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GNP Crescendo Boldly Goes Again with New “Trek” Reissue

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If you thought the Star Trek reissue renaissance couldn’t get any better this year, there’s at least one more release to bring your ears into maximum warp: GNP Crescendo, longtime Trek soundtrack label, announced yesterday an expanded edition of the score to 1994’s Star Trek: Generations.

Generations came to theaters months after the end of Star Trek: The Next Generation, an excellent program which rekindled interest in Gene Roddenberry’s space franchise. It was no surprise that Patrick Stewart’s Captain Picard and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC 1701-D) make the jump to the big screen; in this adventure, the Federation battles a volatile energy ribbon known as “The Nexus,” as well as a treacherous doctor (Malcolm McDowell) bent on harnessing its power. What was a surprise, though, was the ally that aids Picard on the mission: none other than Admiral James T. Kirk (William Shatner, returning to his most iconic role after a three-year absence), believed killed by The Nexus a century earlier.

Generations earned high praise from audiences eager to see both Trek series cross over on celluloid, although critics were divided. What was hard to argue, however, was the sturdiness of Dennis McCarthy’s score. McCarthy was, of course, no stranger to the franchise, having scored a great deal of TNG; he continued several of the musical ideas developed on the small screen, beefing it up for the cinema and adding statements of Alexander Courage’s original theme.

For this new edition, limited to 10,000 copies, GNP follows what is by now a traditional industry practice, including the complete score on one disc and the original soundtrack album and other highlights – in this case, a great deal of sound effects and three bonus tracks (including Brent Spiner’s humorous original song “Lifeforms” from the film) – on another.

If you’re keeping score at home, the first eight Trek films (and 2009’s Star Trek reboot) have received expanded score presentations by soundtrack reissue labels. Order it here and hit the jump for the full track list.

Dennis McCarthy, Star Trek: Generations – Music from the Motion Picture (Expanded Collectors Edition) (GNP Crescendo GNPD-8080, 2012 – original film released 1994)

Disc 1: Film score

  1. Main Title
  2. Past Glory *
  3. The Enterprise B
  4. Distress Call/Harriman and the Ribbon *
  5. Kirk Saves the Day/Deck 15/HMS Enterprise **
  6. Picard’s Message/Raid Post Mortem *
  7. Data and the Emotions *
  8. Time is Running Out
  9. Data Malfunctions *
  10. Soran Kidnaps Geordi *
  11. Guinan and The Nexus *
  12. Torture *
  13. Soran’s Plan Revealed *
  14. Prisoner Exchange
  15. Outgunned
  16. The Gap/Coolant Leak/Appointment with Eternity/Out of Control/Blasted/The Crash **
  17. Coming to Rest
  18. The Nexus
  19. A Chrismtas Hug/The Kitchen Debate **
  20. Coming to Rest
  21. Two Captains/Crash Recap **
  22. The Final Fight
  23. The Captain of The Enterprise (Kirk’s Death)
  24. To Live Forever
  25. Star Trek: Generations Overture

Disc 2: Remastered original soundtrack album (released as GNP Crescendo GNPD 8040, 1994) and bonus tracks

  1. Star Trek: Generations Overture
  2. Main Title
  3. The Enterprise B/Kirk Saves the Day
  4. Deck 15
  5. Time is Running Out
  6. Prisoner Exchange
  7. Outgunned
  8. Out of Control/The Crash
  9. Coming to Rest
  10. The Nexus/A Christmas Hug
  11. Jumping the Ravine
  12. Two Captains
  13. The Final Fight
  14. Kirk’s Death
  15. To Live Forever
  16. Enterprise B Bridge (Sound Effects)
  17. Enterprise B Doors Open (Sound Effects)
  18. Distress Call Alert (Sound Effects)
  19. Enterprise B Helm Controls (Sound Effects)
  20. Nexus Energy Ribbon (Sound Effects)
  21. Enterprise B Deflector Beam (Sound Effects)
  22. Enterprise B Warp Pass-By (Sound Effects)
  23. Enterprise B Transporter (Sound Effects)
  24. Tricorder (Sound Effects)
  25. Hypo Injector (Sound Effects)
  26. Communicator Chirp (Sound Effects)
  27. Door Chime (Sound Effects)
  28. Enterprise D Warp Out #1 (Sound Effects)
  29. Bird of Prey Bridge/Explosion (Sound Effects)
  30. Klingon Sensor Alert (Sound Effects)
  31. Bird of Prey Cloaks (Sound Effects)
  32. Bird of Prey De-Cloaks) (Sound Effects)
  33. Klingon Transporter (Sound Effects)
  34. Soran’s Gun (Sound Effects)
  35. Soran’s Rocket De-Cloaks (Sound Effects)
  36. Shuttlecraft Pass-By (Sound Effects)
  37. Enterprise D Bridge/Crash Sequence (Sound Effects)
  38. Enterprise D Warp-Out #2 (Sound Effects)
  39. Prisoner Exchange (Film Version)
  40. A Christmas Hug (Choir Only)
  41. Lifeforms (vocal by Brent Spiner)

Written by Mike Duquette

October 16, 2012 at 14:38

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