” was, sadly, one of the last recordings Dio completed before his 2010 passing from stomach cancer. (A special bundle available on the late singer’s official site features an exclusive T-shirt.)

Track lists and Amazon links for all three titles are below. (Special thanks to super-reader George for the tip!)

Singles Box Set (UMC, 2012)

Disc 1: Holy Diver (originally released as Vertigo DIO 112 (U.K.), 1983)

  1. Holy Diver
  2. Evil Eyes
  3. Don’t Talk to Strangers

Disc 2: Rainbow in the Dark (originally released as Vertigo DIO 212 (U.K.), 1983)

  1. Rainbow in the Dark
  2. Stand Up and Shout (Live at Castle Donington – 8/20/1983)
  3. Straight Through the Heart (Live at Castle Donington – 8/20/1983)

Disc 3: The Last in Line (originally released as Vertigo 880 084-1 (DE), 1984)

  1. The Last in Line
  2. Stand Up and Shout (Live at Castle Donington 1983)
  3. Straight Through the Heart (Live at Castle Donington 1983)

Disc 4: We Rock (originally released as Vertigo DIO 312 (U.K.), 1984)

  1. We Rock
  2. Holy Diver (Live at Castle Donington – 8/20/1983)
  3. Rainbow in the Dark (Live at Castle Donington – 8/20/1983)

Disc 5: Mystery (originally released as Vertigo DIO 412 (U.K.), 1984)

  1. Mystery
  2. Eat Your Heart Out (Live @ Spokane Coliseum – 7/24/1984)
  3. Don’t Talk to Strangers (Live @ Spokane Coliseum – 7/24/1984)

Disc 6: Rock ‘N’ Roll Children (originally released as Vertigo DIO 512 (U.K.), 1985)

  1. Rock ‘N’ Roll Children
  2. We Rock (Live in Philadelphia – 8/25/1984)
  3. The Last in Line (Live in Philadelphia – 8/25/1984)

Disc 7: Hungry for Heaven (originally released as Vertigo DIO 612 (U.K.), 1985)

  1. Hungry for Heaven
  2. King of Rock ‘N’ Roll (Live in Philadelphia – 9/13/1985)
  3. Like the Beat of a Heart (Live in Philadelphia – 9/13/1985)

Disc 8: Dio Live (originally released as Vertigo 884 667-1 (FR), 1985)

  1. Like the Beat of a Heart (Live in Philadelphia – 9/13/1985)
  2. We Rock (Live in Philadelphia – 8/25/1984)
  3. Holy Diver (Live at Castle Donington – 8/20/1983)

Disc 9: The Dio EP (originally released as Vertigo DIO 712 (U.K.), 1986)

  1. Hide in the Rainbow
  2. Hungry for Heaven
  3. Shame on the Night
  4. Egypt (The Chains Are On)

Disc 10: I Could Have Been a Dreamer (originally released as Vertigo 888 787-1 (U.K.), 1987)

  1. I Could Have Been a Dreamer
  2. Night People
  3. Sunset Superman

Disc 11: All the Fools Sailed Away (originally released as Vertigo 888 906-7 (U.K.), 1987)

  1. All the Fools Sailed Away
  2. Overlove

Disc 12: Hey Angel (originally released as Vertigo DIO 912 (U.K.), 1990)

  1. Hey Angel
  2. Why Are They Watching Me
  3. Rock ‘N’ Roll Children
  4. Mystery

Disc 13: Jesus, Mary and The Holy Ghost

  1. Jesus, Mary and The Holy Ghost
  2. Straight Through the Heart
  3. Shame on the Night

Disc 14: Intermission: Live 1986 (originally released as Vertigo VERB 40 (U.K.), 1986)

  1. King of Rock ‘N’ Roll
  2. Rainbow in the Dark
  3. Sacred Heart
  4. Time to Burn
  5. Rock ‘N’ Roll Children
  6. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll
  7. Man on the Silver Mountain
  8. We Rock

Disc 15: The Videos (DVD)

  1. Holy Diver
  2. Stand Up and Shout
  3. Rainbow in the Dark
  4. Mystery
  5. The Last in Line
  6. We Rock
  7. Rock ‘N’ Roll Children
  8. King of Rock ‘N’ Roll
  9. I Could Have Been a Dreamer
  10. All the Fools Sailed Away
  11. Hey Angel

The Last in Line (24K Gold CD) (originally released as Warner Bros. W1-25100 (U.S.)/Vertigo VERL16 (U.K.), 1984 – reissued Audio Fidelity AFZ-146, 2012)

  1. We Rock
  2. Last in Line
  3. Breathless
  4. I Speed at Night
  5. One Night in the City
  6. Evil Eyes
  7. Mystery
  8. Eat Your Heart Out
  9. Egypt (The Chains Are On)

The Very Beast of Dio, Vol. 2 (Niji Entertainment NEG-015, 2012)

  1. Killing the Dragon
  2. Push
  3. The Eyes
  4. Along Comes a Spider
  5. Better in the Dark
  6. Fever Dreams
  7. Black
  8. Feed My Head
  9. Shivers
  10. Hunter of the Heart (Live)
  11. One More for the Road
  12. Lord of the Last Day
  13. Electra
  14. As Long As It’s Not About Love
  15. This is Your Life
  16. Metal Will Never Die – David Rock Feinstein featuring Ronnie James Dio
  17. Prisoner of Paradise

Tracks 1-2 and 4-5 from Killing the Dragon (Spitfire, 2002)
Tracks 3, 9 and 11 from Master of the Moon (Sanctuary, 2004)
Tracks 6, 8, 12 and 14 from Magica (Spitfire, 2000)
Tracks 7 and 15 from Angry Machines (Mayhem, 1996)
Track 10 from Inferno: Last in Live (Mayhem, 1998)
Track 13 from Tournado box set (Niji Entertainment, 2010)
Track 16 from Bitten by the Beast (Niji Entertainment, 2010)
Track 17 from Japanese pressing of Master of the Moon

Written by Mike Duquette

September 10, 2012 at 13:03

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  1. Thanks Mike! I think I will pick up the boxset and there doesn’t look like a lot of overlap between this and the Deluxe editions of Holy Diver, Last In Line and Sacred Heart. And the second Beast of Dio collection looks great as well.


    September 10, 2012 at 19:22

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