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La-La Land Releases “Dave,” “The Relic” Scores

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Dave LLLFollowing a strong 2012 release slate, La-La Land Records looks to be keeping the spirit of catalogue soundtracks alive with their first releases of the new year: one an expansion of a score to a modern comedy classic, the other a premiere release of the music to a ’90s sci-fi flick.

Dave Kovic (Kevin Kline) is a simple businessman with a bizarre trait: he’s the spitting image of the President of the United States of America. When that president falls ill, his team decides to use Dave to their advantage. There’s just one problem for his political cronies: he’s more earnest than anyone on Capitol Hill! Dave, co-starring Sigourney Weaver, Frank Langella and Ben Kingsley and directed by Ivan Reitman (of Ghostbusters and Kindergarten Cop fame), was a smash upon release, and LLL now expands the original soundtrack by noted film composer/pop arranger James Newton Howard. (The label has, in the past, detailed intentions to expand all the soundtracks released on the Big Screen Records label; Dave is part and parcel of that plan!)

Relic LLLElsewhere, La-La Land tackles John Debney’s score to The Relic. Based on the first novel by successful collaborators Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, the film concerns a string of mysterious murders around a Chicago museum, and the quest to discover who – or what – is behind it. Debney’s score was previously only available as a self-distributed promotional disc, and is now available to add to your collection.

La-La Land majordomo MV Gerhard also spilled some details on their next batches of titles: January 29 will see a release of John Barry’s score to the 1977 romantic film First Love, which was mostly unused in the final film, while February 12 sees a four-disc compilation of music from the acclaimed Star Trek: Deep Space Nine television series!

Dave is limited to 3,000 copies, while The Relic is capped at 2,000. Hit the jump to place your orders and check out the track lists!

James Newton Howard, Dave: Expanded Archival Collection (originally released as Big Screen Records 924510-2, 1993 – reissued/expanded La-La Land Records LLLCD 1234, 2013)

  1. Main Title
  2. Secret Service/Bicycle *
  3. You’re On
  4. To the White House (Film Mix) *
  5. Is This Legal?/Sleep Tight/Reed Talks to Press *
  6. Back to Work *
  7. The Teaching Montage
  8. She Hates Me
  9. The Balcony/Bob to Reed’s Office *
  10. Limo to Shelter*
  11. Ellen Watches Dave
  12. Murray Comes/1812 Overture *
  13. $656 Million *
  14. Are You Threatening Me? (Film Mix) *
  15. Ellen Finds Out *
  16. Ellen and Dave Pack */The Tunnel
  17. The Picnic
  18. Let’s Get to Work
  19. Bedrooms/Bob Drops Bomb/Keep Moving *
  20. How’d You Get Started? (Film Mix)/Congress *
  21. Dave Passes Out
  22. Into the Fog
  23. Ellen Volunteers *
  24. End Titles
  25. To the White House (LP Mix)
  26. Do You Like Magic? (LP Mix)
  27. Are You Threatening Me? (LP Mix)
  28. How’d You Get Started? (LP Mix)
  29. Hail to the Chief (Source) *
  30. Secret Service (Alternate) *
  31. Back to Work (Alternate) *
  32. Bob to Reed’s Office (Alternate) *
  33. Limo to Shelter (Alternate) *
  34. End Titles (Alternate) *

* denotes unreleased track

John Debney, The Relic: Music from the Motion Picture (La-La Land Records LLLCD 1237, 2013 – original film released 1997)

  1. The Ritual
  2. A Desperate Search
  3. Grim Discovery
  4. Kothoga*/The Crates/The Incinerator/Ford Checks Out/Studying the Leaves
  5. Something in the Stairwell
  6. Through the Lab/Skyline/Lab Analysis
  7. Exhibit Preview
  8. Dark Signs/The Lair/Just a Maniac
  9. The Relic Restored/The Patrons Arrive/Big Beetle Surprise
  10. Search Dogs/Hormones
  11. The Scent/Contact/Margo Lost
  12. Shut It Down/Deadly Shadow/Leftovers/Guided Tour/Lights Out
  13. Electrical Work/Hammered Steel/The Callisto Effect
  14. Torches/The Devil’s Desserts
  15. Swatted
  16. Tunnels
  17. Striking Back/Face to Face
  18. Lucky Bullet
  19. End Credits
  20. Lucky Bullet (Wild Alternate)

All tracks previously commercially unreleased. * indicates selection not used in the film

Written by Mike Duquette

January 18, 2013 at 13:13

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