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In Case You Missed It: Stand Up and Cheer! Intrada Releases “Hoosiers” Soundtrack and More

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LastHardMenWe begin our first day of catalogue coverage for 2013 by…keeping up with some titles that came out last year that slipped through our wires. (I know, I know. Really, it just sat in drafts for a week or two while I kept wrapping presents instead of finalizing it. -Ed.) Rest assured, though, that these – the final three catalogue soundtrack releases from Intrada Records – are worth your time in any year.

First up is one of Intrada’s most intriguing releases in awhile, in that it’s two scores for the same movie, neither of which were really used! Based on the novel of the same name, The Last Hard Men (1976) featured Charlton Heston and James Coburn as bitter, aging rivals on either side of the law in early 20th century Arizona. The film’s original score by Leonard Rosenman was deemed too bleakly reflective of the picture by 20th Century-Fox, and Fox musical scion Lionel Newman was hired for an unusual task: he would re-record various pieces written for Fox Westerns by Jerry Goldsmith, including selections from 100 RiflesRio Conchos and Stagecoach for use in the final film. In one final, bizarre twist, those re-recordings were also scrapped in favor of Goldsmith’s original recordings, which were considered favorable enough when temped into the final mix. So, for the first time ever, Rosenman’s unused original music and Newman’s unused re-recordings are presented in their entirety.

Keep reading after the jump for a look at two Golden Age scores on one release and another long-awaited expansion from one of the 20th century’s most famous film composers!

Next, we have two soundtracks by Hugo Friedhofer, an Oscar winner for the score to William Wyler’s The Best Years of Our Lives, for two films by director Mitchell Leisen. Bride of Vengeance (1949), a dramatic adventure film based on the infamous Borgia family, boasts a score that is in fact written adhering to many Renaissance-era musical traditions. The following year’s Captain Carey, U.S.A. was better known for the Oscar-winning song “Mona Lisa,” written by Ray Evans and Jay Livingston and a chart-topping single for Nat “King” Cole – but Friedhofer’s dramatic score is still a treat (and does include an instrumental version of the aforementioned hit).

isc226booklet.inddFinally, and perhaps most anticipated of all, is an expanded edition of Jerry Goldsmith’s Oscar-nominated score to 1986’s Hoosiers, the acclaimed high-school basketball film starring Gene Hackman and Dennis Hopper. Goldsmith’s interesting, synthesizer-driven score – an anachronism among the 1950s setting of the picture – was perplexingly only released on vinyl by Polydor in the U.S.; international CD pressings exist under the film’s international title Best Shot. Intrada’s CD takes those seven album cues and reorders them in film sequence alongside another 10 unreleased cues, finally presenting the full score the way it’s been desired for years.

Full track lists and order links are below. Keep it at The Second Disc for more soundtrack and pop/rock/R&B catalogue coverage as it happens! (Or, in this case, a little bit afterward.)

Leonard Rosenman/Jerry Goldsmith/Lionel Newman, The Last Hard Men: Unused Motion Picture Soundtracks (Intrada Special Collection Vol. 224, 2012 – original film released 1976)

  1. The Spike
  2. Men in the Water
  3. Provo/Every Deputy
  4. Dismount/Back to Work
  5. Leroy Gets Stabbed
  6. A Trap for Somebody
  7. Oh Jeez/I’d Be Obliged
  8. Posse Riding Through Barn
  9. Y’Ah
  10. Show Cause
  11. Going After Susan/Sam’s Last Line
  12. Sam and Hal Riding/The Trap
  13. Horses
  14. She’s Theirs
  15. Before Fire
  16. Menendez
  17. End Titles
  18. Barroom Piano
  19. Main Title Theme (from 100 Rifles)
  20. Verdugo’s Revenge (from 100 Rifles)
  21. The Ruins (from 100 Rifles)
  22. A Cliff Hanger  (from 100 Rifles)
  23. Breakout Part 1 (from 100 Rifles)
  24. Breakout Part 2 (from 100 Rifles)
  25. March to the Wall (from 100 Rifles)
  26. The Victors (from 100 Rifles)
  27. Big Deal (from Rio Conchos)
  28. The Intruder (from Rio Conchos)
  29. Chief Bloodshirt (from Rio Conchos)
  30. Break Out (from Morituri)
  31. Abandoned Ship (from Morituri)
  32. All is Forgiven (from Stagecoach)
  33. End Title (from 100 Rifles)
  34. Theme (Reprise) (from 100 Rifles)

All tracks previously unreleased
Tracks 1-18 in stereo – composed by Leonard Rosenman and conducted by Lionel Newman
Tracks 19-34 in mono – composed by Jerry Goldsmith and conducted by Lionel Newman

Hugo Friedhofer, Bride of Vengeance/Captain Carey, U.S.A.: Original Motion Picture Soundtracks (Intrada Special Collection Vol. 225, 2012 – original films released 1949/1950)

  1. Prelude
  2. The Bull Strikes
  3. Cesare or Nothing/The Black Pearl
  4. Return from the Hunt
  5. Borgia Court Music No. III/The Ring/Ferrara Calls
  6. Michelotto’s Bait/The Foundry
  7. Failure
  8. The Nightingale and the Rose
  9. Second Failure
  10. The Foundry No. II
  11. Wedded Bliss
  12. The Gun/Oh, Cesare
  13. The Potion
  14. Tempered Metal
  15. Cesare Marches/Borgia Camp
  16. What Devil
  17. Fanfare/Open Gates/The Attack/Defeat
  18. Happy Ever After/Bride of Vengeance Cast
  19. Prelude/Guitar No. 1
  20. A Close Call
  21. Carlo/Betrayed/Trapped
  22. An Old Memory/A Job of Murder
  23. Reprisals
  24. St. Christopher’s Medal/Luigi’s Murder/Unwelcome Visitor
  25. The Local Detective/Sandro’s Assist/The Barefoot Man (Inc. Carnival of Venice)
  26. Another Murder
  27. Search Party/The Chase
  28. A Rioting Crowd/The Betrayer Part 2
  29. Too Long/Cast
  30. Mona Lisa
  31. Accordion No. 1
  32. Piano #1 (Brahms)/Piano #2 (Schumann)
  33. Borgia Court Music No. II
  34. Street Dance
  35. Ferrara Court Music No. I

Jerry Goldsmith, Hoosiers: Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack (originally released as Polydor 831 475-1 Y-1, 1986 – reissued Intrada Special Collection Vol. 226, 2012)

  1. Best Shot (Theme from Hoosiers)
  2. Main Title – Welcome to Hickory *
  3. Chester *
  4. First Workout *
  5. Get It Up *
  6. You Did Good
  7. No More Basketball *
  8. Town Meeting
  9. The Coach Stays
  10. The Pivot
  11. Get the Ball
  12. Last Foul *
  13. Free Shot *
  14. Someone I Know *
  15. Empty Inside *
  16. The Gym *
  17. The Finals

* indicates previously unreleased track

Written by Mike Duquette

January 2, 2013 at 10:31

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