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Numero Unearths Early Hüsker Dü Cuts for Record Store Day

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Husker Du RSDAre we talking about Record Store Day already? Even though it’s not happening until April 20, The Numero Group has announced plans to issue on vinyl some of the earliest recordings by seminal rockers Hüsker Dü.

While the world weeps for relations to improve between primary songwriters Bob Mould and Grant Hart (they won’t -Ed., likely sighing wistfully) – at least to the point where Hüsker Dü can get a catalogue upgrade with the quality of, say, the Sugar discography – Numero will press a double 7″ single recreating the band’s first ever single and including another two early recordings. “Statues,” backed with a live take of “Amusement,” was the band’s first-ever release in 1981 (as Reflex Records A). But it was initially intended to be a 10″ EP featuring two other early recordings, “Writer’s Cramp” and “Let’s Go Die”; the band couldn’t afford such a release, though.

The unedited “Statues” (lasting over eight minutes), “Amusement” and “Let’s Go Die” were all included as bonus tracks on Rhino’s 1993 expansion of the band’s first full-length LP for Reflex, Everything Falls Apart (and More). “Amusement” has been mastered from the original board recording at Duffy’s in Minneapolis, where the track was recorded; the other three studio tracks have been “remastered from a first generation sub-master,” with the original tapes long lost.

The double 7″ will be limited to 4,000 copies on Record Store Day; is now too early for fans to get in line?

Written by Mike Duquette

January 24, 2013 at 15:11

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